Doomsday Arcade: Episode 22

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this made my day thanks Timtimfed

This episode was awesome, though I am kind of curious of what was with the fish thing.


"Can you swim?"

"I excel at the breast stroke."

That joke was so bad it made me almost die from laughter.

Wow, they managed to throw in a Star Wars reference, nice job guys

Great episode! long before the big daddy suit ends up on ebay?

IM A FISH LOOK AT ME IM A FISH and velocirapture are my new favorite things ever. XD

Funniest one yet, worth the wait.

Funniest episode so far, great editing, and excelent sceanery!
I actually think this is my fav episode in the show so far... Now I know where the extra week of work for you guys went! Definatly worth the wait.

That was, well, i dont know.

Epic does not describe it.
Win? No.

This is just.... Fucking awesome.

lol "Atlas Shrugged"

Highlight of the episode.

Effin'g wonderful! It's really amazing how you managed to capture the Bioshock feel.
But the fish... The fish shall hunt my nightmares...

Wicked episode guys! Brilliant work on this one! It looked amazing.

Great Big Daddy suit, Velocirapture was hilarious, and the censors made me laugh. The fish and Cooking Mama scared me though...

Hahaha! I loved this episode, i will never be able to play bioshock without hearing that voice again.

Quality wise, this is the best thing on this website, hands down.

Velocirapture wins by default for Tophats on Dinosaurs

NOOOOO not gary, he was my tied for second favorite charcter (lasercat being the other 2nd place).

I gotta say not only was this episode well worth the wait, it even has me nomming on my nails on was going to happen to Lund. To set a place up/get a place like that must of been a pain in the arse. I couldn't stop chuckling at the whole "IM A FISH" moments, thought if i were in lund and shanks place, i'd be pretty pissed. All summed together, a very majectic episode.

Plz let the dicelord's power been within range of gary and his firewall been a miss on him PLZ, ...that or have the dicelord be the modder lolz

Poor Lund. Though, a fight between him and the big daddy should be interesting.

I feel so strange for being the only one that didn't like this episode! (haven't read all the comments tho...) I just didn't think this was as good as the other ones, actually I didn't really get it at all... Maybe I missed the games that makes this funny...

not the best, but good episode =]
shame it took so long
looks like most of the time went into tht big daddy costume
love his voice XD

'I have a big ass drill, bitch!'

Is second only to laser cat in terms of greatness.


WOW amazing episode!!!


and the Velocirapture was brilliant


Cooking Mama scares me! D=

Kudos on another good episode :)

Cooking Mama is officially the scariest villain ever.

And yes, brilliant episode.

Well.. the Dicelord was correct, this should be interesting to keep watching

And thank goodness that the Cooking Mama is dead!

that was AWESOME!!!

and dang is cooking mamma creepy
and she looks so cute in the game
and poor Gary!

The quality of this series is surprisingly consistent.
Exceleeeent! *Does cliched guitar solo*

I liked the way you chose your sets...
although I saw a bit of the outside world with a street... bit of a flaw, was it left in for the hilariousness of it all?

Great episode... I'm hooked XD

Without a doubt, totally worth the wait. Awesome.

This is now my favorite episode.

Big ass drill BITCH xD

Ha ha, nice Atlas Shrugged reference after the credits.

Show has taken an interesting turn here. Good work!

Aw man, this show is slowly losing it's cogency.

I broke out laughing every time a fish swam by

"we need to get out of here"
"this adam guy sounds like a pedophile"


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