WAOA Arena

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Kirby looked at the slime women "So you got hit by the mutagen too? I was taken by the Kraang. What's your story?"

Kenna walked into the arena, limbering up and preparing for a solo training session, when she noticed Carmen. She walked over.

"Both options are too much of a mouthful, for my linking." Solaris responded to Kirby, looking away, back towards Pix. "I'd simply stick with "Terrapin", it's much easier for everyone involved." She added, then fixed her eyes on Pix, mostly to indicate she was talking to Pix. "I can imagine that being the case." She responded. She looked like she was about to say more, but didn't say anything as she notced the feed from the arena on the Tv screen. "Well now... Looks like I'm seeing ghosts." I knew it. So, people return to live outside of battle, too? Damn... That puts quite the glitch in my plans...

Pix chuckled a bit and shrugged toward Solaris. "There's practicality and then there's flair. Pretty sure he's going for the latter here." Looking to Kirby, she blinked blankly. "Um... What are you talking about? I've always been like this..." She said, looking down at her body.

She blinked as she looked over toward the screen. "Oh... They're fighting...?"

Carmen blinked a bit as she noticed someone walking toward her. She lazily waved toward Kenna as she got closer. "Hello there, dear. You're here to fight, correct?"

"You have no sense of drama! What shall I shout from the rooftops to strike fear into the criminals!? I need a catchy name with at least two adjectives and a noun" Kirby stared in bafflement at Pix '... So it happened before you could remember?"

"I was just going to train, but hey." Kenna said. "We get healed instantly here, so I'm up for it. You wanna go a round?"

Carmen smiled at Kenna before nodding. "Sure, dear. Let's make this a fun one~!" She walked toward the center of the arena and waiting for the scenery to change.

"Um.... No. I was born like this. I'm a goo girl, not some mutant freak." Pix said indignantly. "...Okay, I'm not a human turned into a mutant freak, just a monster girl..." She added after a small pause.

Kirby stared at her with more bafflement "... So your the kid of two mutants?"

Kenna followed her over as the arena shifted into a scarred, hellish landscape. The stars above burned red, covering the area in a blood-like-glow, and the flat, burned ground was covered in potholes, cracks and fissures. Kenna got into a fighting stance.

"There is flair or drama, and then there are theatrics..." Solaris commented, rolling her eyes. She then nodded in response to Pix. "It appears so, yes. What's odd, however, is that the white-haired woman died. That blood there..." She began, then pointed towards the puddle of black blood by the bar. "That's hers. She commited suicide, or would have, if it weren't for devices that can appearantly revive a person through some obscure means."

Carmen smirked as she spun her dagger around with a flourish and entered a fighting stance of her own. Now this... is my kind of arena...! She flew forward slowly at first, but picked up speed as she rushed at Kenna, going for a tail whip once she got shy of a few feet away from the woman, aiming to trip her up.

"Woah.... I-I didn't even notice that..." Pix said, eyes widening as she noticed the bloodstains, more shocked by the color than the fact someone had committed suicide. "So people come back once they've died, huh? ...Guess that doesn't give me much reason to hold back once I'm in there..." A small smile curled on her gooey lips as she looked to the screen.

"All three of those things are important to vigilantes. That's why I have this cape! Isn't it so awes-OW MY FACE!" That last part was him falling down due to tripping on his cape

Solaris only hummed in response to Pix, raising an eyebrow upon noting Pix smiling. Is that so? Well, go crazy. You might not die permanently, but I'll still enjoy seeing you rendered to a motionless pulp after sowing some dischord...

Sitting back down on the couch, Solaris chuckled in response to Kirby falling over, then looked up towards the screen to watch the battle, intending to observe carefully to learn what both Carmen and Kenna were capable of. "If this happened in a fight, it might well have cost you your life. You might want to considder a more practical look." She said to Kirby without taking her eyes off the screen.

Not expecting the tail whip, Kenna fell, but scrambled back to her feet as quickly as she could.

"It's not funny! Also I already trimmed this thing three times. And it is practical, it's velcroed on so I can take it off and throw it like a net on my enemies. It's just, I can't find the right length for this stupid cape!" He said taking a knife from the kitchen and cutting off part of the cape

As Kenna scrambled back to her feet, Carmen took a lunging step forward and swung her back leg toward Kenna's face, aiming to drive her shin into the other woman's skull.

"I'm not the product of two mutants! ...Or even one!" Pix retorted, looking noticeably more pissed off. "My parents are like, my parent's parents are like me, et cetera. So I'd appreciate if you stopped talking shit on my family!"

"I really fail to see how a cape could serve as a net." Solaris commented dryly in response to Kirby. Once Pix spoke to Kirby, Solaris glanced over to her. "This dispute would be best settled on the battle field, wouldn't you say?"

Kenna hopped back, dodging the kick, then quickly grabbed Carmen's leg before she could retract it. She reeled Carmen in by her leg, then punched the woman in the gut, hoping to disorient her.

@Gear: Watch it with the posting in absolutes.

