Conduit 2 Review

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Steve Butts:

If you're looking for a shooter on the Wii, this is a shooter on the Wii.

Why would you... I...
I don't think this is what the Wii was designed to do...


What was up with that weird corrupted thing at the end?

The game glitched out like that during our capture, and it was just too coincidentally and funny that the main character complains about something being broken.

Conclusive proof. This game is satire.

any one else notice that this game has just copied certain aspects of the Stargate tv series

So whenever someone says game controller > motion controls, I just can't help but think this is a review intended for console junkies and not applicable to the rest of us.

How many of you were there writing that message? :)

People need to stop trying to compare this with shooters on the xbox and ps3. This game is trying to be a B movie scifi film with AAA production values. Its great and the only thing I could ask for is and arcade mode like onslaught

not the best video to show it but the combos can get really high

Want a shooter exclusively for the Wii? Look at Metroid Prime III. There, a lot better.

OT, is this actually better than The Conduit (1)? Cause that one was an immediate, "Crud, I can't believe I bought this." See the ZP for that one, it's 95% accurate.

At least they don't have that stupid sphere in 2? Either that or it wasn't shown.

That last bit with the glitch in the vid was a nice touch.
The graphics in this don't look so bad, but I am not one that insists on top-of-the-line in everything I play. Being a PC gamer I don't translate so well to console for FPS's, but the thoughts of the Wiimote makes me think that maybe this presents a device of translation. I may try this game if I ever get a Wii.

Not too sure, though.

Now if only yathzee would review it.

I was just thinking the same thing...

Androoooooooooooooooooooomeda.... :D *Fap**Fap*Fap**Fap*

She's the only reason I'd buy this.

i gotta say, seeing as they got Duke Nukem to voice the main character i'd say its trying to be camp, i cant take anything that guy says seriously, in a good way

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