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Jade left the arena

@Gear: Guess I'll just take some liberties then.

The six figures entered to see what appeared to be a lavishly decorated castle rotunda with six doors. All around the hall, banners made of black velvet and lined with gold thread and bearing the insignia of a red cross hung.

One of the figures, a man in his early thirties, let out an impressed sounding whistle. "Almost like we're back in Phidoch, neh?"
None of the other figures responded to the man, to which the man simply shrugged. Each of the figures went to investigate a room, and each of them saw a bedroom just as lavishly decorated and furnished as the hall they were each adjoining. "If we are being held prisoner, they certainly spared no expense to ensure we were comfortable while being held."
"Aye. Quite the gilded cage indeed."
"What is our purpose for being brought here?" The sixth figure said in an authoritative and demanding tone, not seeming to be speaking to any of the other figures in the hall with him.

"You have been brought here to fight. There are other people here, waiting to challenge you in the Arena. Please, proceed."

OoC: OK back.

Jade looked around for a way to heal himself.

A team of medics seemed to appear out of nowhere, heading towards Jade. They healed all his wounds, then scurried off.

OoC: @Furi The character is healed by the medics, but broken equipment (smashed weapons, damaged armour, etc) has to be taken from the locker by the character themself.

Seeing that the Arena was empty, Carmen sighed as she stood up to grab a small jeweled dagger and a whip from the locker. ...Yes, this should be enough...

The earth-shaking laughter began once again, this time far more truly jovial than mocking. "Allow me to handle this myself!" The largest of the figures said to his apparent comrades. The man stormed off through the doorway into the locker-room, the others allowing him to do so and not seeming flustered by his actions. While in the locker-room, the large man took from the locker an enormous warmaul, as well as clipping a short-sword to his belt. Hoisting the maul onto his shoulders he charged out into the arena.

Jade's bruise healed, he walked back into the arena, again taking nothing from the locker.

OoC: @Drak ...that fucker is big. What's his name?

Carmen eventually made her way into the arena as well.

@Gear: His full title is Barbas Dahd Geuse, Knight Commander of the Dark Knights Loslorien.

OoC: @Drak Right. Enter the arena now if you want to fight.
@Dot What's Carmen's full name?
@All Any request for the arena, or shall I pick one at random?

Seeing Carmen enter the arena Jade smiled "Oh? I had assumed this would be against another monster. Well then, I trust you're more dignified than my last opponent." said Jade as he held his hand out to offer a handshake before the fight.

@Gear: Already had him do that. Also, my vote is for a rocky area.

Seeing Jade and Carmen, Barbas started to chuckle once again. "Are these my opponents? And here I was hoping I might receive a challenge! Ah well, squashing bugs is fun enough in its own right."

@Gear: Her name's Carmen Valencia St.Luna.
And no special request for the arena.

Carmen looked around, unimpressed. She gingerly shook Jade's hand. "I'm glad to see you at least have some class... unlike that oaf over there." Her red eyes stared bloody murder toward Barbas.

The arena door opened onto a rocky, bumpy plain, littered with small boulders and uneven ground.

"Tonight, a mle trois! Carmen Valencia, Barbas Dahd Geuse, and Jade Curtiss!"

OOC: @Dot, not so fast!

"Well, I wouldn't say that..." said Jade as he quickly backpedaled. When Carmen had gone to shake his hand she found that she was unable to. A spear had materialized in Jades hand, the blade already sticking into the side of Carmen's lower abdomen. It wouldn't be lethal by any stretch of the word, since Jade hadn't thrust at all (the spear head materialized inside her skin), but it would definitely be a painful wound.

Carmen's body twitched a bit as the spear dug into her sides. However, her eyes just moved straight to Jade's, staring straight into them... almost like she was peering into his very soul. If he stared for too long, he might feel a bit dizzy. "I see. You deserve some punishment then..." After saying that, Carman casually pulled out the spear then proceeded to use her whip to lash Jade's face repeatedly.

Barbas continued chuckling as he observed Jade and Carmen for the moment. "Perhaps I made an underestimation. It seems one here is unsporting and bloodthirsty! This should be entertaining!" Spotting a rock on the ground in front of him, he kicked it towards Jade's head, then charged in close to the scene, swinging at Carmen's midsection with his maul.

OoC: Eh... I've got to go eat. Knock Carmen out if you want.

Once Carmen touched the spear it dematerialized and re-appeared in Jades hand. When Carmen attempted to whip him it wrapped around the spear and he used that to wrench her into the path of the rock and Barbas's mace, the combined attacks knocking her out. "Oh I wouldn't say I'm bloodthirsty, but there's no room for pleasantry's in this sort of thing, a mistake she won't forget." he said as he backed away from Barbas.

