The Big Picture: Once Upon a Time in The Future

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Well, I got to say I started studying in engineering in the hope of at least contributing to the developement of space exploration. I mean yeah, it seems impractical now, but you could say the same for most big discoveries (like america, nuclear physics, etc...)

We are gonna have problems wether we stay on earth or not (who seriously believes we will make better use of the money we would "save" by not having space program). I mean, would you rather have problems here, or problems WITH SPACE! There isnt much of a difference, except the first reeks of apathy and, at least, with the second, we might see something completely new.
I agree with gonzo, for once damn the consequences and do whats awesome.

Daniel Laeben-Rosen:
Aw :(.
And just as we here in sweden are finally getting our own stuff underway.
I'm honestly sad that this would happen, as to me space has been a constant fascination since childhood. And in my more mature eyes, I find the whole idea of space-exploration to have the potential to continue being the single greatest human endevour in modern history.
Since it's one of few that doesn't just end with us trying to kill each other.

And space is fancy stuff.

Personally, I'll just bug Russia till they let me ride on a Soyuz. Not as classy as the Space Shuttle, but still a sweet ride. Just think of the media circus:"Disappointed American rides Russian Rocket". Perhaps if we can get some good ol' political rivalry going again, it's be enough to get some attention, AND make the folks in congress look stupid(er)!

OP: Stupid, stupid politicians. Do they have ANY idea how much scientific discovery space travel has lead to? Do they have any idea what it still COULD lead to? Why the crap does nobody care about space? We were going to build an awesome replacement, too.
At the VERY least, the demand for good computers means at least electronics will not rot.
Also, as someone who I can't be bothered to quote was saying, a dedicated and active space program will produce more jobs and demand than any stupid war, and is for a better cause.

Now that you have pointed this out, I'm a little frustrated. Although it'd be great if someone actually informed me of this when it happened, oh well...

And if you want to know why some of us aren't all sad and blue about space anymore is because it has become routine. When we were growing up, a lot of our dreams were to flying into space envied by all, looked as some kind of hero. As we grow up we learn that tons of astronauts go into space and it is no big hooplaa to anyone because they aren't the first. I'm sure if they decided to inovate on their ideas of space travel and colonization on the moon and mars, but that simply did not happen. We eventually got bored "Who cares about that NASA all it is, is an elaborate exchange student program." Another thing is the whole Mars thing. We at one point thought great things of this planet, but then, we learn it isn't the most lively planet, just red and dusty... If we really tried I bet it could look vigorously arborous. Sadly no one thought of that, all we thought was "So basically we could get to this planet and all there would be was red rocks, no entertainment, space food, social interaction with the same people everyday, and suction toilets... and that's about it, huh, you know mabey this isn't the greatest Idea..."

In deeper sight you can see a golden future, but sadly no one can get past the bronze covering

Ok, Bob, let me start by saying that for the most part, I enjoy your reviews and rants, and you are perfectly entitled to your own opinion.
But seriously, NASA is closing the space program.
Does that mean that we wont eventually colonize Mars? No, its just that America probably wont be the country to do it. It seems so self centered to me Bob that you just assume that all of humanity's dreams and aspirations for the future surround an American space program. With all the shit you gave Bungee for raising the "perfect race" flag are you honestly going tell us that only the USA has "the best and brightest" of the entire world?
and lastly, if you got bullied in school, suck it up. It happens to just about everyone. Its not an excuse to ignore all the world's other issues. I don't think you are a "villain", but saying that dying people are less important than space travel is just kind of a dick move.

Humanity takes a step back ... come on Humans whered your BALLS go??? (please let the mods understand why I had to say "balls")


Who said private investment was bad? But I don't see any of those private investors going to Mars, hell, they're barely even talking about the moon. They also aren't talking about anything like pure science missions, and certainly not purely exploratory work. How long would it have taken to settle North America without purely exploratory voyages, funded by guess who, the crown. We'll go to space with private money when there is money to be made, but there won't be money to be made until we explore, and actually know how to operate in space.

This only sounds like a chicken egg problem. We know the answer, and we solved it for satellites, and for exploring the planet we live on. Nothing is different about deep space exploration, some things need the government to do them, not because no one else can, or ever will, but because no one else can do it first, with no immediate expectation of financial return.

Right, I agree with ya. The problem is that now isn't really the right time for us to go into space through government means. I was simply commenting on Bob's reaction to private business in SPAAAAAACE! (sorry, I couldn't resist)

I don't think we shouldn't be publicly funding a space program because I want to feed the hungry or any other humanitarian goal, but rather because the US budget is so far from balanced right now that I really feel in favor of cutting anything that isn't doing us actual good. Sure, moon colonies sound awesome, but what good does it really do us?


completely agree bob, there was that idea about a no-return mission that you diddn't mention tho

I personally don't care. I think shutting down the space program was one the better ideas of the Obama administration. We don't have the technology yet to get anywhere interesting in a life time and cities on Mars or the Moon would be wildly impractical. I think we should spend more energy developing the Earth than dicking around in space. I'm not gonna go on some spiel about war and the hungry and sick, because we'll always have those things no matter how far we advance. All I'm saying is unless we develop Faster Than Light Travel we should leave our Sci Fi nerd fantasies by the wayside. This Earth is all we have for now and if we waste our precious energy up in the big nothing, our problems down here will bite us in the ass. I'm sure anyone can agree it's just idiotic to look up when there is a fire at your feet.

