We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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The man walked over to Savranth, his expression slightly annoyed.
"I have a few questions. The main one being; why the fuck were those cunts shooting at us? Actually, that's my only question."

"Hey, lady, that guy says we should go with him before more fighting and bad stuff happens, meow." Tao said to Jessica as she shook her shoulder.

Echo happened to be in the same bush as Saya and went stumbling out of it when the new girl entered.

Cynane raised her hands and backed up, returning to her cart. Noticing the cat-eared head staicking out behind one of the wheels, she rapped her knuckles on the side of the cart.
"The killing's done. You can come out now." she said to Jessica, leaning against the cart again.

Hearing the voice of Jessia, Vanessa calmly calls out to her. "It's over. You can come out of cover now." Turning toward Savranth, she raises an eyebrow. "...Is there any reason in particular that you're pointing me out for?" Her tone only held curiosity.

Steiner got back and saluted the soldier "What is the reason that the people at the camp attacked our group anyway"

Saya noticed Echo fall out and she poked her out more and started at Echo with her big bright yellow eyes, she took out a note book and pen from her messager bag and held them out in front of her as she continued to stare at Echo silently. "Hmmmmm" She hummed to herself as she stared on, pen close to paper.

"You make a mockery out of me for what I told you?" Loki replied with a bemused tone whilst turning away from the woman, turning his side towards her. "Need I remind you, that while you were addled at the sight of the machine, I knew full well of what it was I beheld." he added while turning his head slightly to look at Savranth as he spoke before looking back to the woman. "As for why I claim I am not from this place you call Earth? The answer to that is simple indeed. I am not from there. Where I am from? There are two posible answers to that, bothof wich technically correct, yet neither of wich matter to what is being discussed." Loki then began moving towards Savranth, moving intentionally slowly. "But we had best follow those men, unless you are content with "dying in the wilderness", as he put it."

"And just what is a Maintainer?" Savranth asked Dal'Sheen.

Volarian answered the man's question. "Most likely they wanted to keep their presence here secret. This presence is in violation of our Peace Treaty signed eleven years ago in 8965 AE XX. I suspect they were here to spy on us."
He looks at the soldier that came with him. "Gather up and destroy their weaponry."
Each soldier stopped what they were doing and saluted Volarian, before quickly going to gathering and piling up the soldiers equipment.

Savranth looked at Vanessa. "That device you used. You're obviously not from our nation. Which means you're potentially a spy."

"Come now, we can answer these question once we're back." Volarian said as he began to walk back the way they had all come from. Heading North-West.

Echo tilted her head as she stared back at Saya. She decided to try and wave at her slowly.

Hearing everyone say the coast was clear, Jessica stood back up and brushed herself off. As she looked around, she noticed Vanessa seemed to be wounded on account of her torn up coat. "Oh jeez, here let me see if I've got something for those wounds." She said to Vanessa as she reached into her coat with her left hand. She rooted around for a bit before producing a canteen made of a dull silver material. One side of the canteen was painted white, with a red cross symbol painted on top of that. "Here, this should help." She said to Vanessa as she offered her the canteen.
Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the folks with Volarian and Savranth piling up guns. "Um, excuse me? Could I perhaps take one of those weapons?" She asked Volarian, since she reasoned that he was the one in charge.

Dal'Sheen turned back and followed.
"I-It's a complicated story. But essentially I'm here to investigate worlds and estimate their stability on behalf of my own civilization, the D'ni. A documenter, if you will. But it seems the stability of this world's population is now in question. It appears that our presence inadvertently caused a whiplash of violence."

Saya just stared at Echo, when she waved Saya begun to write some notes down. "Quiet and waving..." She said out loud as she wrote it in her book. Saya deiced to reply the wave just as slowly and watch carefully for reactions.

"Right..." She said, getting up from the bushes, but not going to meet with the man named Savranth yet. She instead licked one of her fingers and putting it up to the air by her elbow, presumably to check which way the wind was blowing.

The man turns to glare at Savranth. "In case you hadn't noticed, none of us are from here. We're all potentially spies. And I'm not buying your friend," he waves a hand at Volarian, nearly smacking him in the face, "here's story about the Peace Treaty right now. For all I know, you broke the peace treaty first. Or you're just straight-up bullshitting us, and you're going to drag us off into some kind of underground testing facility to shove needles and crap into us!"

"Quiet...and...waving?" Echo repeated as she stood and stared at Saya.

Tao followed behind Jessica and her paws crept toward the woman's chest.

Steiner too saluted the Volarian "Say do you have any mages in your army" he hesitated in picking up the gun that he shot himself with but he still tossed it in the pile

Vanessa solemnly nods toward Jessica as she takes the canteen. "..Thank you, Miss..." She paused for a moment as she realized she knew no one's name. She looked over at the weapons piles and her eyes widened a bit. "You're just going to destroy them without researching more about them!?"

Turning back to Sav, she shakes her head. "I'm not a spy, sir. Of that, I can assure you. As for why you're suspecting me, wouldn't it be fair to say this entire group isn't of your nation?"

Cynane's eyes narrowed as the handcuffed man's shouts drew her attention. She didn't like the sound of what he was insinuating at all, and unfolded her arms. If there was any more fighting she intended to defend herself properly this time.

