Apocalypse Lane: Episode 41: Piss Poor Plans and a Dead Priest

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Praise the Rooster he is back!!!

and WTF now my mind is hurting how can Stinky be like that?

Yoohooo! Now I'm going to celebrate by getting terribly drunk! And high! HELL YEAH!

Pure genius. That's all that needs to be said.

Very funny episode.

MEL'S NAILS on 42!
"HOLY SHIT!" -Cuddles.
I was Rolling on the Floor Laughing!

You guys are incredible. I can't tell if you've planned this all out from the beginning or made things up as you went and just got lucky now. Either way, keep it up. Your jokes are staying fresh, and your story is getting good. Love it.

I love the flashback that Cuddles has!

i was gonna say it would have been funny if stinky would have still been alive on hickey
but now i don't know if its better or worse...i'm gonna go whit better

so steve is the rooster's champion! praise the rooster and his champion steve !!!

"Bloody, Painful, and done by a woman".

I laughed so hard I scared my housemates.

My mind was just literally blown!

"You just gotta have faith, don't question science!" Great line

Yay, Stinky's back! Ho ly shit; the Rooster does exist.

That was probably one of the best episodes of this series ever.

I thought it was established that Stinky was independent but still a part of Hickey? Way back when in a previous episode it showed Stinky talking without wearing the sock puppet, showing just Hickey's hand moving like it was a talking sock puppet, so how could Big Pete 'revive' Stinky just by wearing the sock puppet?

Holy shit, in just one episode they brought back the Rooster, Hickey, AND Stinky?!


HAHA! Stinky is back! YAY



"Mels nails on 42"

... On Episode 42... :O

Whoa, you're right!

... No he isn't! FFS, read the title.

"Episode 41: Piss Poor Plans and a Dead Priest"

Oh god, did it not strike you as a coincidence that 41 is ONE EPISODE away from 42?


Welcome back, Stinky! YAY!!

By the way, did Twitchy REALLY have sex with a unicorn??? O_o


Moar cowbell, plz =D

Seriously... epic... So um... uh... wow x-x

So now... hell, I'm speechless! WE WANT MORE!! XD
keep it up guys :D one of the best episodes yet XD

dont question science!

Stinky is back! Praise The Rooster!

Huh, so the Rooster was REAL then ...uh, I mean PRAISE TEH ROOSTAH'!!!

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