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How to Unlock All Tools in Hades 2

To gather the materials you need to progress in Hades 2, you've got to craft some tools

In Hades 2, players must work to unlock basically everything they need to achieve their objective of killing Time. Not only will you need to acquire the components to craft new weapons, you’ll also need to unlock the tools used to gather them.

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How To Unlock and Select Tools in Hades 2

Hades 2 Tools Menu
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Before you head out on your nightly missions in Hades 2, you must select one weapon and one tool to bring. Weapons, of course, help you fight off the undead as you traverse the Underworld (or, later, the Surface).

Tools have various purposes depending on the one you equip, but they all help you gather materials such as reagents and Greeneries. You can select which tool you’ll use for the night in the training grounds, at the glowing area in the center.

Because you can only pick one for each journey into the fray, it’s important to think carefully about what items you need and which tool will help you get them. If you’ve chosen the Tablet Of Peace, for instance, you can pacify spirits but will be unable to mine useful materials like Silver and Bronze.

To gain access to tools in Hades 2, you’ll need to cast an incantation. This spell is called Night’s Craftwork and it requires 1 Moly, a flower easily found in your trips to Erebus. Once you cast this incantation, you’ll be able to view and unlock gathering tools in the training grounds.

All Tools in Hades 2 and How to Unlock Them

Thus far, there are four main tools that Melinoe can unlock in Hades 2. Here are all available tools, how to unlock them, and what they’re used for in the game.

Note: Hades 2 is still in Early Access, which means more tools may be added in time. As of now, however, these are all the tools available.

ToolComponents to UnlockPurpose
Tablet of Peace Hades 2
Tablet of Peace
5 Silver

5 Psyche
Pacify lost spirits, who will sometimes gift Ashes or Psyche in return
Crescent Pick Hades 2
Crescent Pick
1 AshMine materials such as Silver, Limestone, and Bronze
Silver Spade Hades 2
Silver Spade
10 SilverDig in specified spots to acquire seeds to grow Greeneries
Rod of Fishing Hades 2
Rod of Fishing
2 Fate Fabric

1 Bronze
Fish in certain spots to acquire sea creatures which can be sold to the Wretched Broker for Bones

Most tools are unlocked pretty easily, using items easily found in the first area of the Underworld. The Rod of Fishing, however, will require a trip to the Surface to acquire Bronze.

Since some tools require materials gathered with other tools, the best order to unlock the items is Cresent Pick first so you can get Silver. Then you’ll be able to unlock the Tablet of Peace & Silver Spade, and finally the Rod of Fishing.

How to Use Tools in Hades 2

Once you’ve equipped your tool and headed out for a run, you’ll be able to use them to interact with certain resources.

Using the Silver Spade and Crescent Pick is pretty straightforward. For the Spade, you’ll simply approach any diggable soil spots you see and interact to dig up seeds. With the Crescent Pick, you’ll see veins of Silver, Limestone, Bronze, etc, and be able to interact to acquire these materials.

The Tablet of Peace is a bit more complicated. When you approach a lost Shade, you will need to complete a quick mini-game to compel the spirit. This involves hitting the right buttons at the right time and is pretty straightforward.

The Rod of Fishing is probably the most difficult, at least in my experience. After you interact with the water to cast your line, you’ll need to hit the button again at the right time to catch the sea creature. This timing can be a bit tricky to get the hang of, but once you do, you’ll have fish to trade with the Wretched Broker.

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