Saya fully stepped out of the bush and continued to stare at Echo, holding her book in one hand and her staff in the other. She tilted her head a little closer, the horns poking threw her hood were now visible. "Quiet little human?" She asked Echo.

Lyra spotted Tao, and slapped her hands. "What did we just get through?!"

"Quiet little human?" Echo repeated as she continued to stare and leaned back on her heels a bit.

"Meow?" Tao asked Lyra as she tilted her head and rubbed her paws.

"Those weapons are cursed and dangerous. Their mere presence endangers our people. No you may not take one." Savranth says, still holding the pistol over his soldier. "I'm just taking this one back to file before we destroy it. We have to keep track of their weapons, you see."

He looked at Dal'Sheen. "This world is stable. Even if war breaks out, that has been happening for centuries or longer. The last one only ended eleven years ago, and lasted for about eight years."

Savranth got insulted when this man implied they may experiment on them. "We don't do such vile things. We're a nation of mages, not butchers. And we have not broken this peace treaty. This is the near the border of our nations. If anyone would be informed of such a thing, we would know. We wouldn't be left to unaware of such things!"

"If you all are ready, let's get moving." Volarian called to the others, a bit away.

Savranth began walking towards him.

Noting the hooded woman wasn't following, Loki continued walking towards Volari with his usual speed, but walked towards Volarian instead upon noting it seemed he was the one who was leading the others. "You there. you are willing to answer questions if I am to follow you and the rest of these men, are you not?" he called out as he approached Volarian, holding the scepter at his side, holding it close to the head so the gem touched his hip.

"Hmm..." Saya replied, then lent back and stood up straight again. "Strange little human" She thought out loud as she wrote down Echo's general appearance.

"Fine. But if anybody tries to do sciency shit to me, I will hold you personally responsible. And you don't want to know what that means for you and your continued existence."

OOC: I'm going to go to sleep now. So, my character will follow the group until I'm back.

But even if wars are common, they shouldn't be shrugged off like this. And that means instability for *this* Age.

He walked along side them, still a little bit shaky about getting to know these people. "But there is a definite conflict here isn't there? I overheard some matter about a treaty being broken."

"you know what you did wrong." Lyra said, shaking her finger at Tao.

"We'll answer your questions, but I'm sure the general has some for you as well. We should probably wait and debrief you all there." He answered.

"That remains to be seen." Savranth replies to Vanessa.
Looking at the unnamed man, he replies, "I'm not afraid."
"Yes, these men broke our peace Treaty with their presence here. This may mean war. Especially since there is likely a reason for this violation." He answered Dal'Sheen.

The woman notice Savranth and Volarian were getting ready to leave, although anxious about the group as a whole, she wasn't familiar of her surroundings or even the native wildlife that was around. This wilderness wasn't the one she was accustomed to, so against her better judgement she followed after them, but keeping her distance.

If Vanessa were to open the canteen, she'd find it full of a red, foul-smelling liquid.

"Jessica is fine. Dr. Broca if you feel like being formal." Jessica replied to Vanessa, assuming she was signalling for an introduction. Noticing Tao and Lyra were a little too close for comfort, she inched away from the both of them. She seemed openly disappointed to hear Savranth's response. "I'm not going to use it or anything if that's what you're afraid of. It'd be easier to protect myself from those things if I had one to study, in case more of those guys show up." She said, trying to explain her intentions to Savranth. Upon hearing Savranth say something about being a mage, she perked back up. She teleported over next to Savranth and followed him closely. "So you lot know magic then? And you say your whole nation does? Fascinating."

The man grinned viciously.
"That's what the last one said."

"Strange little human..." Echo repeated as she stared at Saya with a mixture of confusion and interest, no longer really being afraid of her.

"...Oh right! No grabbing boobies. Tao forgot, meow." Tao said to Lyra with a grin. She strolled over to the soldier that was trying to get everyone moving. "Hi guy! Do you have food where you're going, meow?" she asked in a carefree manner.

"It is to be a exchange of information then, is it? I can agree to that." Loki replied, walking just behind Volarian, smiling slightly once again as he spoke. Of course, the answers given may prove to be false. As he walking, he held his scepter more loosly again, and eventually began twirling it around once more. He was hardly disturbed by the prospect of the soldiers he was accompaning having ill intentions as some of the others had suggested.

Vanessa sighed as Sav walked away then quickly whips out her device and scans the gun while his back was turned. Her PDA began to display a wall of zeros and ones before gradually translating itself into plain English. Basic info about the gun would be displayed, but she quickly turns the overlay off and stashes the device back in her pocket. Seeing as he's not taken a liking to me, I guess I'll play this passive-aggressive for now... Learning more about this world is the first step to keeping alive...

As he turns back to answer her, she sighs and takes a small sip of the canteen Jessica handed her, groaning a bit at the smell. "You answered as expected... Just do me a favor and don't subject me to torture when you question me."

She gives Jessica a little smile as she bows slightly to her. "Nice to meet you, Dr. Robles. I'm Vanessa Sinclair."

Saya put her book back in her bag along with the pen and cast a look at Echo. "You like to repeat things....humans?" She asked, interested why Echo had not yet spoke freely.

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