I really care about space exploration. In fact, if NASA ever looked for astronauts in my neighborhood (not likely) I would be first in line.
I only wish I were a robot, they ARE still sending those up. I just hope the future astromauts aren't picked by Simon Cowl.


Wow, that video reflected my sentiments almost exactly.

I would so rather have cities on Mars before World Peace. Why? Because the only way for humanity to have peace with each other is if we expand and grow. People will always fight over scarce resources.

yeah because people will just play nice when they have more space to fuck up. Just because we have another planet to mess around in doesn't mean religious racial or economical issues will suddenly go away. If anything it will cause more tension as people fight over Much more limited resources, cost of development, and anti-martian/earthling sentiment. It would also be only a matter of time before some colonies decide to go full on Zeon on our asses and revolt.

Yes, people do play nice when they have more space, and I didn't say that Space Habitation would immediately bring World Peace. I said it would come first: I would hope that Humanity would stop warring with each other if they finally realize how small they are compared to the rest of the universe. At the very least, I expect less fighting when their is more room for cultures to grow.

Even the most aggressive expansionists still have to touch borders with neighbors. That takes time.

EDIT: Ok, I'll give you the "Red Faction" scanario, but that only happens when governments do not maintain strong influences on their colonies. Really, that can happen any place.


well... this is kind of a let down...

i was expecting more interesting points of view from him than what he has shown, i mean i agree with a lot of stuff he does and says, but this piece in particular seems... i dont know, redundant?? "i´m mad because i´m mad"??

he just said he wants people to focus in what he believes is "important" but doesnt give a single good reason as to "why" he just continues to "bitch" about how people care about stuff that he doesnt care and then calls himself all important because he takes a flimsy stand for something that in the end was never that importan to begin with!

and then goes and says "humanity" or "society" (dont remember the exact word) as a whole is "bad" because he was "bullied" by it!?!?

i just stopped caring after the fact that he blames HIS problems in other people, emo much??

whatever, i still respect his oppinion when he actually makes sense, it just didnt felt like he put a lot of thought into this.

don't worry bob you aren't are just stupid in that matter

so you'd rather like to have colonies on other planets than cleaning up this mess we call humanity? way to go now we can fuck up other planets like this one(not talking about environmental)

first we have to sort out our lives on earth - erasing religion, proper birth control...well the usual stuff - until we reached a nice and comfy utopia/dystopia
and i'm no dreamer, i know we'd need a genie for that

and THEN the space travel stuff will happen naturally
though it still would be nothing more than a fancy way to spend one's vacation

The constellation program was a waste of money. It was way overbudget and still not remotely close to reaching its goals.

And what kind of idiot would want to go to Mars? It's absurdly dangerous, even more absurdly expensive, and there's not actually any reason to go there except so that you can say that you did it.

Placing men on the moon was a monumental achievement, proof that it was actually possible to do these things (and there was that whole space race-thing). Mars isn't anything like that. We could probably go to Mars, if we wanted to. There's just no reason to. It's expensive enough to send tiny little unmanned probes.

Did I mention how absurdly dangerous and expensive it'd be? I don't even think they know how they'd be able to get people there alive, what with the massive amounts of radiation they'd be exposed to on the way there.

In the future on Dark Passage by final magnum opus novel. Space and the universe is a painting, a lie spread across our solar system to make us happy and keep us dreaming and thinking. Oh we are part of a massive system of universes strung together in a netherous astral plane where cosmic horrors lurk waiting for the chance for a universe in this murk to give itself away so they can pounce and devour it.

But that backdrop had a purpose, to help us dream and imagine and place ourself in something greater. The revelation of our insignificance makes us work that much harder to make ourselves better.

I... Didn;t know that happened. I never really cared for the space program but I thought it was interesting in many ways. When I was younger I wanted to work for Nasa.I might miss it.

if we abandon the space program we deserve our fate it is my believe that if it wasnt for the space program our country wouldnt be hear today and with out it we sure as hell wont be hear tomorrow and i wont be one bit sad to see us go

Honestly, I'm glad NASA is getting the boot. Its bureaucracy has become so large and redundant that it takes a mountain of paperwork just to get stuff into space, and NASA's activity has slowed down so much that bureaucrats have to make up bs rules in order to justify their jobs. If private firms step in to fill the void (assuming they actually want to do things in space), they would probably find much cheaper and faster ways of getting into space

Honestly, people who think that space travel is a waste of time are idiots. NASA is directly and indirectly responsible for a ton of advances in technology that actually DO help the world at large.

