Critical Miss: #36

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no third party Star Wars games? so does this mean that Old Republic is canceled and BioWare will quit fucking around with MMOs and get to work on Mass Effect 3?

Hell, I'm 16 and I get the reference! Who do you think you are, some hyped up kid with no taste? go watch the classics, fools!

I feel as though a Battlefront 3 joke would have added to this...

Star wars reference guys?

Come on, i'm 17 and I know that. You should all be ashamed.

I'm 16 and I know to too! ASHAMED YOU ALL MUST BE.

For those who don't know what it's from, it's from Episode 1, after Alderaan is destroyed.

Drink of choice for people with money? Stella Artois?
I'd wager Lagavulin would take that award, or a trappiste if we're sticking to beer. Stella? Really?

You gotta remember those were English and Americans talking about beer. Or trying to in any case :P Their opinions and tastes are waaaaay off from those in Northern Europe. And don't get me started on Southern Europe and their love of tripe like Desperados.

Personally I drink predominantly White or Blonde beers and sometimes go for Irish Red or something extra heavy like Grolsch Kanon (11.5% like drinking wine by the pint). I even do the girlish thing with Rose beer, hhhmmmm, lemonade.

I nearly fell out of my chair when that guy at the top put Stella down as Canadian. Leuven man! Belgian college babes all over the place. I need to go back there some day. They apparently also make beer there... I also need to get back to Stockholm at some other time than friggin' Februari.

Apart from that, yeah, Star Wars references... And to whoever attributed that quote to one of the prequel movies I suggest you watch Empire Strikes Back again. The fear to anger to hate to suffering thing is already there. Lucas was so stumped for ideas he started quoting himself trying to find past glories.

And now LucasArts has been shut down entirely. Welp. I imagine this scene is playing out all over the place now.

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