WAOA Arena

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"Fine then. Let's get this over with." Logan replied. Baring his teeth in a feral snarl, he tightened his fists and three footlong curved blades erupted from between the knuckles of each hand. Starting forward, he began to rapidly pick up speed in a charge with his claws held out to either side, ready to lunge at the vital moment.

Aethion shrugged.
"I have no particular preference." Cocking his head curiously, he continued.
"Do you not fight with weapons? You do not have the look of a mage."

"I, uh..." Laguna gave a sheepish grin. "I was looking for the lounge, and I guess I got lost. But now I'm here, might as well look around." He walked in.

Is he a chimera...? Having something like that jut out of one's skin and not even register it... Carmen simply shrugged at the charge before slashing at the air with her dagger and sending a crescent of air toward the charging man to try and cut him.

"Right then." The arena changed to become a scrapyard at night, lit a spotlight that was attached to a crane in the distance. After a quick look around to see if everything was as anticipated, Greed looked back to Aethion and grinned slightly. "and, no. I don't use weapons. Not in the traditional sense, anyways. Instead, I can do this." Raising his arms infront of his face, his hands balled into fists, Greed hardened the skin of his hands and forearms, it becoming a dull-grey colour. The Orouboros tatoo on his right hand remained visible, however. " Now then. Show me what you've got!" Greed charged up to Aethion, moving quickly, but with speeds still easily matchable by any trained warrior. Once he neared Aethion, Greed changed direction and moved to his side, swinging a right hook aimed at Aethion's temple. The punch carried the strength of a cruiserweight boxer.

"You lost your way?" Erica asked, turning back to Laguna. "You've arived her recently then?"

Gumi chuckled a little. "Well it's a mixture of technology and magic" she said ot Rex with a smile. "But that's our Doc for ya! always making strange and wonderful things"

Logan twisted to meet the crescent of air side-on, raising on forearm to cover his face. Though the attack split open the flesh of his shoulder and arm, he gritted his teeth and kept up the charge. Reaching Carmen he sprang on her with a roar, both sets of claws angled forward and slightly down to impale her through the torso.

Carmen seemed to smirk a bit at Logan not caring about getting himself hurt. ...Just like that man, huh? Cares not for himself, as long as he kills his opponent. Great... Carmen calmly used her wings to boost herself under Logan's pounce, as she did, she slashed vertically at his torso, though the cut wouldn't be all that deep, due to her speed. She gave herself a good distance from Logan as she continued to spin her dagger around her finger.

"It's a mix...? You might wanna talk to my boss then, she does the same sort of thing with her guns. Hell, she might want to meet this Doc of yours too. They'd have a lot to talk about... Could you tell me more about him and that gun of yours?" Rex said, looking interested.

"No, I've been here a while. I just tend to get lost a bit."

Carmen would feel her dagger blade clatter across Logan's ribs, showing an unusual lack of yield to the blade as he passed overhead. He rolled as he hit the ground, and twisted to face her as he came to his feet. Snarling, he began to advance again. As he came, Carmen could see the wound to his arm beginning to shrink and disappear, and the chest wound doing so a few moments later. He slashed wildly at her throat and belly as he approached, blades crossing in opposite directions.

Aethion reacted to Greed's punch with the grace of an Elf and the speed of a professionally trained sabre fencer. Sidestepping nimbly away from the punch, he probed for the side of Greed's ribcage with the point of his sword, using the extra reach given by the blade to keep his thrust effective even as he moved away.

"Well shoot, I'd think he be happy to met your boss, he said he wanted to met new people" Gumi replied as she swung her sniper rifle around. "Well you know my gun, DSR model. though I name her the "Black Garden" cause she's a REAL beauty like that!" she said to Rex with a smile.

Missing to hit his opponent, Greed hopped to his right and pulled back his left arm, blocking Aethion's thrust with an open palm. As the blade connected, rather then stab through Greed's hand, there was a pinging noise as it was stopped. Greed wrapped his hand around the tip of the blade and forced the sword upwards as he closed the gap between himself and Aethion, then attempted to knee Aethetion in the side, this time, using more strength, enough to crack rock.

