Reel Physics: True Lies - You're Fired

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Susan Arendt:


Thank you for the quick and honest response, Susan. I have some friends who frequent the site every Wednesday, so I will recommend they give Reel Physics a watch while they're here.

Also, you have piqued my curiosity. Are you at liberty to reveal which show you didn't regret cutting?

First of all, I love you for using "pique" correctly. (I die a little inside every time I see someone using "peak" in that context.) Secondly, of course I won't tell you who it is, silly. But what I will say, just to avoid inevitable speculation, is that I don't mean Extra Credits.

Ah but you would say that wouldn't you.... i smell a double bluff! You news editors are canny like that... :D
Are we allowed to take guesses? All you have to do is nod.

My guess is..... I Hit It With My Axe, because that (to me) felt like sleazy pandering.

Also for the next bit i endevoured not to sound aggressive (as that's not my intention) but I'm an Aspie so sorry if it comes across as rude.
How do you guys decide whether a show has enough views? Is it a flat limit, like each shows has to have 10k views per episode? Or is it a sliding scale based on the money you put in? Understand if you can't answer due to some company policy :)

Sorry, but I don't discuss those kinds of nuts and bolts in public.

PLEASE RENEW THIS!!!! I watch it every week, I look forward to it even more than Zero/Extra Punctuation.

(lately, much more.)

Love this show, there's gotta be a Season 2!
I'm almost ready to get out the "HEY NOW I'M A PUB CLUB MEMBER" card

I don't have a huge amount of free time so i don't get a chance to visit this site every day. As a result, when i do get some free time i generally have a few videos to catch up on (sometimes the best part of a whole week). My routine tend to be to open in new tabs all the videos i watch regularly then to rearrange the tabs into the order i want to watch them. I then work my way from right to left until i've caught up with all that i've missed saving my favourite ones until last. Over the last few months i've found that Reel Physics has been drifting further and further to the left and for the last few weeks it has been consistently occupying the left most tab. I am greatly saddened by this loss and also by how devastated the makers must feel.

This was one of my favorite series, I am going to be really sorry to see it go. I wish you guys the best and maybe a chance at a season 2!

Well I sure hope this convinces the escapist to keep this going! Yea this went over a lot of our heads (honestly, I'm amazed you're just now realizing this), but I know I didn't care. I just followed as best as I could, but I could still understand whether the idea was plausible or not.

Also, Jason and Colby always got into it and seemed to have fun with it (I mean in the video itself, not just from the bloopers). Guys, I sure hope they bring you guys back. It was actually something to look forward to on Tuesdays.

Come on Escapist! This is a no-brainer! Bring them back for season 2! Seriously, you all would be nuts not to.

Oh man, I waited every week for this show, it's quite possibly my favorite series on Escapist. I REALLY hope you guys get a second season, cause the show is amazing.

Best of luck guys, and I hope to see you in season two!

Oh hey and Escapist,

PLEASE do season 2!

Ugh, that sucks. I love this show. I thoroughly enjoy it and it's something I happily watch to make work go a bit faster. I'm gonna miss it and I hope that you guys make it back. I personally can't stand that this is gone but we still get Feed Dump. I like LRR, but Feed Dump is useless.

Ugh, that sucks. I love this show. I thoroughly enjoy it and it's something I happily watch to make work go a bit faster. I'm gonna miss it and I hope that you guys make it back. I personally can't stand that this is gone but we still get Feed Dump. I like LRR, but Feed Dump is useless.

But what other show has those hats?!

Can i just take a second here to blame this on US the viewers?

Cause that's totally on us.

look, i love me some Zero Punctuation and Unskipable and the occasional jimquisition and MovieBob, but i was a fan of Reel Physics from episode 1. That show is AWESOME.

But here is the thing... go to their Facebook page. 100 Likes? WHAT THE HELL!

Go to Anakinnnn's youtube page. Averages of 800 views per video (not 800k, just 800), 3k subscribers

Seriously... WHAT THE HELL!?

This is the real issue. Excelent, innovative, fun content is brought to us free of charge and we don't appreciate it until it's gone and now we lost it. This is the sort of show that deserves 10-50k videos per video, threads, gifs and overall community participation. But a seen just a fraction of people applauding the very few that dare make new, cool stuff... i see more people bickering about slightly off math on the comment section of their videos... c'mon now people get it together!

Support content you know it's good. I'm not a major physics guy. I know the bare basics, but i LOVE reel physics. From the bloopers to the science stuff i only knew partially that it was right. And those two awesome guys deserved better. Not from the Escapist, but from us. Because if i were in the escapists's shoes... i would probably have agreed with this bittersweet decision. A show needs viewers. We can't "firefly" this one and only appreciate it when it's gone.

