Peter Molyneux Is Terrified

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Peter M sadly does not live in a world where the tech meets what he wants to do.
If he did, then he would make some pretty great games.

He sadly keeps going beyond what tech allows for and just keeps failing because of that.
Hopefully it works out for him.

He is also really bad at getting his ideas across so there is that too.

He's a dreamer let him dream and maybe one day they'll come true. Ain't we all escapists here?

Well, this made me want to support it even more. I love Molyneux as a game designer, I even liked the Fable series, which people consider to be his low point. He's probably one of the most creative game designers out there, so I would love to see him succeed and stay around as a key player in the industry.

Oh, I cnat stay mad at him, he might not make the best games but at least he TRIES to innovate, that is more impressive than when a completely indie developer does it because Peter Molyneux got something to loose, and have done so plenty of times. I am not sure how many failures notch can take before he just begins to remake minecraft.

I can't hate Molyneux, I just can't. He's so goddamn passionate about what he does, he actively wants to give you the best damn game he can make, and I'll be damned if he doesn't try. Seriously, people may complain about him hyping his games and promising us the world, but it's because, goddamn, he really wants to give you the world, not because he's just generating PR.

I want him to succeed too. I like the idea that innovation still exists in gaming and Molyneux always seemed to have huge ideas that never really became a reality. Hopefully this'll change without constraints from big corporations.

Good, he's made a few stinkers lately but from the sounds of it publishers could have had a hand in that. Either way I'm glad he's putting his heart into it, Fable:TLC is one of my favorite games, and although it's sequels pretty much ruined the whole series for me, I have faith he could make something good again.

Also i'm still finding it weird that some people consider the first fable bad or a failure.

Didnt he have full control over Fable? Wasnt it him saying how he wanted to make all those to dumb it down and create the pointless dog? Fable could have been awesome if he didnt mess it up. To be honest i love his early games and i just wonder if he isnt capable of making a great game based on modern tech. With his older games he was limited by graphics, memory etc and thus concentrated on the actual game. Now you can do almost anything with current tech and he just adds stuff to games for the sake of it, like everything in Fable 3.

I wish him luck though.

Molyneux is a manic Tom Cruise, jumping up and down on Oprah's couch. In some ways he is a great guy, but always slightly delusional. I hope one of his more recent ideas pans out some time.

Molyneux is a manic Tom Cruise, jumping up and down on Oprah's couch. In some ways he is a great guy, but always slightly delusional. I hope one of his more recent ideas pans out some time.

I don't equate dreaming to mental illness ;)...

the guy made fable and black n white... nuff said

"It is a quite ambitious thing to do." It is. And I want him to succeed.

Mainstream gaming lacks Ambition. Creative ambition, that is.

It seems most times the only ambition is to rehash something and see if it can hit a deeper pocket of the market.
(and due to consolidation, that's a big part of why CoD4.x continues to do so, despite the console market stagnating something fierce, and shrinking elsewhere)

As much as I mock Molyneux's recent works, it is admirable to see such ambition in an era of endless rehashes sequels, and stagnation.

Oh my god this drama queen is at it again. Shut up Peter!

"At this rate, his little routine is insulting. He's starting to dump on Curiosity to hype the next project, just like he pathologically did with the Fable series. He's either a liar, or has the mind of a child, and in either case he needs to not be dealing with the public.

And FUCK the press that act as enablers. Those who try and justify bullshit by calling it "passion" or act like they believe him when he says things like, "Fable the Journey is not on rails." People who keep telling their audience that, this time, Peter really reeeeeally means it -- you're letting him keep doing the same old shit, and neither him, nor his fans, deserve such harmful toadying." Jim Sterling

Forgive the cut-and paste, but jim took the words out of my mouth a couple of weeks back. Peter needs to cork it already.

Jokes aside, I hope the kickstarter succeeds, he's said this will be his last game, we'll see.

Kojima said the same thing about Metal Gear Solid 2. These guys are worse about retiring than rock bands and their multiple "Final Tour" concerts.

Aye, that there is pretty much what I've been saying since Fable 2 came out, then when 3 was subsequently announced. I'm sick of this constant "Hype X, Release X, piss all over X and Hype Y" scenario Molyneux played out each and every time with Fable. The first game was good, overhyped and a tad simple, but still good.
Had he simply sat down, examined it closely, and focused on fortifying the titles strengths Fable 2 would of been much better than it was. Instead he further simplified an already simple combat system, nullified the value of healing in any form and thus dieing as well, and drew lines where none were needed. Then he repeated the same with Fable 3.

Though, I can't remember him ever saying Godus would be his last game. He said the major title that 22Cans was building up to would be their last title, as in 22Cans was formed explicitly to develop 1 and only 1 game with Curiosity being part of the experiments leading up towards it, but Godus isn't that title.

And I'll say this much. Godus will fail its kickstarter. If not because of the age of the games he's basing it off of, but because of his name itself. His name acts in a way opposite of weight in the figurative sense. Whereas hearing a name like "Gary Gygax" attached to something might hype you up, hearing "Molyneux" drags you down and sours interests for people. Because of that, Godus is already being turned down by people familiar with his recent works, I'm willing to bet.

I feel like Peter Molyneux is the Nikola Tesla of gaming...anyone with me on this?


People in this topic have already mentioned it, but if Molyneux wants to succeed in his projects, he needs someone to ground him in reality and help him sort out his ideas. In a way, he kinda reminds me of Jack Black: extremely enthusiastic about his work, but goes a little over-the-top and ruins the project he wanted to make so great. The reason Brutal Legend, the fantastic game between him and Tim Schafer, was so great was because Schafer kept Black on a tight leash so he couldn't inject "too" much passion into the work.

And I feel that's the problem with Molyneux. If he got a decent planner and had someone to question all of his brilliant ideas, then we might have one of the best games of the decade here. As much as people hate on him, I want Molyneux to succeed, and I want him to stay in the industry and influence us. The alternative is more CoD and Halo, and as much of a Halo fanboy that I am, that terrifies me.

Modern video gaming has ruined Peter Molyneux. Back in the 90's where tiny pixels represented the limits of a man's imagination, he was a god-king. But today every concept and character design requires so much time, artistry, and man hours that he is totally lost in a world without the flexibility his creative process required. He is still operating in a time when thirty-six pixels could be a starship or theme park ride, and any design change could knocked out in an hour. Aesthetics of modern gaming has moved on, and with it you have to committed to an idea once it's rendered. That's why he keeps promising us the moon and failing to deliver.

I have to say, after meeting P.M in person and speaking to him briefly about the world of gaming industry as someone who is trying to leap in to the train.

I wish all best to him, he is a really nice man - really. People miht think otherwise, but he is a really nice person.

Kojima said the same thing about Metal Gear Solid 2. These guys are worse about retiring than rock bands and their multiple "Final Tour" concerts.

to be fair, Kojima actually received death threats (from his own team) to keep making MGS
and it's not like he hasn't tried to quit, I'm one of those that believes that he sabotaged MGS4 so that the series would end

I think he is in a difficult situation
Konami is not going to stop putting out Metal Gear games (one of their biggest, and perhaps most lucrative, franchises), and Kojima wants to move on to other things, but he doesn't want to hand his creation to someone else

well, that's what I think

I dont blame the man for being terrified. I loved Fable 2, and 3 was very average, but curiosity what's inside the cube...... I wouldn't even spit on it.

I don't even give a shit what's inside the bloody cube! Seems like a money drain to me "buy stuff to help you chip into the cubes" Molyneux was taking the piss with the tool buying thing.

I am also not impressed by the Godus art he is trying to show off.

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