Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Best Popular Songs

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WHAT!??, No Paint it Black from Twisted Metal Black!??, man I loved that game simply for that song, I even hitted the credits as many times as I could to just listen to that track, it fitted perfectly with it's twisted and macabre story and characters.

Other than that, great list, I'm loving these Top 5's so far.

Wasn't that in the original too? I seem to remember it being the first time I ever heard the Stones when I was a kid.

If you like the music from stubbs the zombie, I think you would like the radio music in fallout 3 and new vegas and possibly 1, 2, BoS as well but I haven't played those games.


Daystar Clarion:


Title says "Best Popular Songs".
Still Alive is more popular than songs listed in this video.

And if you watched the video, you'd realise she was talking about licensed songs, because, you know, she says licensed songs.

Or does she? Pics or it didn't happen. (get it?:D)

Okay, you've proven your point. I still think that Still Alive is so awesome it breaks any limits lesser ones create. Still Alive deserves some time on air in every video with word "song" or "music" in its name.

Sure it's a great song, but everyone got over it a while ago.

Apparently some people aren't...


I'd slide all of these nomination one slot and replace no.1 with Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines.

-Youtube snip-

You're on to something there. I wouldn't say that all of the songs featured in Bloodlines are "top 5" material, but the game had some pretty awesome songs(I'm looking at you "A smaller god" by Darling Violetta). But what bugs me is that my favorite song from that game hasn't been posted yet(I think). I'll just go ahead and remedy that.


I agree and many apologies for the omission.

Another great Top 5, well done Lisa :) I especially liked the subtle reference to all the haters at the start haha

Your vids are getting better. Keep it up and some people might actually start showing you some respect and not 4chans favourite 3 (or 6) word phrase.

meh.. no max payne 2 ft Poets of the fall - late goodbye.
however, me like many others agree on the /first.

edit: small typing error.

Definitely agree with #3 and #4.

I know that its not licensed but this will always be my favorite video game music:

Those guys are mean. The first guy for telling filthy filthy lies and the second for hording his delicious ice cream.

If this wasn't licenced music It'd have to be "Still alive" or of course anything from the Neverhood.

as far as Licencing goes where was Theory of a Deadman from Farenheit

PEOPLE! Something's missing here! BF BC2: VIETNAM! Its so epic that the music actually plays from the speakers in the actual game.

Completely agree with everything on the list, FUCK YEAH ALAN WAKE licensed music!

I love whenever Black Sabbath came on Brutal Legend, but I got introduced to a whole lot of awesome metal music that made me appreciate how riff and hook-heavy this sub-genre of rock can be.

If she has a boyfriend, hes super lucky :P
she even looks good while she's crying ^^

Onyx Oblivion:
Time to go and play Borderlands again.

Umm? No Crazy Taxi?

Exactly what I was thinking. There is nothing more ingrained in my mind than "Time to make some craaaaaaaazy money!" "YA YA YA YA YA"

Crazy Taxi should be first on the list. It is on mine.

LOL, I can't believe I wrote "Change the Elephant"

Hit #1 dead on, but I would have rather said Poets of the Fall's War for the Alan Wake song. Hell, even the song Children of the Elder God's was awesome (if you've played the game, it's impossible to forget battling waves of Taken on a full stage blasting METAL!)

I am kind of disappointed that "Baba Yetu" by Christopher Tin didn't make the list. And since it was mentioned by someone already, I'll add a youtube video of it.

Gran Turismo 2 & Cardigans...Nostalgia overload...

Yeah, that song sets the mood for the rest of Borderlands so well that I initially thought it was made for it.

same here XD, also agree with it much as being the nr 1. :)
the rest.. i couldent give a rats ass about though XD or never heared about XD

i sure hope ur t-shirt was a throw to the awesome music used to introduce the player to mexico! that for me should of been number 1. epic.

I'm glad I'm not the first person to mention this, but there were definitely a few moments in RDR where licensed music was used to set a tone perfectly. I was thoroughly impressed.

I always enjoyed surfin bird on Battlefield vietnam

Why is Buzz Lightyear in a box :( He should be free!

On a more musical note...

That one has popped to my mind.

