Zero Punctuation: Dead to Rights: Retribution

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Rhatar Khurin:
That review actually made me want to buy it. If only i had an xbox to play it on.... :(

Yeah, as disparaging as he was it only made me more interested.
Through before it was an interest level of zero so I guess things could only go up.

i just saw(2) the darkness""
and the imp really didnt play a big role there.
i think it was god for the imp to stay around, because they always bring a bit fun into the show.

i also watched "Nahtzee" a pretty good copy-cat of "Yahzee".

but why is "the darkness" not on the escapist?

This was the best Zero Punctuation ever! All the jookes were great, a nice running gag, and... Well, it was great.

I'm noticing a trend where everything on the Escapist will at some point include Yahtzee into their series. I guess it's kind of obvious that a lot of people show up to watch ZP, and Escapist hopes that when someone sees Yahtzee's name on something else they'll click on that too. Well good to see he has an extra nipple free for Ms. Mayes to suckle on.

Best ZP for a long time. Gave me many laughs, thanks!

And NOW we know the real reason why Rebecca Mayes is here.

Dear Dead to Rights Reviewer: (Yahtzee & Co)

Your Dead to Rights: Review has given me a Dead to Rights: Revelation. Namely that this Dead to Rights: Return, or should I say Dead to Rights: Replacement, is simply Dead to Rights: Repulsive or even Dead to Rights: Repugnant. Allow me to make the Dead to Rights: Remark that I am now Dead to Rights: Reluctant to buy Dead to Rights: Retribution. And I hope that my Dead to Rights: Relinquising of said Dead to Rights: Revokation will make this game less Dead to Rights: Remunerative for its makers. I hope you will Dead to Righs: Read this Dead to Rights: Reaction. It would sure be Dead to Rights: Recommended that you Dead to Rights: Record more Dead to Rights: Reviews(not about DtR:R of coarse) in the future, and that you don't Dead to Rights: Refrain from gaining Dead to Rights: Renown. At least know that you have gained much Dead to Rights: Respect and Dead to Rights: Reverance from Dead to Rights: Retards like myself. I think it wise to halt this Dead to Right: Repitition before I require Dead to Rights: Respiration. Since it is hard to Dead to Rights: Restrain myself whilst on the roll, I would just like to express my hope that, after Dead to Rights: Reading this, you don't Dead to Rights: Require a Dead to Rights: Revolver to stop the Dead to Rights: Reverberation. It would indeed be Dead to Rights: Regrettable if you required Dead to Rights: Resurrection.
Now I really need some Dead to Rights: Rest before I am no longer Dead to Rights: Responsive myself.

Dead to Rights: Respectfully Yours,
A Fan (A.K.A.: A Nobody)

Well, it's a dead to Rights game. It's like getting excited over another True Crime game. All you need is a quick slap on the back of the head, and you'd have enough brain power to go, "ANOTHER True Crime? F*** off!".

Honestly, it's as if shooting, disarming and killing people along with some mini-games, is different from the first or second Dead to Rights games. Shadow was always a wiener dog, and everyone that's played the game knows it. The dog just goes right for the bullocks, and brings you back a gun or ammo. Then, playing stealthily as a dog. Who'd suspect a dog of being some overly violent thing that would steal their weapon after ripping their bullocks off and s***ting on their brains? Dog must be one of Superman's lost pets with that X-ray vision and acute hearing.

To be honest, saying a Dead to Rights game isn't going to be ground breaking is like betting on weather or not a Star Wars game will have lasers in them. Bloody hell! A laser sword, a laser gun, and a laser rifle, not to mention laser prisons! What the hell hasn't been replaced with lasers?

C3PO, put that laser **** away. I never asked how MUCH was replaced, I asked what wasn't....
Oh, bugger!

I just saw the bit at the end about your book. Gratz! I'm buying a copy now, but if its not the absolute gold I have come expect from you I'll be sure to send scathing and illogical criticisms to your trash bin... I mean email! As always I shall close with my customary, "Do More Reviews!"

The best one so far, by my account. Keep coming back to this one since it always makes my day :D

LOL yahtzee u just scored ;)

And yes i am a twat for saying that :D

On retrospect, I wish I voted for this episode instead... course I was voting on what was Yahtzee's best review, which is naturally Duke Nukem, but the fans boiled it down to the funniest phrase and it was Escapist's way of giving Yahtzee the week off by rerunning an old episode.

So, with both those factors of the funniest phrase and said phrase/joke having the most re-watching value to me, I would have voted for this review. It has the one joke in the whole series that is still funny when I hear it "He's looking for answers and he's letting his gun do the talking..." blah blah, it's the timing and tone in his voice that makes it so damn funny.

But I still stick by my vote for Duke Nukem, but only for the impression of the vote's purpose I was given at the time. Given what I know now, I would've voted for Dead to Rights: Retribution.

Wow... you're officially an Internet-Celebrity now! Congrats :D

Little late, but I couldn't resist the temptation to join few other escapists, who apparently come from Poland, in showing my appreciation of using Sobieski vodka bottle pic (it's a 4th post about it in this thread).
Seems that we, (middle)eastern Europeans, are nothing less than overjoyed when feeling noticed.

nice Dead to Rights: Review as always Yahtzee, but i did some research, and apparently this is actually the third Dead to Rights game...

I'm not sure if he just had a dictionary open to the "re" page or if he has a ready command of "re" words crammed into his noggin, but it's impressive. Whether you hated the game or not, this review felt like it was being written to cater to your point of view.
If you liked it, you felt that Yahtzee captured the twisted joy you experienced playing the game. If you didn't like it, the cutting wit makes you feel like you belong to the elite group that recognized this game's failings.
I would like to see Yahtzee try his hand at stand-up comedy. His fame would preceed him, his disgust can be unleashed on any topic he deems fit, and his personality is distinct. That's what I want to see.
Thanks Yahtzee! You always post the best work.

this is one of the reviews i refer to as classic... tears were bursting out of my eyes even the seventh time i watched it

Im happy because this reveiw , dead to rights ruled .

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