Must have more!

I just started looking forward to watching this show each week and now suddenly it's over? This makes me a sad panda :-(

He doesn't say how to contribute to making a season 2 but I'd like to know how I can help...

Last one? WHAT???!!?!?!

Ridiculous. Escapist this show is awesome with a capital AWESOME. Do the right thing and bring it back.

<3 Reel Physics

Damn, so sad to see a show with science and entertainment go...
May you cheese all the way in a better place.

This is so sad. This was one of the videos my girlfriend always made me wait to watch with her. I'll miss the math, and she'll miss the puns. Oh, the puns!

Good luck guys.

Ya know, I'm not that big of a fan of the show, the math they use is way above me, and half of the scenes they've calculated I've not even seen. All that said, I don't think this needs canceling. I've watched several episodes anyway, and I really enjoyed them. It doesn't bring the same entertainment and information that I'm used to getting from Yahtzee and Jim, but I know I enjoy it enough to want it to stay around.


Hey everyone...
Sad day here at Reel Physics... this is our wrap-up for Season One and it is unclear if we will see a Season Two. We are crossing our fingers.
We loved doing it and we loved reading all of the great comments and feedback that you guys offered every week in response to the show.

The first disappointment is not being able to cover Fast and Furious 6... which we had planned a month of episodes for...

But the biggest disappointment is not being able to see all of you at the Expo. I was there last year and I may go again this year on my own so if you see me, be sure to speak up and say hi.

Thanks again everyone! It was a blast doing the show for you!

Jason Dean

Bah, this is one of those times I really wish for more transparency. Why in the world does this get axed? Shows like this go by the wayside and we get stuck with a product placement ad for a show each week (looking at you Wishlist). I was more then happy to follow Checkpoint and Extra Creditz to PA, so if you get another home be sure to let us know. Well, I know it's not much, but take my random-stranger-on-the-internet high five and salute, you were the most entertaining show currently on the Escapist and I'm sad to see it go. For now I'll subscribe to the Youtubes and hope for good news soon.

I would guess that it didn't generate enough traffic, and as such not enough advertisement revenue. There is a good chance that the Escapist can't afford to keep this show running without significantly reducing pay or such.

It's a shame, I liked this show, but that's the cruel world of business.

Season 2 NEEDS to happen. PLEASE! I love this and since I've found these guys I've started coming up with my own physics problems in movies and even started to try to guess how to solve them. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the be a season 2!

You guys have got to bring this show back! They could do an entire season from Fast & Furious 6 alone!

The puns were great. i always loved puns. this is a great show and i would love to have to continue.

Bring REEL PHYSICS back for a second season!
Where do I have to sign?

Bring back the smartest goofballs I have seen

Seriously bring this back. Way too many things i dont care about at all, at least this was unique.

Please Please Please Bring Jason & Colby Back!!!

Please bring back Reel Physics for a second season. The show is fun and applies math and science in a great way.

Is it just me, or did they cancel the only educational show in their lineup just to make room for yet another series in which a girl wearing tight clothing talks about video games? Didn't we already have enough of that tripe on here?

Ye Gods forbid the Escapist have a series where the unwashed masses may actually learn something.

This show causes me to check the site at least one additional time per week. I would be disappointed to see it go.

It's disappointing to hear that this show may not be coming back for a second season. While I have had additions to make from time to time, I have always found it interesting to watch someone work the physics of movie magic.

Additionally, I'd like to know where you got the numbers fir AIM-9 acceleration and arm time. There may be others who work at my base who would be interested in knowing where you got your numbers as well.

I work at the base where the Sidewinder missile was developed. It is amazing how much was done with vacuum tubes in the early sidewinders. There is a museum on the base that has a room dedicated to sidewinder, with cutaways of the different generation missile seeker heads. It is fascinating to see how tightly packed some of them are, particularly the early ones that used tubes. Also fascinating is how elegant the seeker functioning actually is, which allowed it to be implemented in the early 1950's with a handful of vacuum tubes.

