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I didn't get the Jurassic park reference can someone tell me??

I love katleen's boobs

That cat was so cute. Cats need games as well

I love this show...

Damn, I could have predicted revealing clothes after the aggressive marketing of spambot Ash.

the boobies at the end seriously threw me off. wasn't expecting that at all.


Graham: Kathleen! The view count on ENN is going down! What can we do?

It is? Thank goodness. Based on the comments I've been reading of "Pure gold, best episode yet!", I was worried I was the only person who had noticed that the show's gone downhill, which is a shame, because I still love LRR and Unskippable.

Anyway, get well soon, Graham. And bring back the funny comments from the beginning, just jumping to "Good day, I'm Graham Stark is kind of lame.

Oh I do love me some Enn glad it seems to be sticking around. I was afraid it would die out but luckily I was wrong.

Great episode but I thought monkeys already wrote for ign..


That was genius.

"Cats are like old people; when they get bored, they get destructive"

Love it. Keep it up.

That was definitely my favorite line.

I quoted it a few times today already.

It makes me so warm and happy inside.

Yay boobies!


Kathleen crossed that fragile line I mentioned a few episodes back, and now look what 95% of the comments are about.

So allow me to applaud this episode for all the imaginable reasons except for the most obvious one. Which... basically makes this a thinly-veiled unspoken compliment for the obvious reason.

And trashing on Final Fantasy. Can't get enough of that. Old-school FF forever!

Jurassic Park reference out of nowhere!


Christ Almighty fellas, enough on the breasts already.

dont worry Kath, you still have one fan not interested in you "assets", but your beauty and talent in sketch comedy.

you should really do a legit news segment for the Escapist, their the best by far for gaming news, and you would do a damn good job at it as well. ;)

the amount of boob comments is getting a bit crazy.
good episode though
and that escapist e always looked a little precarious

Kathleen has magnificent cleavage.

This thread is hilarious, it's like a bunch of teenagers getting their first viewing of mammaries. Another good episode. I do like the short witty quips, especially Final Fantasy 13.

I really don't think people should discuss Kathleen's "great tits" as Graham maybe reading and as we know his, like most us, are simply average.

Aww, he's right :(

I think I was the only one to notice the inverted colours on your computer...

Brilliant episode.

dont worry Kath, you still have one fan not interested in you "assets", but your beauty

Epic fail there, mate.

I see the next Viral YouTube video, cats playing Wii games.

EDIT: Guys... yeah I saw Kathleens cleavage as well. But there's such a thing as subtlety. Just having your whole post be about that is kinda creepy.

Cleavage or not, ENN is steadily becoming my favourite show here at the Escapist.

Zero Punctuation may have its ups and downs, but ENN is always funny, informative and creative. I really admire your work guys and gals! :)

DLC for USED games? that's retarded there is a finite amount of used games at a given moment. Despicable is right. Surely no developers would go along with this after all the bitterness over their profits being 'stolen'.

Lady Kathleen:

hey, those two cats are my cats. If they really were in danger I would probably freak out in a similar manner.
Secondly, the boobs thing... I forget a camisole ONCE... oh well. I think everyone had a nice day due to the error, but I won't be repeating it anytime soon.

Jeez, more people need to subscribe to the 'if i wouldn't say this to a person face to face I shouldn't say it on the internet to someone' school of thought... then I remembered that many WOULD say that face to face. But at least than you could mace them.
In a future episode you should wear a Burqa or similar garment as a smart-ass response.

One of the better episodes of recent weeks, good job.

Incidently, i never noticed how great Kathleen's rack is before ;)

I was worried about drawing attention to this, for once i'm glad to have been thought ninja'd :p

Anyway, testosterone aside, great episode as always. Especially the end.

I did laugh at the swipe at PETA too

I hate cats, dogs are way better because they are more playful

Wait wait wait wait wait... You mean to tell me that IGN wasn't ALREADY staffed by monkeys?!

Was it just me or was Kathleen's top a little lower than normal?

I was going to watch some ENN for a laugh, ended up not hearing a word of it. Seriously distracted (in a good way). I knew they were big, but wowza... those things are huge! I'm surprised Graham didn't get knocked out when the E fell! Big letters! Why, what did you think I was talking about?

Hilarious, definitely one of the funnier episodes.

I kept getting distracted by Kathleen's great tit's, Kudos to the Bra, thank you.

on another note isn't the robot IGN horde of writers an over played card, you just stuck that in because IGN is moving offices to San Fran Sisco ( or how ever you americans spell it :P )

WTB Permanent Job in the Gaming Sector. :P KKthxBi.

The episode was ok.

Am I the only one who didn't notice Kathleen's cleavage until somebody mentioned it? I was more interested in the jokes.


Incidently, i never noticed how great Kathleen's rack is before ;)

Thank god I'm not the only one who noticed that. Also, thank god for Kathleen's rack... :)

phew! good to see a LOT of other people noticed it too :D


To those that have "gone there", I understand that in the Internet microcosm what was said are complements, but in the real world it's considered harassment.

Totally agree with you there. I'm not impressed at how your comment as a community manager seemed to have gone completely unnoticed.

As of now, anyone that makes comments similar to what is taking over this thread, will be punished as the Posting Guidelines have been amended:

(talk about her appearance again, and you'll get banned)

As of now, anyone that makes comments similar to what is taking over this thread, will be punished as the Posting Guidelines have been amended:

(talk about her appearance again, and you'll get banned)

ye, so I liked the ..uh.. lighting, ye that was nice. The logo is looking fine as ever, oh and don't forget the camera work, wonderfully executed. No no, I'm not commenting on the people in the actual shot, no no don't get me wrong there...

You know, that amendment makes it impossible to comment on: pronouciation, delivery, costume work, faked accents, make-up, slapstick etc. since they revolve around the appearance of the characters in the video.

It becomes near impossible to offer any kind of comment, especially on much of the Loading Ready Run, as they frequently 'play' themselves. Where the body of the entire video revolves around one or more persons and how they appear and act.

According to that guideline, discussing that Morgan was painted green in one of the latest videos would be grounds for banning, yet that was one of the bigger jokes in the sketch.


But yea, funny as ever.

whats with them and the set lately?

first Graham is walking through and going behind the set, and now letters are falling off!

anyways, it was a lovely, funny episode (like usual)

Well done Graham's dad xD
I love everything he's in, season for finale, D fer madness, pimp my chair...
He's just got such a deadpan delivery, it's fantastic.

I'll miss out the "Damn Kathleen's boobs looks great in this" comment.
Seems it's been done to death.
And I find it sexier if a woman is funny...

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