Zero Punctuation: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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It takes a special kind of moron to review the singleplayer component of a predominantly multiplayer game, even moreso in this case since the Battlefield series has rarely been about SP.

What's next Yahtzee? A Quake 3 Arena singleplayer review?

Though I would of put it much nicer than you, I agree with your point.

I've got to admit, it would appear i've been playing a different Bad Company 2 to Yahtzee. I didn't have a problem at all with too much dust when I destroy an entire building, I kinda thought to myself "Yeah, dust everywhere makes sense". Along with that, I didn't find the enemies had x-ray vision but instead they just didn't act like retards and let me get away with sketching out all their positions on a piece of paper for later reference.

Too bad Yahtzee doesn't do multiplayer... I've played BFBC2 for about 30 hours now (Steam keeps track of that sort of thing) and I've not touched the single player campaign. Who knows, it's probably as bad as he says it is.

Anyway... what I really wanted to say was to everyone else:

Please stop comparing MW to BF, at least as far as multiplayer is concerned. That's like comparing a track racing motorcycle to a rally car.

Both are fast, both are great at what they do, but they aren't the same thing so stop trying to compare them.

You might as well compare Bioshock to Fallout 3 (I've not played Bioshock 2 so I can't say).

As for who did "modern" first. Battlefield was first with Battlefield 2 in 2005, or perhaps with the mod "Desert Combat" for Battlefield 1942 released in 2004 though that wasn't created by DICE. I'm not saying BF was the first ever, just the first of these two.

Of course, I would have preferred if they had stayed in the future like with Battlefield 2142 (released in 2006), that was the best... Mmmmm... battle mechs, hover tanks, Titan maps and 64 player servers...

I can see it now, Call of Duty 6: Future War! heh...

Uh Oh... this is pushing the TL;DR threshold...

Way to go Yahtzee! I definitely wanted to know that detail about your penis -.-
now thats an image i wont be getting out of my head for a while

Single player was cool but the MP was god awful.
Anyone else see the irony of the AD for BFBF2 overlaying the video while watching him rip into it?

Had the exact opposite reaction myself. SP was fairly meh, MP is amazingly awesome.

Thank you Yahtzee, thank you for still being the best reviewer in the world by pointing out what's truly wrong with a game.

Didnt anyone else expect him to say something about Michael Atkinson? :o

I was anticipating it through the entire video... but it never happened.

Ah, well... at least he doesnt like Bad Company 2.

And by the looks of it he didnt play the multiplayer which probably would have infuriated him to no end... thats the part of the game that angered me the most by far.

I agree that Yahtzee's "reviews" are no longer the insightful, reliable and incidentally hilarious commentaries they used to be. I literally don't trust his opinion of games any more, because he seems to have sold his soul to the cheap laugh.

I also agree that it's time he stopped judging mutliplayer games based on their single-player portion. He should either earn his money by getting over his aversion to interaction with other people, or go back to reviewing strictly single-player games.

No mention of multiplayer? Isn't that like, I don't know, the focus of the game?

Yeah, he really should've reviewed FFXIII, but I liked the bit with the sparrow.

And you can't criticise a game for its genre.
Hating on BC2 for having the elements of a realistic fps.. you may as well criticise Mario Bros. for repetitive gameplay.

Fox News jokes, Yahtzee? Seriously?

I don't want to pretend that a news network - or indeed anything - is supposedly above being mocked, but I've already heard every Fox News joke there is! Multiple times! From utterly unrelated sources!

Surely there must be something in the opposite hemisphere worth mocking beyond Mr. Atkinson, if only for the sheer thrill of hearing something new.

On second thought, just mocking Mr. Atkinson more would also be perfectly acceptable. That bizarre fellow is going to be out of the limelight before too long and it would be a shame to waste the time remaining. It is so rare to find someone who can legitimately earn universal scorn from all sides that it will be almost a shame to be rid of the brain-addled bloke.


He already stepped down. So, lime light gone.


And by the looks of it he didnt play the multiplayer which probably would have infuriated him to no end... thats the part of the game that angered me the most by far.

But that's exactly the point: the multiplayer interface of this game has serious issues and gamers would benefit from Yahtzee's discussion of them.

wait what, was the mortar scene really so hard.
i finished it in one go.

Well I agree so far with this review. The Singleplayer is forgettable, but really Yahtzee you died 50 times in that mortar sequence when all you had to do was walk in a straight line behind the black guy (forgot his name)? Guess we will attribute that to your poor sense of direction.

However BFBC2 is bought solely for the MP and that part is as solid as a Sniper slug to the head.

I had GREAT fun moving with my squad capturing, taking and holding objectives and the destructo cover is hilarious when for example you launch a grenade at the wall and your squad mates pour in through the very useful hole obscured by dust and surprise an enemy squad with a gift of lead.

There are of course issues, the Russian tanks have so much bloom your blinded by dust clouds and can hardly see the enemy when they already see you and since bullets drop with gravity anything in the slightly bloomy area when zoomed in with a sniper rifle is a tricky shot, which stems the sniper spam of older games a bit though if your really good you can still hit enemies regardless of distance long as you can see em.

So in all if your an MP fan get this, especially for PC because if you bought MW2 your both a sucker for COD and probably bored with it by now.

PS: The Engineer can carry 3 weapons, a pistol and MG and an RPG :)

I think Yahtzee needs some easier games to play ^^
He doesn't ever seem to get to grips with FPS'.

How many of these types of games do we have again? War based shooters with an emphasis on multiplayer?