One particularly interesting story in the history of the sidewinder is in the Soviet AA-2 missile. This missile is pretty much a direct copy of the AIM-9B (including both mechanical and electrical compatibility), except it is slightly heavier becuase it used thicker, metric sized panels rather than english unit sized panels. There is speculation on how the Soviets got the weapon they used to make the copy, but the most entertaining story is as follows:

For those of you who don't know, there has been some tension between the island of Taiwan (ROC) and Mainland China (PRC). I won't get into the background, but it's worth a read, especially considering how it plays into curent day global politics. This tension has boiled over several times, and erupted into conflicts on or over the Straits of Taiwan (or the Formosa straits, depending on who you ask). One of these flare-ups occurred in the late 1950's, where the PRC and the ROC met in aerial combat over the Straits of Taiwan.

At the time, the PRC was allied with the Soviet Union, and the ROC was allied with the United States (the US is still allied with the ROC, albeit at a much lower key to avoid irritating the PRC), and both superpowers supplied their allies with modern weapons. The Soviets supplied the PRC with MiG-17 fighters. The US supplied the ROC with F-86 Sabres and AIM-9B Sidewinders. The MiG-17 was more maneuverable and had a higher ceiling, but the Sidewinder proved to be the decisive advantage. Use of the AIM-9B allowed the outnumbered ROC air force, using less advanced figheres, to fight the PRC to a stalemate in the air.

During this battle, a curious thing happened. A ROC Sabre shot a Sidewinder at a PRC MiG-17. The missile hit the tailpipe of the MiG-17, but did not explode. Perhaps the warhead of this Sidewinder was a dud, or the target was so close that the warhead did not arm prior to impact. In any case, the Sidewinder wedging itself into the tailpipe of the still-running engine of the MiG-17. The pilot of this MiG, rather than ejecting at sea, decided to return to base and make an emergency landing. Imagine their surprise when they found an unexploded missile wedged into the ass-end of a fighter jet!

The missile was recovered, and (this being before the Sino-Soviet split and the PRC feeling right neighborly) was sent for study in the Soviet union. One of the scientists who worked on the project later described the missile as a "graduate-level class in missile design." As the design and capabilities of the AIM-9B was head and shoulders above any other missile at the time, the design was quickly copied and put into service.

Why do I tell this story? You mentioned 100,000 units for the AIM-9 being built. Consider now how many were produced if you count all the copies and other developments made in the Eastern bloc.

*edit: D'oh it was a MiG-17, not a MiG-15*

*edit 2: There was a surface-launched version of the Sidewinder, known as the MIM-72 Chaparral. Now you know [and knowing is half the battle]

very disappointing, this show was one of the highlights of my week. truly hope for a season 2 so i can get my fix of movie math

Bring back Reel Physics! I'll click every damn advert on the page 5 times if I have to, just bring back Reel Physics. My favourite show on the escapist, especially when they remember to use SI units. This is physics damn it, Imperial is for guess work, simple things and penises, not science!

Yes I did just unintentionally imply the entirety of the U.S. was simple.

No I'm not taking it back.

Sad day. That's how it goes: the intelligent stuff gets axed first. Just look at TV (if you dare).

The one thing I don't understand about this is: Why won't you guys consider taking the show elsewhere? Yeah, the Escapist gave you the chance, blah blah, I get it how you're grateful to them for that. But they also took the chance away from you again, and -- regardless what Susan says -- on outrageously short notice too; and despite the maybes and dunnos, I think it's clear from her answers that Season Two ain't happening. Where should the oh-so-vital viewer numbers come from all of a sudden, after alienating the existing viewer base by cancelling the show? Chances are, many of us wouldn't even know about a Season Two if it happened, on account of having left the Escapist altogether.

Which I am this -><- close to doing. I can get my fix of MovieBob on his blog, ditto for Shamus Young's writing (which brought me here in the first place), and the rest ... meh.

So, this is it then. Thanks guys, been a great ride, see you around. And do me a favour: ask the Escapist people to let you go with the show (why wouldn't they?), and then shop around for a new home for it. Loyalty is all fine and good, but letting this unique and funny show die out of exaggerated loyalty where none is due anymore would be just ... stupid.

And you, sirs, ain't stupid.

So, gotta go create me a Youtube account and subscribe to two certain people there. (Not a first for me, either. I created my Escapist account to be able to comment your show, too, IIRC. Which reminds me, I should look into whether I can delete that one, soon.)

Sincerely: Ermel.

Haven't read most of this forum's postings, but I think it's clear from the large number of them over nearly two weeks that folk 'round here feel strongly about the Reel Physics series. I'm posting now to add my small voice in support for Reel Physics in the hopes that our combined weight can win a renewal for this show, which brings a dedication & rigour to the criticism of popular media that no other content on this site (possibly, the entire Web) can claim to.

Maybe try Penny Arcade? Iv heard of other shows who found a new home there.

Very sad about this ending after only one season.

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