If the US wants to help people, then they should cut down on their fucking retarded military budget.

If the US wants to help people, then they should cut down on their fucking retarded military budget.

Amen to that!

In my opinion the age of space exploration is over. The new science frontier, in my heavily biochemistry studying view, is the human genome and genetic technology. Look at a DNA molecule, that's the future.

Interesting you bring that up, as it turns out biochemistry and genetic engineering may actually play a role in future space exploration. Perhaps both fields have a brave new frontier ahead of them.

Superior Mind:
I definitely find myself frustrated sometimes with the stagnation of human accomplishment.

Wow, this statement is so daft it was hard not to reply with an insult. Average human lifespan in the west has gone from around 40 to nearly 80 in less than 100 years. We are advancing at a rate far beyond anything ever known to exist, and it is vastly accelerating. The most defining trait of our culture today is that it CHANGES FASTER THAN ANY OTHER TIME IN HISTORY.

For you to make a statement like that I can only assume that you know literally nothing about history, much like how I must assume that your forum name is supposed to be ironic.

Nobody seems to care.

That's because more people are worried about their job or people with college education that can't get a job in their field and are looking at under-employment than those who want to see the moon and mars colonized.

I love the space program, but it's one of the more expensive areas that aren't essential to the current economic shithole. THey'll still be researching and experimenting and all that stuff, but not building shuttles and building moon bases, which for the time being I agree with.

We have republicans thinking cutting taxes will reduce debt and are more willing to cut medicare and social security than allow the people who can afford it most get a 3-4% increase. So until they're willing to have reasonable tax increases, we're going to have to cut expensive programs so we can keep the essential ones. It sucks, but there it is.

What happened is people realized space is an airless wasteland, and we couldn't colonize it within a human lifetime. And do you really want to see the next messed up generation getting what the clearly superior Animaniacs generation, and even your semi-tolerable He-Man (Yes, I'm naming generations by the cartoons which embody the mass media) didn't? No. Screw those jerks!

Fuck. I wrote an essay my senior year of high school to save the space program. I just the angle that it would produce all of this high and wonderful tech to we can put to good use. I guess none of the fuckwads in congress gave it a looksee.

I remember being outraged when they were talking about some of this on the Colbert Report. Now I couldn't care less. I miss past me. :(

actually, what happened to the space program is that the USA lack a competitor. The WW2 and the cold war with the USSR, as bad wars are, did give a big kick in the ass to the humanity. By fearing that the communist would populate the moon first, the USA push themselve over their limit and created the apollo program. Now that the focus is only on war against terrorist, that push is no longer there. I bet that if al-kaida was an actual country and that they were trying to go on mars first, chance are that the space program would be still nicely funded.

Good point.
Also progress in the long run will do a better job to help the poor and needy. We didn't just jump straight from making fire to building hospitals. Hospitals in a country that is rich enough to fix you first and ask questions later.

i agree with almost everything bob said in this clip and sorry if that makes me a heartless bastard but children starving e.t.c is mostly due to the earth being over populated... hmmm how could we get rid of a bunch of people with out mass murder, i wonder.

We need an Astronaut Farmer to smack people awake.

A nice good kick in the head.

The internet seems to hate all scripture.
But this is one of the rare instance where i think it's appropriate
Matthew 26: 1 "The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me."

Translation: There's always going to be some poor shmuck around.
And if even Jesus can say screw it, live a little. Why not you?

Like wise with a space program and social programs.
Thats not to say completely ignore social programs, but you definitely don't have to devote all your effort to them.

Bob, I have to say I'm right there with you, often times I disagree with your reviews and some of the political dialogue that has accompanied it but this instance I am with you 100%. I was heart broken when they said Constellation got the ax and nothing was going to replace it. I get really mad when people look up and say "Space.... eh?" and all they see is dollar signs, no matter the fact that NASA gets a pitiful portion of the national budget, less than 1% I think, if I had my way we would be spending 5-10% just on NASA and a whole heap more on pure R&D. What this country needs is more progress (and not the change and progress the politicians shout at the top of their lungs), Technological Progress, the progress where we can say, we did it, we got there, we planted the flag, we cured cancer, we got cold fusion, we built a building as tall as Rhode Island is wide, we went the distance, we didn't give up, we made the impossible possible. I want humanity to finally get off this greasily little blue and green mud ball and get out there into the universe and start to really establish our legacy.

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Thinking of the moon as an American colony give me shivers, so I'm quite relieved.

In all fairness, We have much better ways to spend our money. Like you admitted.

But then again, its kind of the "Well... you did all you could but its still not enough" sort of situation. A lot like the opposition to Obama, for example.

Problems on Earth blow. Yet, we still have the obligation as decent human beings.

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