Stolen Pixels #164: Rollie the Roleplayer

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I would cast vote for TPL (Third Person Looters), if only there were more of them.

Then get off your lazy gamer ass and start making more of them then! I think TPL is an excellent name for them. It's got my vote.

And great strip as usual Shamus.

Pardon? My lazy gaming ass is busy doing metallographic research into the effects of Boron as an intermetallic additive to have time to learn to create a game. Would I like too? Of course I would, but it turns out that one needs years of experience to do such a thing, not just a passing fancy. In the meantime, while I partake in a casual tasting and sampling of what that world has to offer (and what I would have to sacrifice that it might offer), I shall continue my arduous research and study of micrographs, microscopy by transmission and scanning of electrons and their mappings, and elemental planar analysis, seeing as it pays the bills.

Yeah, camels in a tiny car!

Only if they were trained by Mexicans XD (it's a joke)

Heh... an RPG for fun?!!
Who would play a game for fun?
Oh... wait...
Sorry, I'm thinking of overly competitive games...
Still, another good comic. Good for a laugh.

Hah, the days of people looking for fun games is over! But, in all honesty, I find lore and plot and character development interesting.

Plus, since when was Torchlight fun? It was boring as watching milk turn to cheese.

Ironically, Torchlight has plenty of story for the first 30 minutes - there's a set of NPC companions, a wizard's tragic downfall, and a half-dozen quests to complete.

And then you are told, Go 30 levels further down. I hear maybe there's an end boss somewhere? Have fun.

And after you beat the boss, you're told there's a SECOND entrance to underneath the town, where random baddies and pieces of metal can be found. How can it be possible to go down some stairs from a dilapidated prison standing over molten magma and find yourself in an underground jungle paradise? Who cares? Go kill things and take their stuff.

And still!

He hasn't left to get some ember.

This is hilarious.

But can't Rollie just pay the instead? Or better yet, light a stick on fire to get some ember? Balls to fighting monsters having what could be, oh, say, 22 levels above my own.

Just saying.

Ack, how the hell did I miss this one?

Shamus Young:
Last week Yahtzee pointed out that the term "role playing game" is a bit messed up. I still can't believe that Dragon Age and Diablo II are both lumped into the same genre. Do not go into Torchlight expecting Knights of the Old Republic or Fallout. This is one of the other RPG games. Like Diablo, this is a game about killing monsters and taking their stuff.

Indeedie. Games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 is nothing like Torchlight. Though to be fair, they are about playing a role - just that Torchlight's role is of a vaguely defined generic hero, heh.

That said, I don't see how Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2 aren't fun. Well, ok, bits of both aren't fun, but Torchlight's manage your inventory bits aren't fun either, and the game wares abit thin after awhile.

Also, I'm guessing you're enjoying yourself some Mass Effect 2 Shamus ;)


Why not call them:
1 - Third Person Looters (TPL)

I wonder if there's someone we can talk to to make this kind of thing official...

Seeing as there is no official term for genres other than ones people use, if you use it, and it catches on, there you go.

(For the record, most ancient geeks I've known already tend to refer to them as HnS games)

I don't think I've ever heard someone who's actually played an HnS refer to it as an RPG.

*Note: When I say "heard", I mean literally hearing. Thus excluding people whose comments I've read.

Absolutely brilliant! This is precisely how I feel about modern rpgs. You go through mountains of dialogue and moral choiciness only to find that the damned farmer just wants you to kill X amount of giant insects and bring him their husks. Why did we need all that text? His "motivation" was pretty darned clear. He wants something and he needs you to get it. Why the heck can't they just say it right off? Oh well. Maybe this is why stupid fun games like Torchlight never get old for me and why I'm STILL playing Fable :-P

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