Barbas smiled an unsettling and ugly smile as his maul came into contact with Carmen and knocked her unconscious body aside. "And here I thought fighting you would be like fighting Oz. Ah well, try not to die too quickly, will you? I'm feeling rather restless, you see." Barbas hoisted his maul back onto his shoulders as Jade backed away. "Giant upon mount of fire, cast down to earth your spear of rage!" He chanted as he smashed his maul into the ground. In doing so, a large, particularly jagged looking stone was flung out of the ground and headed directly towards Jade's torso.

Jade sidestepped the stone, barely making it out of the way in time as the edge of it grazed his clothing. For a split second he eyed the unconcious Carmen I really should finish her before she wakes up... but first things first.

"Very impressive! I never would have expected full sentences from you!" said Jade, complimenting him being able to speak coherently as opposed to his attack. He tossed his spear in Barbas's direction once he was done talking. It flew fast and straight, but there didn't seem to be anything special about the attack otherwise.

OoC: @Drak For the record, there's a screen in each private room, so if you want, you could have your other characters watching and commenting on the fight.

OoC: And we're back...

Carmen's body stirred slightly as she regained consciousness. Both of them.... classless, worthless... Bits of black blood dripped as she lifted her head up and made it onto her feet.

Barbas, the hulking behemoth of a man that he was, was anything but light on his feet enough to avoid the spear. He seemed to be aware of this fact, as well as nonplussed towards it. Instead of so much as attempting to avoid Jade's attack, he charged forward, the spear burying itself in his left shoulder as he did. He cringed, but showed no sign of slowing down. He swung his maul downwards at Jade's chest as he got within range, doing so with his only his right arm and seeming to manage it perfectly well, despite the weapons considerable weight.

The other five figures who had arrived with Barbas were watching the fight through a screen that was disguised as a window for them.
"Seems Barbas isn't doing poorly."
"Bah! Glory hog."
"I am certain you shall receive your own turn Oz."
The man who was being spoken to, a fellow in his mid twenties, smiled. "One can only hope."

Jade seemed shocked that Barbas took the blow, but as he charged again the spear de-materialized and re-materialized in Jades hand, and he used it to divert the mace and push himself away from it just enough to evade harm, using his faster speed as an advantage as he backed away yet again from Barbas. "Now that was unexpected... I did that to test your speed, I hadn't attempted such a blatant disregard for your own health... oh, seems our friend is awake. Carmen was it? I hope the damage done to you by tiny's mace wasn't too painful?" A glowing runic symbol appeared below Jade, on the floor

Carmen said nothing in response to Jade. She extended her hand toward him and three layered magic circles materialized in front of it. "Descend into Hell... 7th Circle... Violence..." A massive stream of red energy shot from the circles at blinding speeds toward Jade... but redirected itself last minute to aim for Barbas.

OoC: @Dot I was bored, so I made this.

I couldn't get the horns right I'm afraid. As for the markings and arm horns, she sounded quite demonic in the description you gave, so I was trying to capture that. There's a version with no arm horns if you want.

@Gear: Naw, that version's cool. Thanks dude.

Once the spear was removed from his shoulder, Barbas flexed the muscles to test them, cringing slightly, bot not seeming too bothered by the pain to not resume using both hands for his maul. "I've taken far worse wounds than this. Now stop buzzing about little fly, I aim to squish you before finishing off your lady friend." Carmen's attack struck him completely unawares in his back. He staggered forwards, holding himself up using his maul. "Change of order." He grunted, spitting up a small amount of blood. Getting back to his feet, he chanted, "Rakshas above hanging sky, tear firmament from foundation and hurl it to the ground!" He brought his foot up and stomped on the ground hard, causing one of the large rocks around the arena to suddenly be flung up into the air. As it descended, it aimed to crush Carmen.

A bead of sweat ran down Jades face as the attack diverted away from him. His channeling finished a few seconds after Barbas made his attack. "O mighty explosion... Energy Blast!" Right in front of Carmen a green orb appeared, which would explode half a second later.

Carmen looked up at the large rock and the orb in front of her with disgust. "...8th Circle... Fraud!" The succubus was encased in a purple light before teleporting herself a large bit away from the rock. She sighed before looking at each of her assailants.

She brought up a guard with her dagger as the orb in front of her exploded. She was shoved back a fair amount and ended up falling to the ground, though a magic circle was fizzling in front of her as a shield, taking a majority of the damage for her. She calmly stood herself back up, dusting off her clothes.

"How pathetic. Two men having to double team a woman and still missing their target." After saying that, she licked her lips a bit. "...Not that I don't mind a little double action..." She simply stood there, whip coiled in one hand and dagger out in the other.

OoC: @Dot, well Jades attack happened after Barbas's, so it would have hit after the first teleportation

OoC: @Dot ...um... ok then. I gotta admit, I never thought we'd see someone start playing a Morrigan-style character.

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