"Truly? And here I was thinking I wasn't good at finding my way." Erica remarked with a slight chuckle. "One moment..." Retrieving her notebook and flipping through a few pages of it, Erica held it up to Laguna,the page showing a rough map of the living area of the arena complex, minus the suites and the locker rooms. "The gathering area would be located here." she stated, poiting towards where the lounge would be.

....and that explains why he's as reckless as he is.... Just like that Greed fellow.... therefore... Carmen stayed light on her feet as she backdashed and sidestepped a few strikes, allowed her dagger to clash with others while a few ended up grazing her, due to the sheer volume of attacks. After the barrage, Carmen calmly extended her hand toward Logan and casted Violence, shooting a large beam at the man aiming to knock him back and do some considerable damage.

Small drips of black blood fell to the floor from the claw slashes and her dress and corset had been ripped up a bit, making her a bit exposed, but she seemed to have no problem with this.

Rex tilted his head a bit as he examined the rifle. "DSR model...? What are the specs on it? And the Black Garden? That's a pretty good name... and yeah, she does look pretty cool."

Laguna looked at the map. "Thanks. And it's not that I have no sense of direction. I'm just interested in all of them. Like I said, now that I'm here, might as well have a look around, right?"

Aethion gulped as Greed took hold of his sword, but knew well enough that he would follow up with an attack. Darting once more to the right, circling around as Greed was doing, he switched hands on the hilt of his sword to evade Greed's knee. Thusting his palm against Greed's temple, he loosed a quick but intense lightning spell directly into his face.

Logan twisted to avoid the beam, but as close as he was he couldn't move entirely out of the way, and it scorched his shoulder and chest. This time he growled in pain, but once again it failed to stop him and he lashed out at the elbow of Carmen's outstretched arm with his right claws.

"High damage, steady aim, low recoil. it's all a gall needs!" Gumi said with a smile to Rex, then place the sniper on her lap. "And the scope has a 2.5 Zoom in featured, so nothing can escape my reach"

Having no way of evading the spell cast at him, when it was cast at such a close range, Greed took the full brunt of it, releasing his grip on the sword and stumbling back wards, eventually toppling over and falling on his back. "Guh..." I'm begining to seriously hate lightning. Greed began to rise to his feet, but still did so somewhat sluggishly. Smoke rose from his face, as he had sustained a large electrical burn on the right side of his face.

"True enough." Erica answered as she tucked the notebook back into her satchel. "Perhaps you can make more sense of these odd devices then I. Carious as I find them, I can't for the live of me tell what they are for."

Carmen calmly moved her arm out of the way of Logan's slash before backdashing and letting a green aura envelop her. If Logan stared at her in this state, he'd feel a bit woozy.

Rex nodded toward Gumi. "Nice, I think you've got better gear than my boss too. She's a sniper too, though she's less... fun compared to yo-" Ness would be behind Rex, calmly tugging on his ear. "It's not nice to talk about people behind their backs, Rex. I know how to have 'fun'."

"I... know... let go, please..." Rex said, wincing slightly.

Laguna looked at the machines. "I think this is the stuff that brings us back if we get killed or badly hurt."

Aethion allowed himself a quick grin at the success of his counterattack and tossed his sword from left hand to right, before darting forward, thrusting his sword at an acute angle towards Greed's ribcage, aiming to pierce his heart from below while he lay on his back.

Logan didn't let up his attack at all. Lowering his head, he lunged at Carmen in a rugby tackle to drag her to the ground.

Carmen calmly vaulted over Logan as he lowered his head. As she touched his back, a small magic circle opened up in front of her hands. 4th Circle: Greed... Logan would feel his energy sapped for a few moments before Carmen landed behind him yet again. Her small wounds had closed up, though her clothes were still ripped up.

While not standing quite standing, Greed wasn't flat on his back either. Making use of his position as best as he could, he placed his right hand on the ground behind him and twisted to the left, the sword missing its mark for the most part, laving only a shallow gash on Greed's chest. Greed then caught Aethion's sword arm between his arm and side, while swiftly standing up. Not risking another electrical shock by staying where he was, Greed placed his right elbow behind Aethion's right shoulder blade, then twisted to the left in an attempt to dislocate Aethion's shoulder.

Erica brought her right hand to her lower lip, touching it with thumb and index finger. "I see. I wonder how this process goes. I've never heard of anything capable of restoring live to the deceased. Not fully anyway."

