Zero Punctuation: Shadow of the Colossus

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And Studioforce get's their name mentioned for the last time in history (hopefully) forever, may they never raise a gutiar to play another stupidly fast song again.

Ha ha, just went on to amazon and every single person who didn't like it said "WAA WAA, IT WASN'T EXACTLY LIKE ICO WAAAAAAAAAA!!"

Recently bought this after hearing all the praise it got and especially the adoration Yahtzee gives it as evident in this review. It did frustrate me most profusely for the first two Colossi. After stabbing the first in the ankle I had no idea where to go from there and died continuously in my efforts to grab onto something. I eventually noticed that I could grab onto some of his armour just above the ankle. As for the second beast, after I stabbed it in the head I was led to believe, using my own powers of observation, that the next place I was required to hurt were the eyes as these turned blue, the same colour as the symbol for stabbing on the flesh. So I desperately tried and failed many, many times to get to them and poke them out. My reason for believing this was the solution was because once I fell off and had to begin climbing for the hundreth time, the eyes returned to their previous orange. I eventually resorted to a guide in my unending frustration and discovered the next attack point wasn't the eyes at all but the bloody rear end! To say I was miffe, having wasted probably an hour or so, is an understatment.

I feel a slightly more extensive tutorial on all the game mechanics or perhaps adding a optional hint system would have been better. I had, of course, totaly forgotten that the sword could be used as a homing beacon to highlight what part you had to attack next. A reminder for us more forgetful people would have been nice. In fact I had to find hints on the internet for the next three colossi, at least enough to get me on the right track and this is probably either a failing on my part or an over-reliance on in-game hints or prompts.

Now that I'm in the swing of things however I've come to appreciate the brilliance of this game, the 5 Colossi I've faced thus far have all blown me away in their scale and variety and the desolate, remote plains make up for some wonderful breathing space in between battles. Yahtzee's right, I can't wait to see the next colossus, I just hope the game can maintain the momentum for 11 more fights. I also wish I could get this on HD, damn PS3 exclusivity.

He made a mistake in the beginning, he said she was the only character with an X chromosome. Guys have X chromosomes as well, girls just don't have Y chromosomes.

I'm a bit late but I'll be joining the Starcraft free clubhouse.

And the game still holds up even by today's standards, which admittedly have only gotten more dull as time has gone on.

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