Zero Punctuation: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

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Great review, didn't really think much of the look of the first game so I'll miss the sequel. Also not having a Wii is a factor too.

Loved the jab at Rebecca Mayes! :D

Decent review.

Haven't played either NMH, but I'd love to give them a try.

The Escapist must really want revenue hits since there is absolutely nothing but complaints (as usual). You will hear less contract-obligated moaning in a maternity ward.

On the other hand...No More Heroes 2 does very little to expand the concept of the original so I suppose any praise one might have given before would simply be covering old ground.

It blows my mind that Suda 51 keeps forcing you to do menial tasks in between the power/laser sword fights. I mean, if I were a Jedi-knockoff and just offed one of my longtime personal rivals in an epic duel with laser swords, obviously the next thing that comes to my mind is helping my neighbor mow his fucking lawn...right?

The Seldom Seen Kid:
The Rebecca Mayes joke was just perfect.

Great review :)

Lulz, ya, I loved it. Now I can't watch a review without a cheap laugh at Rebecca's expense as she will forever be known in my head as a woman who gets stabby with those who aggravate her.

Like a laughable version of Jason Vorhees. Good times.

This took me back.

The No More Heroes review was my very first ZP.

*Thinks of previous, fun days*
*happy sigh*

I guess I'll play No More Heroes 2 at about the time I get around to finishing No More Heroes 1.

There's quite a few titties in my containment tube, but they're all two-dimensional, and therefore compatible with No More Heroes 2.

Another snipe at the Wii, and its relevance as a gaming platform, eh? Ho Hum.
Anyway, just as amusing as ever. I certainly laughed.
If it makes you feel better,Yahtzee, those black Wii-ess-three controllers that came with Monster Hunter Tri are much better for big tough man hands...
Of course, it only came with MH. Not entirely sure why that is. Unless they've released it seperately, while I wasn't looking?

Yes, I heard about containment tube zero-zero-five-one.
The only one with a entertainment-feed malfunction, tragic.

Also, yes, I found it kind of odd how Travis is surrounded by girls who he either has to murder or flirt with, I don't find girls very sexy with giant holes though their heads, but that's (video game) life, I suppose.

Can anyone explain the name to me? Why is it called Desperate Struggle?

Also Darkstep is awesome.

laser-horny imp! yay!
this game can not be good, i ve never heared of it at all.
not even the previous one he mentioned.

Yahtzee's gotta make his mind up- does he want the anti-Red Dead Redemption-toy-box that forces you to keep track of your hunger, confort, strength etc in a real test of prolonged survival,

OR does he want games to realise people have real lives and don't have all the time in the world to do a grind? He's said both but I've no idea which one he actually means... if any.


i dont miss the sandbox really. it was unnecessary the first time around.

I liked it, to be honest. The world offered a nice contrast to the exciting, frantic assassination missions. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in favor of it over the menu system.. I just didn't think it was as bad as people made it out to be.

Also, does Travis really have one of those body pillows in the game?

As well as a cardboard cutout in his bathroom.
I wish I was making this up.

That is horrifying. Also, the sandbox portion had that epic motorcycle that wasn't good for much, but was really fun to drive.

So... Are Rebecca Mayes and Yahtzee now the old, bickering married couple of the Escapist?

What's all this about ads before the video? I never get any. Maybe it's because I live in Britain.

Anyway, I didn't laugh at that review as much as some of the other ones, though the "fat dog on a trampoline" joke was pretty brilliant.

Nice little dig at Rebeca Mayes, there. I was starting if he'd seen that or not.

Strange. I thought he would review singularity.
I was interested in the 1st No More Heroes but not interested enough to go out and buy a Wii. I'm going to wait for the Xbox 360 port of the 1st one, even if it looks like turd.

Great review as always and nice Rebecca Mayes joke. That little song she wrote was genius. Catchy and moving.

Haruhi Manga = WIN
I am little bit sad about the reference to Tarantino... But oh well. :P

Well if I'm gonna be specific about it, It's actually the 9th Dissociation novel but......meh.

Australia is STILL being an Ass about their games huh?
Nice stab Pun Intended....kinda at Rebecca.

Seemed pretty spot on to me. Good show.

Seems like someone has a hankering for a shag... or breasts.
Either way, I think Mayes may be in the market too. *wink wink*

There are titties in my containment tube, no wait, those are my man boobs.

But at least futurama is on! (couldn't help it with the avatar)

OT: Great review, open-worlds are overrated.

Niiice. Alex Kidd in Miracle World reference! That was my 1st ever game! ^-^

So last year, Graham Stark. Now this year, Rebecca Mayes.
I wonder which person on the Escapist Yahtzee Croshaw will have a little spat with next year?

Yeah, the boss fights are the only still awesome part of the game, that doesn'y get repetitive.

Genre: Action, Hack and Slash
Genre: Spectacle fighter

Yahtzee: I caught the signpost where one direction was labeled "Interesting Things," and the opposite direction was labeled, "Swindon."

May I commend to you Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series, starting with The Eyre Affair. Hopefully after reading, Swindon won't seem quite so dull and uninteresting.

Yahtzee's gotta make his mind up- does he want the anti-Red Dead Redemption-toy-box that forces you to keep track of your hunger, confort, strength etc in a real test of prolonged survival,

OR does he want games to realise people have real lives and don't have all the time in the world to do a grind? He's said both but I've no idea which one he actually means... if any.

If I am allowed to extrapolate a response from his love of Saint's Row 2, I'd go with this:

"Basically if you are going to have a toy box that functions as a game, you can at least have the god given decency to make the toys work together. Most games that play this route tend to give you a toy box with nothing but broken ends that connect to nothing else and expect you to be happy. The toys in Saint's Row 2 were more like Legos. You could do just about anything you want but it always managed to connect back to the main game. The money had use as you can't always get what you want in a mission. The perks actually helped you be a bigger badass or simply suck less.

That's the trick. That's what I want. I don't want a box of broken toys with no point. I want a box of Legos that I can do what I want and still actually feel like I am making some form of progress."

*cough* Yea, I definitely lack his wit but I feel that is the heart of his gripe with toy boxes vs no toy box.

Loved the references to Rebecca and Tarantino. Loved the Tarantino fan-tards sadness at the refernce even more.

I agree that they probably like each other I just want to see the drama and hilarity these two can get going.

Here in the US the Ads suck we have watch a ridiculous Slim Jim (fake beef jerky if you don't have it there) commercial and I end up muting and playing solitaire everytime till its over.

meh, honestly didn't care about this game, and after hearing that it has



b) honestly everything else about this game just sounds dumb, too.

I can be sure that I will likely never play it.

lmao, hilarious. Loved it, and prettym uch what we want to see from it @ Rebecca comment ^

Well if its just Number one with less there really is no point in buying it. I liked number one but why play it again? Nice review. Waiting for 3d dot game heroes review.

Wasn't this game out a while ago?
Lolzy none the less, keep up the great videos Yahtzee!

New favorite Yahtzee quote:

"A hack-n-slack game aimed specifically at gamers but exclusive to the Wii is like a Matisse masterpiece being exclusive to the Etch-A-Sketch."

Well done sir.

Just to prove how much like Travis I am (which is to say how much of a nerd I am), that manga/anime/light novel that Travis is holding when Yahtzee introduces him as a "massive nerd" is The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

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