Can't we get something single player focused or something entirely different? Just Cause looks hilarious but needs a jet pack.

Coincidentally I decided earlier this week I'd get Duke Nukem 3D from GOG. I want strippers, jetpacks and weapons that kill in amusing and farcical ways.

Be glad I don't look for these things outside of computer gaming.

your what resembles a whatnow?

No mention of multiplayer? Isn't that like, I don't know, the focus of the game?

You need to read some good ole Extra Punctuation!

We unfortunately have a little crossover from MW2 players, thinking that KD ratios actually matter in this game.

Amen. I play as a medic and I'm one of those people who feel the chest paddles and healthkits are more vital to my class than the machinegun is.

Got mocked by a recon on an enemy team for having a 3/3 K/D in a game of Conquest and thus being a complete noob. I was at the time the highest scoring person on my side and had attained three medical ops pins. Meaning I had resurrected at least 21 people and given my team back TWENTY ONE TICKETS. We won that game with 12 tickets remaining. We had lost if it weren't for me.

K/D doesn't really matter much.

The Cake Is Annoying:
Coincidentally I decided earlier this week I'd get Duke Nukem 3D from GOG. I want strippers, jetpacks and weapons that kill in amusing and farcical ways.

Amen to that. Whatever happened to enjoying an FPS?

I can't really glean any opinion from this video other than "humor is here, I am making it".

I agree wholeheartedly. Since when did realistic = fun? Some of the best shooters are the best shooters because they made the game fun first and focused on realism second (if at all).

I wasn't interested in getting this game to begin with, so I just watched it to listen to funny British man complain.

I was not disappointed. :D

I surprised people are getting so up themselves about the fact he didn't review multiplayer, something which he openly admits he doesn't do.

Also the purpose of the bad company series was to introduce a single player experience, the fact that people decide to buy it for the online component doesn't excuse the single-player. I bought B:BC2 for both aspects, I enjoyed the last games single player and this one really let me down, however, the multiplayer is slightly better.

So, looks like Yahtzee didn't quite realise that the plot was basically a parody of Modern Warfare 2, and intentionally stole and liberally borrowed the same tropes from across the industry, pausing only to add the explodable buildings. The Battlefield series has never ever pretended to have a decent plot, unlike MW2, and so, because of this and the lame AI, it's a game completely unsuitable for Yahtzee to review.

As for the mortar bit, you needed to stand where the black guy was standing behind cover. I tried to run through it twice before I listened to him shout "get to cover and wait for a break in the barrage" and instantly knew what to do.

The one real area I feel Yahtzee was right was with the really rubbish AI. They know precisely where you are, have ridiculously accurate shotguns but are also incredibly dumb, since they're of the "stand in the open and shoot" variety. Then again, doesn't this just add to the conclusion that the SP is just a bit of silly fun?

Not the best episode but it wasn't too bad :p
I was probably focusing too much on my psp instead of listening to what he was saying.


The Cake Is Annoying:
Coincidentally I decided earlier this week I'd get Duke Nukem 3D from GOG. I want strippers, jetpacks and weapons that kill in amusing and farcical ways.

Amen to that. Whatever happened to enjoying an FPS?

I blame the multiplayer bandwagon. I think the original bitching about realism had to come from arguments like "The only reason you won is because you exploited x" or whatever.

And then the marketing department read it and then the strippers and shrink ray and other mighty foot were gone. F*&K YOU marketing department!

And who says if aliens invade there won't be a surge of demand for strippers? I for one would welcome the distraction.

oh dear, really that bad?
he's right about FPS's. nothing wrong with realism, but why do it in every game, bring back Serious Sam

would it not be more fun to go out somewhere with friends in a closed off area and go bat shit crazy with nerf guns?

This is another case of a game made around multiplayer with the single player tacked on the last minute. The entire battlefield series up to the original bad company was entirely about multiplayer and DICE still has not gotten the single player right.

Also, just about everything this game does/doesn't do is because MW2 did/didn't do it. Think about it, what has the game done that either is straight off a rip off to Modern Warfare 2 or highly hyped because it isn't doing it? They stuffed the fact that PC's have dedicated servers and that the game is "single play focused" (which it isn't really) while forgetting to mention the story, pacing and even a good deal of the locations are in the realm of "Painting a stolen car to sell it back to the owner."

On the plus side, when Russia takes over video games like STALKER will not only be the norm but also the reality.

Not very funny. You just took the easy "It's excactly like MW2" route out.

Good to see someones finally criticizing this game!

Yes, no kidding, but we do have to remember that people praising entirely shit games is nothing new to the world of games.

I don't think BC2 is a bad game, but its nothing new and the few new things (DUUUUUSSSST) are entirely unhelpful and annoying. I really do wish that people would realise that realistic dickery in games is still dickery.

He reviewed the wrong part of the game.

God... what next, you will review WoW without mentioning the multiplayer? You will review it based on your experience at the login screen and game's options?


He's complaining about dust in a realistic game? That's like complaining that a shounen anime has too many fights! Or a comic book has too many pictures.

I was expecting FFXIII, I want to see Yahtzee tearing it a new one, but oh well
So Bad Company 2 is as generic as it's cover?

Yes, the single-player is generic.

Multiplayer-focused game.

Thank you very much.

So it's just MW2... again. /sarcasm
Oh yeah and Yahtzee, that bit at the end of the credits was more information than I needed, thanks.

Try watching an actual review instead of a parody (ZP), with video footage of the gameplay. Then watch a MW2 video. Of multiplayer, of course.

Then dare to say they are the same.

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