Logan staggered a bit as he recovered from his charge, but Carmen would find that his energy was almost boundless, and he turned to face her once more.
"Sprightly, aren't you?" He remarked dryily, straightening up again. "How long can you keep this up?" Like Carmen, his wounds too were sealing up without a trace.

Aethion screamed in agony as his shoulder gave way under Greed's blow. Stagering with his continued turning motion to alleviate further damage, he blasted a fireball at Greed's face, again from extremely close range to try and free himself.

"...I'm not gonna ask about the "not fully" bit. And I don't understand it. I probably wouldn't even if someone explained it to my face."

"And you're a reckless madman. I can keep this up much longer... And obviously, so can you... So let me entertain you..." Carmen purred as she shifted back to face Logan, spinning her dagger again.

"Not mad. Just... bored. Bored of all this." Logan muttered, before drawing his claws across one another, throwing down a shower of sparks before springing at Carmen again, attacking with a series of jabs and crosses, the claws extending his reach and making each punch a deadly, eviscerating blow.

OoC @Berk: Greed trapped Aethion's sword arm, not the weapon itself.

"it would be very much the same in my case. As my appearance no doubt suggest, I'm not well acquinted with machines." Erica remarked as she cast a glance back to the pods, then went to lean against a wall. "And by not fully, I was refering to the art of necromancy."

"Zombies? Ok, say no more, I think I get it." Laguna walked over to Erica. "You come from the same place as the old elf guy, right? What's it like there?"

OOC: Ah, sorry. Changed it.

Carmen shifted again, blocking a majority of the attacks and dodging the rest. "Why is that, dear? You're obviously not fit for a life of peace, if that's what you're getting to." She remarked casually before swinging a wind-aided roundhouse kick toward Logan's chest.

"You could say that. I've been fighting and killing for... a very long time." Logan replied, before grunting in pain as Carmen's kick struck him. It would hurt Carmen more however, as though she had kicked a row of iron bars. Logan took a step back, recovered and then slashed at CArmen with both sets of claws.

Carmen winced a bit as she felt the pain of her hitting his exoskeleton and hopped back, keeping her foot off the ground for the moment. As Logan slashed at her, she bent backward in a matrix fashion, allowing the sets of claws to fly over her torso. "Hmmm... so you've been created for the purpose of battle, yet wish to renounce that purpose itself? ....You're an interesting chimera, dear..."

Shifting herself to the ground, she spun around in a breakdancing fashion, sending a small torrent of crescent slashes at Logan and hoping to push him back a bit.

Hearing the snapping sound of Aethion's shoulder giving way, Greed grinned slightly. This expression changed into one of alarm when when he saw Aethion raising his free hand and fire forming in the palm. When Aethion shot a firebolt at Greed's face, he released Aethion and bended backwards in a not very successful attempt to avoid the blast. While the fireball itself missed by mere centimeters, the heat was still intense enough to seer the skin of Greed's face. Greed screamed in pain as he stumbled backwards, clutching his face.

"We come from the same place? Yes and no. We come from the same world, bit vastly different lands. I live in Skyrim, which is a cold, snowy land with a great number of mountain ranges. Most of the trees found there are pines, and the animals that thrive the most are elk, rabbits, foxes, wolves, bears, and saber cats. Appearantly, it is not all that uncommon to see giant camps, where mammoths are herded, although I never have seen this in person." Erica explained, then paused to think if she was forgetting any key aspects. "Lord Lif Ame hails from Alinor, more commonly known as the Summerset Isles. As the name would suggest, it's a tropical land. I visited it three years ago, although I remember little of it now, I'm sad to say."

"Huh. Both of those places sound interesting. I think mammoths are extinct where I come from."

Aethion groaned in pain as he cradled his injured arm, but his face was determined as he focused on Greed. While the other man still had his face covedered, Aethion steadied himself, raised his good hand and hurled a trio of ice spikes at Greed's face and chest.

"It's been a long time since I killed for any real purpose." Logan answered, breathing heavily as his attacks missed again. "I wasn't created, just... modified. And used. I don't have any interest in being used any more though. Now, I just try and keep away from people." He backed up slightly as he watched Carmen slash at him, then grimaced and drove forward, straight into her attacks, declining to block them in favour of delivering a double uppercut to her diaghram.

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