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Dread Shadow

Zan sat in the metal plated swiveling command chair on the bridge of his ship, gazing at the stars in the forward view port, as the bridge staff worked at their various consoles. He was snapped out of his reverie, by the beep and whoosh of the automatic door opening. He turned in his seat as a man in officer's black walked through, followed by two troopers, dragging a person by the shoulders. The Zabrak Jedi his men had smoked out on Malastare. The semi-conscious woman's legs dragged along the floor from the knees down. A string of saliva hung from her lips, dangling closer and closer to the spotlessly clean floor of his command bridge. He made a slashing motion with a finger, and the string was obliterated by a current of the force, slattering faintly onto the shirt of the non-descript outfit she had been wearing when his men, led by his apprentices, had found her.

The troopers stopped before him, and as they were still supporting the Jedi, only the officer saluted. 'M'lord!'

'Lieutenant. How goes your interrogation of our... guest?'

The man grimaced. 'Not well, my Lord. Despite the injuries sustained in her capture, and the damage inflicted on her by our interrogation methods, she has not yielded any information as to the whereabouts of any other Jedi.

Zan glanced at the datapad propped on the arm of his chair. On it were his prisoner's readout from the Empire's Jedi profiles. Lya Breggia. An apprentice, with a somewhat famous master, who had been killed by the clones they had commanded during Order 66. She was alone, but Zan sensed there was something to be gained from her.

'I see. My master had hoped to bring her to our side, as one of his Dark Jedi Corps, but it seems our only option is to break her, permanently.'

He stood, and approached the Zabrak, placing a hand on her forehead. He speared out, telepathically, assaulting the barriers she threw up around her mind. For several seconds, she resisted him. But then a crack appeared. A fault line that he worked at; and then her defences crumbled pathetically. The command bridge was filled with the sound of her screams as Zan's telepathic probe violated her mind.

When he was done, smiling with the satisfaction of victory, and knowledge gained, he knelt in front of her. She was staring blindly, but when his face filled her vision, dull recognition flitted across her slack features. He felt the hate blazing in her. Had her mind still been intact, she would be ripe for claiming by the Dark Side due to the agony he had just inflicted upon her. But it was not. He set a fist gently underneath her chin. In it was a lightsaber. Not his, both of which hung at his sides; but hers. He had observed it in great detail waiting for the interrogations to conclude. It was well made, if a little oddly designed. The emitter shroud was triangular, and there was a spiral pattern on the hilt's pommel. The strangely shaped emitter was now supporting her head by the chin, shutting her slack mouth. A faint smile formed on Zan's face, and he thumbed the saber's activator. The blue blade hummed into life, bursting out of the top of her head, between her cranial horns. After a brief moment, he deactivated it, and she fell completely limp. He turned away as the soldiers removed her body, and spoke to his bridge staff.

'Men. We are heading to Yavin.'

Imperial Station High Warden

It was clear the moment the Tiberius pulled into the hangar that it was in for a long wait, as Lysa had to navigate past several vessels, already landed, before she found a place to put the ship down. Once contact was made, she leaned back in her chair and stretched. "Well, looks like they've making quite a collection here...don't see anyone familiar though." Glancing back at Jak, Lysa saw that he was fiddling with the communications console. "Getting anything?"

Jak nodded slightly, but seemed more interesting in what he was picking up. "The other ships in here are talking to each other...sounds like most of them have been here awhile." Jak paused as he flipped through the frequencies, trying to get a clean transmission. "By the sound of it, the Imperials aren't really hassling them too much, but they are being really slow on the inspections. This guy here says that he rarely sees more then a single ship leave every day."

"Oh, joyous." Lysa sighed as she rubbed her temples, contemplating how she could speed her ship's departure. Even if these Imps were friendly, it was never a good idea to stick around them too long. On a whim, she just happened to look out the cockpit window, and spied an Imperial Officer was approaching the freighter with a pair of Stormtroopers. "Ah, a welcoming committee. Hold down the fort, Jak. I'll go see what they want."

With that, Lysa left the control room to the young engineer and made her way to a boarding ramp, taking a quick detour to her cabin to pocket a few credit chits. After lowering the boarding ramps, Lysa found herself face-to-face with the officer and his guards, a slight look of shock on his face showing he wasn't expecting her quick departure. To his credit, the officer recovered fast, pulling out a datapad before speaking. "Are you the captain of this vessel?"

