Zero Punctuation: Hard Reset

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Not all that funny, a bit hypocritical, and more a bit on the listless side...

Yahtzee what happened to truly screwed up jokes? Like fucking a burning dolphin? Seriously man you'll lose your popularity unless you step it up.

I roflcoptered. And I don't even know what that means.

His best in a while, I say.

Jolly well done.

I can't believe I'm the first one to say this, but I loved the Braindead reference.
New Zealand independent horror/splatter :D

I can't believe I'm the first one to say this, but I loved the Braindead reference.
New Zealand independent horror/splatter :D

lol, this movie is so sick funny. some parts even i found disgusting but still had to laugh. when i saw that part in painkiller, i had a strong feeling they copied it from this movie.

Yeah, I was a big fan of Hard Reset but I wonder how excited I would've been if the modern shooter market hadn't starved me so much that any game without an iron sight and chest-high wall love affair would've have looked like a bacon-flavored second coming. I still think it's one of the best shooters out right now, and it's great explosive fun, but in retrospect I overlooked a lot of design flaws. The modern shooter industry is starting to give me the equivalent of beer goggles...Even Bodycount looked okay for a second there *shudders*


what a story

Erm not sure what it was though something about artificial intelligence, inner and outer core, dystopian, nasty doctors that try to control you... yeah stuff like that.

Oh and a "we ran out of money" end indeed. Seriously at the end you finally FINALLY get something done. What is well unsure but it is something big and it ends.

This game offends me mostly on Story really. I like story in games, I find that the trailer of the new Final Fantasy [XIII-2] is like throwing four stories in a kitchenpuree processor and it makes no sense what comes out of it. Now this shooter pretends to have a half interesting story so I awaited till the end for what..

Well nothing.

I'm glad he's getting Hard Reset some publicity. I tried the demo and it was fun.

plot: You're a cop who investigates a robot attack which is part of a plan to destroy the industrial slave complex and free humanity.

I think. IDK really there were so many holes and twists that the story really needed 6 more hours of game to explain; it felt half done. it was great and a nice throwback to horde shooters a kin to painkiller.

Wow this one got me nicely drunk keep em coming Yahtzeeeeee!!!

I like crabs...
That's where this review was going, right? Or did I misunderstand?

I'd like to see Yahtzee review Dark Souls Just for a change of pace.

Looks like a good deal. I might pick it up when I get a new PC.

yeah, but Yahtzee couldn't answer a multiple choice question in 25 words or less.

This is a fair review I reckon. It certainly doesn't match Painkiller, but I would rather play this than GoW3. Loved the shotgun that "Had tits and was on fire".

I'm not what I would call a fanboy of 40k. I've never played the table top game before, but I liked Space Marine. For those listing the things it has that Yahtzee supposedly likes in games, you forgot jetpacks.

Use the word NANOMACHINES like Hideo Kojima's Dictaphone broke!


Best sentence ever!

thank you for the Asimov shout out Yahtzee!

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