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Yay! I love new shows and this one looks promising.
I can't wait until next week or when ever the 2nd episode airs.

The patch bit was pretty funny, and to be honest, this was a lot better than what I thought it would be. Since the FPS master's costume will be explained, I will not comment on it, but so far I think it's pretty good.

I am intrigued.

Nice idea, average acting.
I like the Retro Master actor. He did it acceptably.
I used to find these things okay and normal, but then I saw something like Smosh, and I demand BETTER QUALITY.
But well done!

Cautiously optimistic. We shall see how this goes.

*blink* *blink*

Er... Not that I'm sorry to see this or anything (it was one of the entries I rather liked in the Escapist Film Festival) but the rate at which new series are coming and going lately is a little disturbing.

O gratz for getting picked up by the escaptist! man those short film contests are great, even if you don't win there is still the chance you'll get picked up in the end as the winners fall through with their contractual obligations :D

looking forward to seeing a new episode

That wasn't too bad. Not totally impressed, but it's a step up from Jim. The Platformer "patching" the wall hack made me giggle. The RPG master bit was pretty good too, for the most part. A bit of the comedy fell short for me, and came across as very awkward and not well written or delivered, but that's just my personal taste coming into play. I'd like to see how you guys improve as you move forward. I'm intrigued, but not yet impressed.

Nice to see you guys have a show on here now. I have watched you guys since you made a post on the Pure Pwnage forums and tried to make a spin off. I would like to say that your new series has a lot more potential and i hope you get a good long running series.

This looks pretty good, will eagerly await new episodes!

Awesome new series! Looking forward for the next episodes. Tuesday is it?... *writes mental note*

Oh, you did some editing :D

(I've already watched the later episodes. Aren't I special?)


I'll just watch it for the girl in the shorts.

Haha, I've already seen this at ScrewAttack =P Still, it's a fun video series and I enjoy it! Glad to see it getting some more publicity.

I like. The perfromance of the man who opened the door (with the crasy eyes) sold me, and the "king". i will be watching future episodes, with interest.

I am looking forward to see more. It looks much better than "Show About Games Show." Will be interesting to see it all fleshed out.

I love the retro guy. His crazy eyes and intense over acting reminded me of a buddy from high school. Funny as hell.

"Rough neighborhood," huh?

It'd be funnier if you had like 3 more locks at the 4:10 mark. :s

Thumbs up - take them on.

I think this show's got potential. I'd like to see the next episode for sure.

This has the potential for amazing. Right now it's only really good.

That was surprisingly hilarious! I can already tell that the RPG Master is gonna be one of my favorite characters! I'm excited for more!

Looks awesome. Retro guy had some pretty funny lines and expressions.

Gotta learn to punch before you HADOUKEN

That's a T-shirt right there.

I know I'd buy one.

Good premise I think, but execution has a long way to go.
Why is most video game comedy really damn awkward?

The little "patched" part was pretty funny.

On the plus side, that trailer for The First Templar felt so low-budget that this looked better by comparison.

Eh, I'll watch next week's and see if it's any better. It has potential, but this episode wasn't funny or entertaining at all, in my opinion.

In the future, be sure to put more jokes in there. The plot isn't interesting enough to survive on its own for longer than 20-30 seconds.

Dubious acting but amusing premise.

I don't know......I din't laugh one time. Maybe I'm degeeking and I just don't get it anymore? I'm just really sad we lost Lisa Foiles and got....this. Comedy doesn't seem on par and this has a whole team behind it.

I'm not convinced I'll follow this.

I look forward to watching and enjoying further episodes.

Thanks for the feedback guys, keep it coming. The plot hasn't even kicked off yet, so no worries. There is a lot of writing behind the actual episodes. This is just the 5-minute pilot we managed to throw together for the film festival.

Caramel Frappe:

..Whow. First time I ever heard the producer actually 'offering' to improve the series due to reading comments

We have always been open with our viewers. The viewers are the reason that shows exist in the first place and we make a point to emphasize the importance of your feedback to our project. There doesn't have to be a huge divide between content creators and the viewers.

I think this was great, especially the retro and rpg guys, I'm looking forward to see more of this.

I like it

I don't have the first idea what to think of this, but I'll keep watching.

Is that... Burger King?

This looks amusing; The production could be improved and the line reads could be better but I'll keep watching to see how it goes.

Just when I thought Escapist couldn't get more addicting...

Damn it you people, quit making my day less productive!

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