Lysa nodded as she leaned back on one of the pumps for the ramp as she answered. "Yes, I am. Captain Lisa Tores of the Tiberius, at your service."

The officer typed a few things down as he talked. "That saves some time. What is your business on Corsin, Cpt. Tores?"

"Pleasure, mainly came here to see some good swoop racing. However, if I find someone needing some cargo shipped out, can't say I won't take the job."

"Do you have any cargo already on board?"

"Yes, but I'm not really carrying a load of anything, most of it is just supplies for my crew."

The officer nodded and then looked to his guards, who did nothing but fidget in place. "Speaking of your crew, we detected an escape pod launching from your ship as it neared the station. Tell me, why did you deploy a pod to the surface?"

"Oh, that thing? Didn't you see how close those GR-45's were to crushing me? I had to pitch my ship to get through. As for why it flew out...well, my ship's not in the best of shape, as you can probably see. The latch mechanism probably broke somewhere along the line, and when I twisted the ship, Corsin decided to take of piece of me." Lysa faked a ignorant captain like the many she had met in her travels. It wasn't hard, act oblivious about your own damn ship without looking like you're making stuff up on the fly, and it's hard to see past.

"Well, regardless, it's trajectory was marked and we'll have to recover it to verify that it was not carrying any illicit goods to the surface." The officer nodded at the Stormtroopers, who departed his company. "Your ship's sudden arrival also warrants an inspection before we can clear you to the surface. In the meantime, you are allowed to move about the hangar, and to that observation room over there..." The man pointed to a door on the nearby wall of the hangar, then pointed up where Lysa could see a long window looking out onto the hangar bay. " a show of appreciation for your cooperation."

Lysa nodded and smiled, reaching out her hand to the officer. "Thanks, I appreciate the gesture." The man met her hand, finding that she was holding an intended gift. "I would also like if you could send that escape pod back my way when you recover it. Those things are so hard to replace." Releasing her hand, and gift, to the officer, Lysa returned to her ship, letting the ramp rise up behind her.


By the time Rewald had taken account of his gear, and equipped it, Q and Tiren had already gotten out of the craft and waited on the grassy plains outside. "Ugh, great, in the middle of nowhere, aren't we?"

"This is not entirely true." Tiren turned to a green and brownish blob in the distance, appearing to be a forest. "There are people in those trees...a rather large amount."

"Yes, I can detect high emissions of heat and exhaust." Q's head twisted to the side as its eyes looked at the forest while its body remained facing the pair. "There is a high probability that we have landed near an unauthorized swoop race."

"Well what a stroke of luck." Rewald switched the settings on his visor for a moment to see if he could get a better peek, but was disappointed to find out that his infrared detector wasn't sensitive enough to pick out what Q saw. "I guess we got a little hike ahead of us, boys. Try not to fall behind."

Nar Shadaa... probably

John gripped around himself as he realized he had been moved, his mouth tasted of copper and he smelled burnt hair. He had been stripped, his wounds had been bandaged, his arm was connected to tubes pumping fluids into him.

He looked around as his eyes re-adjusted to the light. He was in the Raptorian's medical bay it was a sterile white, and empty of other crewmen. He ripped the tubes out of his arm and peeled the bandages off, the wounds had healed. He pulled open lockers in the room until he found his gear. He pulled his armour on, the damage had been repaired gracelessly. His chronometer noted that a week had passed. He pulled on his rucksack and looked at his weapons. He put them in their proper positions after checking their condition and making sure they they were loaded.

He walked over to the door and tried to open it. It was locked. He looked at the door's terminal and put in it's password. It was rejected so he sliced it. After a minute of work it should have unlocked. It didn't. He pulled a nearby panel off the wall and found that the locking mechanism had been fused together. He pulled a plasma cutter off his belt and began cutting the mechanisms.

He pulled the door open afterwards. The hallway was empty and silent.

