LoadingReadyRun: Scout's Dishonor

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Don Reba:

I just noticed something rather disturbing... Matt's character has a fire badge on his sash. They let that kid touch fire!?

He seems the type to have much experience making fires.

In my scout troop we had an "incident".

The scout was alone in camp and board (no excuse, everyone else was off having fun at the variety of different activities) so he took an empty tin can and camp stove fuel and put them in the fire. The fuel in the can started too boil and POOF a 20 foot high fire ball that was seen above the tree line. As a punishment he was not allowed too be in camp unsupervised and had too write a 500 word essay on the dangers of fire.

As an ex-scout I can guarantee that not only was this hilarious but also 100% true. No seriously, psychopath with knife, check, kid who's not trusted with anything, check, kid who questions everything and you can't be sure whether is being sarcastic, check (wait i think that may have been me) and cartography being rendered pointless by technology, seen it all.

Oh and peeling potatoes that happened.

Ya, I was the "sarcastic" one as well. But after a while they were horrified too learn that I was not being sarcastic, those were serious questions.


Wow, nice forced-perspective on the shots. You put a lot of thought into the cinematography. The writing was awesome, too. Great job, guys.


The other trick was getting much longer shorts for the scouts. Their shorts all covered the knee, making them look shorter, while my shorts were niiiiiice and high 0_0

I also thought the forced-perspective was nice.

I am hopeful you will do more "scouting" shows in the future. Sooo much material too work with. Or a Calvin and Hobbs parody, either way a win for society.

Stellar writing from Kathleen and Matt killed it... amazingly cherubic without glasses. The annoying hyper active kid was priceless!

Trisha Lynn:

My father hates LRR, whenever I listen to podcasts he gets pissy. When I watch Desert Bus he yells at me to turn it off.

I put on this video and he laughed. I think that means you guys win.

Wait, I don't understand this. Why doesn't he like LRR or get pissy when you listen to the podcasts? Do you have headphones?

I can understand if he doesn't get the humor most of the time, but if it's a noise problem, if you watch with headphones on, he can't argue that you're being noisy.

If I have headphones on, I can't hear him when he tries to talk about random things and he gets annoyed that I don't listen. It's a vicious cycle really. :P

If it had been raining, then this would have been my scout troop.

God Matts character was priceless, I praise Kathleen in all shapes and forms for this one.
"I have a knife"
"...Thank you Durkens"

When I saw that title, I thought it would be about the TF2 scout, the recent issues with the Boy Scouts barring gay people from joining, or a strange combination of both.

I'm not sure if anyone else in this thread commented on how Graham's character pulled out his iPhone at the end to check the time, but that was an excellent punchline.

Was I the only who, apart from how 'respectful' he was acting, got Calvin & Hobbes flashbacks from Matt's character?


It's nice to know that I am not the only one who thought of that!

Hah. Whew. I thought it was gonna be a 'creepy pedophile scout' sketch. This was much more wholesome~

Don't know why I expected that from LoadingReadyRun, though. It wouldn't be like them to do something like that. Guess I just haven't seen them in a while.

As a boy scout their are actually two good reasons to not have a cell phone other than it's dead battery. The first is lots of places in north america still don't have good cell phone reception, this is particularly the case if you have an iphone with AT&T. In fact, the next town over from me has almost non-existant cell reception because the property values are so high they didn't want to ruin it by building any cell towers.

Secondly: cell phones don't like water. Fall in a lake or pond, or get caught in a rain storm and you might have a very unhappy cell phone.

Oh and no matter what people say to you the #1 reason everyone joins boyscouts is to play with knives and fire, every time.

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