Stolen Pixels #207: Resident Equality

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I have a bumper sticker that says "Political correctness means always having to say you're sorry"

Too bad it's sitting on my shelf. I don't want to offend anyone...


punchline was awesome, I was waiting for it an and it was satisfying

I think that's what we like to call a 'no win scenario.'

Political Correctness is like Global Thermonuclear War. The only winning move is not to play.

That and using ninjas to disable the enemy before they can ever fire in reply.

I would say it's racists because all the black zombies can jump really high, live in mud huts, used to be morons, and were used as slave labor before being turned into zombies. And the only food they ate was chicken.

OK, I haven't played the game, but - is she supposed to be black??

I equally hate everyone who tries to pull a Devil's Proof on me...are you happy now?

The look on Sheva's face in the last panel is hilarious

I say, there will not be complete racial equality until people stop caring if a game depicts a guy moving down a bunch of people of a different skin-colour.

Heh...good one. Don't like a good bit of Shamuses stuff these days, but this one hit the sweet spot.

I had a rant here, but really the following link is all that needs be said about 99% of all 'racist' accusations coming from primarily the North American continent due to its own personal history about which, by the way, no one else throughout the rest of the world could care less at the end of the day:

AH! Finally a person who understands. Racism in general is purely an American trend. Or, at best, a western trend. I spend a good bit of time in Japan and China and I can tell you right now that, for the most part, people over there just don't understand it or even know of its existence. Sadly, most Americans don't really even realize that our culture is racist, sexist and religonist by default. I work for the Target Corporation. Now, when I go into work and someone needs me to find a person named John they aren't going to describe him as having a certain hair cut, or wearing this shirt, or that shirt. They will immediately tell me that he's the young black guy working in position x. I really have never understood why people in western cultures are so preoccupied with labels. Looking at me, you'd see a skinning, white 20-something with glasses who plays video games and loves fantasy. Instant nerd, or whatever. What if I told you I'm from a LONG line of professional warriors and I've spent my whole life practicing the martial arts. Next you'll be comparing me to Chuck Norris and trying to throw punches at me to test my reflexes. But even that is a form a prejudice. Western culture seems to want to kill the individual by any means necissary. You're either apart of one group or another and, like it or not, people are going to put you there themselves.

I hate her because I called to her to open a door and she just jumped over a bridge gap for 5 minutes,.. repeatedly...

Oh yeah, and she shot a barrel right next to me and killed me. I was a little miffed at that....

The problem with society and all this "political correctness" stuff is that every one goes to the extreme of not being rasist that they become the most rasist people out there, but all in all good job you have taken a huge problem in society and made it funny.

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