Imperial Station High Warden

Lysa strolled back to the cockpit as she mulled over ideas on how to deal with the Tiberius' current confinement. However, the sounds of metalwork coming from the storage compartment grabbed her attention. She turned around and headed there, finding Jak messing with a couple of Pit Droids he had apparently brought from the engine room. "What made you want to work on those at a time like this?"

Jak stopped his tinkering for a moment and looked up at the captain, his eyes covered by the welding goggles. Before speaking, he simply shrugged. "What else can I do? I listened to your conversation with that officer, seems like we're going to be here awhile.

"Believe me, I'm not going to let us sit here for weeks until the bureaucrats are satisfied with our paperwork. I just need a minute..." Lysa leaned against the bulkhead as she continued to think. Before long, Jak rturned to his work, trying to be quiet while the captain was concentrating. After a while, Jak felt Lysa's hand on his shoulder, so he stopped again and looked back at her. "I'm going to need more information about what the Imps are doing here. For that, I need eyes where we can't go."

Jak connected the dots pretty fast. "You need a droid? One that has monitoring equipment?" Jak looked up at the ceiling for a moment as he cataloged the bots that were on board. "Well, we have plenty on hand that can do that, but I pretty sure all of them would be quickly spotted as not being in the right place."

"Actually..." Lysa nodded her head as she walked over to the door separating the storage room from the rest of the cargo bay. Opening it, she saw Bart, keeping himself busy by "conversing" with a labor droid. "...there is one droid I think the Imps wouldn't suspect."


The trio traveled in silence, Rewald's grumbling and grunting aside, for a while as they neared the swoop track. As they reached the border of the woods, Tiren decided to satisfy a curiosity that had been bothering him for some time. "Q, tell me, what is Lysa's relation to Forax?"

As Tiren expected, Q immediately began a stiff recitation from his memory banks. "Forax Gul is the leader of the Ta've Cartel, an organization that can trace its origins to the swoop gangs of Corsin. Originally a diverse set of groups, all vying for control of the lucrative gambling market, Forax led one of these small gangs. When Captain Estor arrived, she started her usual plans to manipulate the status quo to provide the greatest profit to her in the end. This included merging several of the smaller gangs into larger organizations to compete on a larger scale. The resulting conflict was supposed to increase of goods the Captain had control of, while leaving the groups unable to stop her after the conflict decimated them. However, Forax saw through the ruse and was able to contact Lysa directly, and made a proposal: Instead of having a war with no winner, why not support him for control over the entire planet? This, in exchange for a cyclical cut of the profits and a 'friend' in the Greater Plooriod Cluster, gave Lysa enough incentive to support Forax. The deal gave the expected results, and Forax used the new wealth of an entire world in his pocket to forge his own criminal empire, which has several claims beyond Corsin within the sector."

"Sounds like a dangerous man to me." Tiren pondered aloud as they navigated the dense forest. "Why is Lysa so sure in a favorable relationship? Surely a woman like her has doubts."

"Lysa 'doubts' most people." Rewald suddenly spoke up from the head of the group. "She may have let me be hr first mate, and probably doesn't really hold a grudge, but Lysa hasn't forgotten that I hunted her across the galaxy." Tiren felt that statement sink in deeper than he thought it should, but before he could speak aloud, Rewald held his hand to stop them in their tracks. "Quiet..." Rewald's voice was a whisper, as he listened intently to his surroundings, he brought up his blaster. "...something's coming."

The Brass Turtle

Dran sat easily in the pilot's chair of the 'Turtle, staring out at the rippling blue of hyperspace. 'Malastare. Interesting place. The Dugs helped the Republic during the war, and I guess now they're recovering.'

'So what's the cargo, Master?'

Dran flashed an exasperated look at the title. 'Just |Dran, woman. And we're transporting a little building equipment, and a couple of barrels of bacta to one of their outlying settlements. We'll be there in a couple of hours.'


The Dread Shadow

The ship had moved out of orbit to ease the jump to hyperspace, and was in the process of programming the jump to Yavin when the communications officer told Zan he was being contacted by Lord Vader. The Dathomiran's eyes widened, and he moved quickly to his comm room.

The Sith Lord's image buzzed into life, and and Zan took knee. 'My Lord. How may I serve you?'

'Master Valion. You are in orbit around Malastare, are you not?'

'In the process of leaving, Lord Vader. May I ask why this concerns you?'

