Game Dogs: Pilot Episode: D&D Kills

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I agree with everyone in this thread that thinks this was terrible. The writing, the animation, the voice acting, all of it.

I made some chuckles on this end no doubt.


I'll keep watching in case it suddenly becomes amazing.

its no apocalypse lane thats for sure which features likable talking animals :P

Decent I suppose. Id like to see more so keep making it. The behind the scenes was unnecissary though.

i hate the girl, very cheezy lines.
people get stabed by dice not that funny.
i didn't get it.

Meh, doesn't seem great to me.

Chet's all too cliched, apparently one of the other dogs couldn't possibly fall for him because she's into perfect guys. A cheesy love story to come? Brilliant.

I know how difficult it is to make a cartoon, for sure. All the more reason I feel like I've gotta be honest about this. It needs some real work.

The usual formula just doesn't work. I want to like this creation, however it's just another "office" show. Only with dogs that happen to be geeks. The writing has blatant, unnecessary, referencing to dogs merely because they are dogs. Just like a show with human characters doesn't need lines about how human everyone is; the audience knows it already. The voice for Gary the small manager doesn't fit the design. He should be tense and deliver lines quickly. His voice doesn't match his mass. Commanding, but naive and easily controlled by one of the characters who can easily keep his ego in check. Short guy, big ego, and a doberman! Should make for easy and fun banter. Accidents and setbacks should be one of the last things that gets this character to run away without having his way.

EVERYTHING animates like a cardboard cutout and every character has the same face rig. It's just boring. There's no performance aside from voice acting and moving eyebrows. An example of a small web show that uses the same rig for nearly all characters while exuding a unique character is Happy Tree Friends. The voiced jokes here don't even connect with the audience (A D&D player who ridicules real swords? Slight laugh while hiding something shameful?)

The one and only chuckle I got was from the moment of panic and violence (sword in tail, with die to the head) and even then the animation was too quick and choppy to clearly be made out.

If this has to be an office show; why not have the characters jump into the worlds of the games they're slated to create? Whether imposing themselves through their imagination, or the pitfalls they encounter while writing/visualizing; Right now, the animation and character performances are dull; Voice acting is good although some voices aren't matching the character types. There'll have to be some gimmick that makes this show worth viewing (and sharing with others). Watching characters jitter and bounce to voice acting about work problems are boring. Experiencing characters perform, with writing suitable to the created universe, will generate an enjoyable performance.

the good thing about it was the script writing - pretty funny
the bad thing was the animation - they just wobbled arround whenever they talked
the ugly thing was the stock characters - more variety needed
but still its early days.

Hey now, like most are saying it's still in it's early stages. Honestly I think they did this to draw in the growing army of furries.. *shifty eyes* but as soon as they do that, we know what'll happen. More furry shows! Now I'm not against giving people what they want by any means. But I did get a few chuckles out of it and I do hope to see more episodes as they come out, and see how they fur (get it instead of flesh?) out the characters.

I just realized the description doesn't even bother keeping the characters straight, quality quality!

It was OK i found a few parts funny.. More than i thought i was! However i still find the dog TITS extremely awkward! Can you please make her flat chested PLEASE!!!!!!

I wonder how long it will take before some furry fulfills rule 34 of the internet using these characters.

I thought this concept would be stupid, the show was pretty good. Not terrible, but not great. I love some slapstick though. :D

Gary sounds like Cuddles
žbut I like it nontheless :)

Well that was... underwhelming

Wow, that was... actually not terrible. I need to go into things with low expectations more often.

Was hoping that was actually going to be good but it seems this is a show that uses cheap violence for it's humour. There was actually nothing that made me even smile.

Seriously, this is what achieved so much ire from the Escapist community? A few of the voices don't appeal to me, but the animation wasn't too bad and I laughed when the dog with the tie had his nose broken (although maybe that's my inner sadist...)

Talk about over-exaggeration people, I've seen a lot worse, and that's stuff people pay to see.

Well i don't usually watch anyting on this website that isn't zero puntuation or some other show i found out about on g4 tv,because normaly they are, for lack of a better word, meh.This show on the other hand renewd my faith in animated series on escapest...for now,lets see how long it lasts.

Edit: I've now watched more shows and have now decided that this show is more meh then others,but it gets better each episode...still waiting to see if they'll make a rival cat corperation.One can only hope.

Right... What?... What?

Oh I see... Your just leading up to the episode where you have all the dogs sitting around playing video poker =P

Just finished watching the pilot ep of Game Dogs, and two thumbs up to the creators. Absolutely cracked me up...especially when Gary took the lumps. Very impressed and am going to watch some more eps.

Good start to the series.

Where is your god now furry lovers.

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