Guest Editor's Note: Queer Eye for the Gamer Guy

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Some titles, like those of the Metal Gear Solid series, treated gay characters seriously, merely making their homosexuality a part of their character background (although it should be noted that these characters were almost always evil).

Gonna put on my MGS meta-loving nerd hat here, Mr. DeMarco. MGS repeatedly condemns sexuality in general, or at the very least gets great joy from going Joss Whedon on every couple.

TOO LONG, DIDN'T READ VERSION: I don't think MGS has any ill to say of the gay.


Beauvoir merely expressed an ideal. And an ideal as such isn't exactly required to take all factual and logical factors into account. But wouldn't you agree with the sentiment? That it would be a wonderful world in which people were capable of loving one another regardless of gender?

Having taken a look at the complaints of heterosexuals and weighed them against the complaints of homosexuals, it seems like we all have a hard time finding "the one", regardless of the final shape our varying attractions take. There's a difficulty to love, no matter who you ask, because the sex and gender of your partner are only two of dozens of factors to attraction.

So would it matter if we lived in a world where we could all ignore the gender of others with regard to love? I suppose it would, but only if you found that basis for attraction being the reason you can't have the parter you want in this world.

A video game with homosexual characters would only be natural, but it faces more issues than the closed minded straight guys everyone blames.

1. lack of complex characters in video games. Some are out there, but the vast majority of video game characters are either stereotypical action heroes or else mario clones whose voiceless presence allows the gamer a mirror for their own thoughts. We will see lots of realistic gay characters around the time we see realistic characters period.

2. The political and social power of a gay character. Brokeback Mountain is famous not because it's a great story, but because it's about gay characters. If a haloesqe game came out with an openly gay character, no one would let it exist as a game. One side would use it as a tool to further the gay movement and the other side would use it as fodder against it. If a work of art can't exist as a work of art then it suffers from a fundamental loss of intent.

3. Polarizing stereotypes. Games for girls... what does that even mean? Am I to assume that the games I like wouldn't appeal to my wife? Should she love Left 4 Dead as much as she does? Good games, like good movies or any good work of art, should appeal to many. What would a gay character have to be? I'd love to see a character who has no obvious outer appearances to being gay, but we don't get that. Some of the comments made so far point to this. If my big bad warrior mentions that he likes guys, then he is made a cuddly bear. Can we have a gay character without someone putting them in a stereotype? Can we have a female character who isn't a stereotype, or a male character for that matter?

4. Us VS. Them. It exists on both sides. While this article was interesting, it stinks of the same kind of rhetoric that clogs up the entire political, moral, entertainment, and social atmosphere. There isn't just two sides. If I prefer to play a straight character it doesn't mean I wouldn't want to play a gay character. (I prefer to play female characters when given a choice for some reason.)If game developers create male characters I assumed that it is because that is their personal experience. Stephen King sure writes a lot of books about writers in Maine.

the issue of homosexuality in video games is more complex than "it's too immature for it now" and such a simplification does a disservice to the form as a whole I think.

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