NFS:HP2 sound track was awesome :D

Oh my God everytime I opened the game I watched the intro and got shivers on my spine. Then I was just yelling at all the menu buttons because I just wanted to race! Adrenaline..does that..awesome

That scene in the beginning was awesome. The list was excellent too, a lot of great games and songs. Great work Lisa.

I Think these videos are getting better. The first three were terrible. The last one and this one seems much better.

To say we now 'Enjoy licenced music in video games' might be going a bit too far. Pop songs from the top 25 list and b-list artists are not as enjoyable to be as well thouhgt out original scores. Original scores also have teh ability to really push the game as they are made to fit into the game, levels, atmoshphere and what not. But I degress. It was nice seeing some variety on this list thats for sure.

Know what might be cool, is to actually have voting for what is actually the Top five in whatever given subject will be in the video. To word it differently, when planning these video, it would be cool to post that subject and let people vote for what will make it on the list. It would be a fun and interesting thing for pub club members to do and the list would actually feel like it's based on something other than whatever comes to mind.

Lisa Foiles:
Top 5 Best Popular Songs

Recognize those songs in Call of Duty? Borderlands? Gran Turismo? Enjoy the sweet sounds of the Top 5 best uses of licensed music in games.

Watch Video

Oh hey it's me, you know, one of your asshole critics who got suspended.

You need to know one thing.. I really enjoyed this episode :) Welcome to the escapist :D

Sympathy For The Devil during Black Ops was one of my favourite gaming moments of 2010. Not only is Sympathy For The Devil my joint favourite song of all time, (alongside God Called In Sick Today by AFI) so that in itself made me scream with awesome excitement (literally), but it really did set an incredible tone for that mission. It seemed to make the gunning down of hundreds of enemies feel so disgustingly so real, making me feel genuinely guilty about it. Whether that was thanks to the peaceful tone of the song creating a massive juxtaposition with the violence of the action or the hauntingly relevance of the lyrics, it was an incredible moment in gaming and it really took my breath away

100% with you girl, borderlands wouldn't be the same without cage the elephant.

OT: You bastards! You made her cry, I KILL YOU!!!

her voice really annoys me, i cannot watch her videos, i can only imagine that tbh shes getting views based on her looks but she aint even that hot, oh sure she would be but she wears so much make up i just can find her appealing in anyway

The Utada Hikaru songs for Kingdom Hearts are liscened but they're liscened through Square Enix so no they don't count...

I think the next top five should be creepiest game songs...there are enough games with horrifying the orchestral theme from ObScure...choir boys singing while you're getting mauled by giant mutant creatures...uber creepy.

While I do agree that blops used that music in a good spot in the game I think that BC2:Vietnam uses licensed music better. What's more awesome than listenening to the same song (among others) while flying in a Huey and blow people up? Definitly beats doing it on a boat for a finite time.

Also yes, borderlands pulled their intro off real good.

And is it just me or do you look a little bit pale in those strong lights, Lisa?

Prety much liked and loved all those songs :) Though!

i sure hope ur t-shirt was a throw to the awesome music used to introduce the player to mexico! that for me should of been number 1. epic.

Yeah that was awesome! However I think it was outdone in undead nightmare before the last mission

Just got to say one thing....

Freebird from GTA San Andreas


Loved the intro and outro.
They made up for the bit of my soul dying when the Rolling Stone's song was mentioned.
For some reason, I've just never liked it, and when it came on in Black Ops, I kept the trigger down so I could drown it out with gunfire.
I do agree with number one, though. I had that song on repeat for weeks after I got Borderlands.

Lol... love the All That cup... also made me want to play Stubbs The Zombie again...

I also like how you had to tell people not to take the show seriously...
It was just stupid how so many people raged last episode...<.<

Definitely the best top 5 so far. I gotta say, I was a bit disappointed with the top 5 spiders - seemed a bit gimmicky. So far though, this feature has been funny and entertaining. This one is very good because it takes into account how well the game uses a feature. I'd like to see more of this kind of thing - best of a game using a feature or something that.

And include more of those guys - they act as a great foil to Lisa Foile's bubbly personality.

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