'Imperial agents have been tracking a Jedi Knight who escaped ambush in Hutt Space very recently. Interrogation of a shipyard owner from whom he purchased a ship revealed the ship was a rather rare prototype run of an armed freighter. We ran the details, and Imperial spies reported such ships in three places, following up. A covert agent on Phaeda investigated a disturbance at a small bar, where a man and woman matching the details of the two Jedi captured a local bounty. He was gone by the time our man got there, but his questioning of the bartender revealed the Jedi took transport work. The details manifest of the assignment he took marks his destination as Malastare. Do you understand?'

'Yes, my Lord. I am also glad to report I have leads on three Jedi on Yavin.'

'I will leave that to you, Valion. But you must bring me my wayward Jedi Knight.'

The hologram flickered out, and a beep informed Zan he had been forwarded a data packet. Taking his comm link from inside his jacket pocket, he called Kay and Tadoh to him. When his apprentices arrived, paced before them. 'My young apprentices. We have received word from Lord Vader that two Jedi are inbound to Malastare. But as you know, we must very quickly pursue the lead we recovered from the young Twi'lek before her... associates have opportunity to move.'

'You have a plan, master?' asked Kay, smiling.

Zan nodded. 'Yes. Three Jedi on Yavin, two soon coming to Malastare. More to the point, seeing the Dread Shadow in orbit could cause these new targets to flee into hyperspace. Furthermore, we must divide ourselves suitably. I shall deal with the three Jedi Yavin, while the two of you shall take a transport, and squad of troops to the village we have been informed this...' he consulted the data terminal, before ejecting a data chit with the file on it. 'This Dran Telvaan will be making his delivery. He will not be leaving.' He passed the chit to Tadoh. 'Questions?'

Tadoh swallowed nervously, but it was Kay who spoke. 'Master... why are you going alone to face three Jedi, while the two of us face only two?'

'I wasn't aware the two of you had become a match for me, you insolent fool. And according to this data, at least one of these Jedi is a very accomplished warrior. Besides that, I have by far the overwhelming majority of our garrison, versus your single squad, should it come to that. Now, go.'

On board The Rouge

Mira meditated in the common room of the ship. Now that she had a plan other than "run and hide". She was able to find the calm more easily than she had in the past few months.

"Here horn-head, spare change of cloths!" She heard Saalia call from the hall as she felt cloth hit her head and heard the clunk of spare boots.

Mira would have been able to keep the peace had she not been traveling with someone who had no respect for authority other than her own though. "Why do you insist on calling me horn head? I have a name." She called to Saalai as she heard the cyborg captain humming to herself.

"Simple, cause I feel like it." She heard the woman laugh. "And I don't feel like I know you enough yet to call you by your name. So horn-head is enough for now." Mira only shook her head at this. Gathering up the spare clothes and boots she moved to the spare room Saalia had on the ship. Right now it wasn't much, little more than a hammock hung from the various pipes along the ceiling and spare parts for the ship, but it was enough for Mira.

Quickly changing into the tank top and leather pants Saalia had provided she made her way back to the cockpit. Saalai looked over her shoulder has she walked in. "We'll pick you up something better on Taris, after we pick up my droid." She said as Mira took a seat.

"Preparing for exit from hyperspace. exit in" Saalia said pulling back on a lever. everything came into focus at once. The stars stopped flying by and Taris came into full view. Even now some of it's taller spires could be seen from orbit. "We'll be landing in the business sector. Plenty of crowds, plenty of shop, so if there's anything you need, grab it now. I don't want to stop at any more high profile planets than we need too. Unless some aristocrat calls me, usually no business there." Saalia told Mira as the made their landing approach.

There was a series of beeps over the comm. Saalia flipped a switch.

Landing Tower to vessel ID: 465-469-7843 The Rogue. You are not scheduled for landing. Please state you business and estimated time for departure. The docking officer said over the comm.

"No worries Tower, won't be long. Picking up a droid and some quick shopping. Won't be more than a few standard hours." Saalia said into her end of the comm. The landing tower was silent for a few minutes.

Approach confirmed Rogue You have four standard hours before your ship will be impounded for taking up landing space. That's the most I can get you. Landing Tower out.

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