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against god

and chuck norris said very well let god die

Well, can't say I'm crazy about the slightly new style you guys have got. It's funny and all; I still enjoy it at least as much as Unskippable, but it feels less News Networky and more a list of jokes you have to get out.
Regardless, a good episode.

Kathleen's "sexy survey" just made my morning :)

Nate is so awesome.

Great episode! You guys really seem to have gotten into the swing of things now! I lol'd.

EDIT: PSP BLOW anyone?

New ways of irresponsible driving. Throw a cellphone on the mix too.

Nate!! It's been a long time...

Awesome episode too. I forgot how good an actor Mr. Mosher is

While I respect the people making this, and totally concede I can't do anything nearly as good, the last couple episodes haven't really worked for me. The sarcasm being blatently done rather then implied sort of subtracts from the humor. For example, Kathleen going into a mini-rant about people having sex/playing games while driving was less amusing then if they had simply presented it in such a way that the disturbingness was clear.


"I'm on television!" HA!

Great episode. I'm loving the new energy.

Anything that stimulates your child's brain in any way until their old enough to think for themselves is an abomination against god!!!

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