Zero Punctuation: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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I don't know, I liked the ending somewhat, although I appreciate Yahtzee's stance on it, as it would be cooler if we saw bits of how the world continued. But to me, the four different endings felt necessary, as the game makes a point to not take sides, and encourages the player to think. After seeing what happened in this world, and what could happen, it's a good way of the player knowing what they took away from the experience. As far as moral choices go in games, one of the best, if lacking evidence of significant impact.

I found Dues Ex HR incredibly mediocre and punishing you for whatever way I chose to play it. This game seems to reward the more stealthy except when it comes to the bosses where its more rewarding to have played it Gears of War style and when I chose to run and gun I felt like I was missing half the game. Upgrades are useless, most are just there to make small shortcuts appear in the game, while the rest do nothing really that helpful or needed. Invisibility? Not needed, guards are thick and easy to get away from. Typhoon? Not needed, only helpful if the surrounded your ass and if they did odds are you'll die before you even use it. There was even one for accuracy which you will never need because I was able to shoot people from across the room with my pistol. Would someone please also explain to me the mighty logic of how slitting a guys throat is somehow louder than breaking his arm, letting him scream, then punching him in the face? Story wise I never quite understood wtf I or the enemies I was killing were after. From what I could get they want me dead because I got to their hacker, and I want them dead for..I guess the love interest. I never get that feeling though he just seems to kill them because they try to kill him, in fact if they just gave him her he would probably let them on their way. Perhaps to appreciate this game you have to play Dues Ex, but overall its either and easy shooter or an easy stealth game never any middle ground to me.

so, is the game worth a retail price or a second hand purchase?

I picked this up for 5 quid at HMV, despite all that Yahtzee said about it. Honestly, I was surprised. If I played a bit of it before day of release, I wouldn't of paid full price for it, but I would certainly of got it for 30 quid.

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