Kenna's punch would find Carmen's hand as the woman blocked the strike. Clenching down on Kenna's fist with her hand, Carmen jumped up and swung a hard right kick toward the side of Kenna's temple, hopping up as she did and using the leg Kenna was holding as a pivot.

Pix scoffed a bit. "Naw, fuck that. I'm not gonna get all hotheaded over this..." He's obviously kind of loony anyway... I don't think beating on someone like that would be good for my karma...

@DotSlash: Sowwy...

Kenna stumbled and her vision went black for a split second as Carmen hit her temple, letting go of the woman's leg. She cleared her head, then went on the offensive, running towards Carmen and aiming to tackle her to the ground.

"No? Well, if you say so." Solaris responded, looking back to the screen with interest. "I wouldn't take too kindly to those words, however. It is rather insulting." She added, tapping on her right knee with an index finger.

Seeing Carmen's counter, Solaris hummed softly. She's agile...

As Kenna rushed at her, Carmen smirked a bit as she was taken down to the ground. "Oooooh~ How rough!" she cooed teasingly after wincing a bit at the pain. However, she used the momentum of Kenna plowing into her to try and force them to roll around a bit and allow Carmen to straddle on top. If successful, she'd swing a single, moderately strong punch toward Kenna's face.

Pix growled a bit and rubbed her slick, shimmering forehead. "...Don't remind me... please." Looking at the screen, she sighed a bit. I could probably take both of them...

Carmen managed to get on top, but Kenna moved her head to the side, dodging the punch. She retaliated by grabbing Carmen, her hands turning into claws and digging into Carmen to make sure she didn't lose her grip, then rolling again so that she was on top. Bringing both hands together, Kenna swung down a hammer blow, aiming at Carmen's chest.

"Fine, I won't." Solaris commented, keeping her eyes on the screen, a faint smile creeping over her lips. "He's perfectly capable of doing that himself. It certainly sounded like he likes running his mouth, afterall." She added, not concerned with Kirby hearing her words, provided he was still there.

As Kenna swung down, Carmen brought up her hands, blocking the strike with a bit of effort, as the claw marks in her arms were both slowly leaking black blood. She pushed up hard with a demonic strength aiming to lower Kenna's guard enough for Carmen to rush in and try to grab her around the waist. If successful, the succubus would give a wink to the camera before violently tilting back and performing a belly to belly suplex, aiming to slam Kenna's back into the ground hard. She'd release the hold afterward and get up onto her feet.

Pix looked over at Solaris, eyes narrowed a bit. "Didn't I say to drop it? Are you trying to rile me up?"

Carmen managed to grab Kenna, but before she could slam Kenna to the ground, Kenna used the moment she took to wink at the camera to slash at Carmen's face with one hand and try and ring her neck with the other.

Absolutely. "No. I'm just stating fact. No more, no less." Solaris answered with a light shaking of her head. Seeing the fight on the screen, Solaris raised an eyebrow. "More theatrics? Really...? Tsk." And where the other one has claws... Is she a chimera?

Seeing the claws glint out of the corner of her eye, Carmen quickly retreated backward, flapping her wings and kicking up a bit of dust as she slid backward, Kenna's claws slicing through Carmen's hair, leavings more than a few silver threads floating in the air and eventually onto the ground. The wolfgirl's claws also managed to scratch one of her horns, though the effect of this would barely be noticeable.

After her escape, Carmen would be a few yards away, letting out a small sigh of relief. "You're rather scary, dear, trying to tear me up like that..." She said, putting on a small pout. "Can't you go easy on me?" If Kenna stared into Carmen's eyes, she'd begin to feel like submitting was a good idea.

Kenna got up, a few of Carmen's hairs still on her claws. She looked at Carmen, starting to feel the effects of her manipulation, but looked away and tried to clear head of Carmen's magic and her own wolf side, her claws reverting back into human hands. "Sorry, but we're in the middle of a match here. You wanted me to go easy on you, should've said at the start."

Carmen sighed a bit, eyes going half-lidded. "Alright then..." The feeling of submission would take a bit of time to clear from her head. Seizing the moment that Kenna had looked away, Carmen rushed in and feinted a straight punch toward her temple and then pulled her arm back quickly, waiting for Kenna to react. And wait for iiiiit....

Seeing Carmen run towards her out of the corner of her eye, Kenna fell for the fake-out and raised both arms to block, also covering her head.

As Kenna brought up a block, Carmen shifted her weight and swung a hard shin kick toward the back of Kenna's knee, aiming to make the woman stagger or trip.

Kenna was hit by the kick and staggered, arms splayed out in an effort to regain her balance or at least grab Carmen and take her down with her.

Still recovering from her attack on Kenna's knee, Kenna's flailing took Carmen down to the ground with a small whimper coming from her. She quickly kicked wildly at Kenna's side, hoping to get some distance from the wolf girl.

Pix sighed a bit, noticeably calmer than before before looking to the screen again. "...Huh, thought you said most people in here used guns. That doesn't look to be the case here." She said, looking toward Solaris questioningly.

Doing her best to ignore the pain, Kenna shifted her arms back into claws, then grabbed at Carmen and tried to dig her claws into the succubus' gut.

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