Reviews: A Great New Way to Write for The Escapist

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Applications closed, dammit! Think I'll have to get stuck in and prepare some thoughtful reviews, so that next time around (there will be a next time, right?) I'll actually have suitable writing samples.

Just to complete the round, I'd like to point out to a couple of reading, possibly to get an idea of what can, or maybe should be done. Since I don't want to speak on the behalf of the Escapist staff, I'll say just read them for your own curiosity. ;)

To Hear Ourselves Review. Actually, most of the whole issue is probably a good read.
Don't skip the comments as well. There's a couple of links to follow down there.

Considering that this article generated some reaction, have a look at what people said, notably regarding the "No-Arthur" part:
Dan Amrich's take regarding the ruckuss about the review he assigned.
Followed by his reply to extrabloggar comments.

(Yes, extrabloggar: out of the blog I pointed to. Feels very natural to my ears.)

Finally, as it's necessary to get returns from both sides of the river, I think you should also check out Tom Chick's brief thoughts about the Escapist's article.

EDIT: I forgot that GT video, about famous game centric blogs.
(Notice how the four of them all have the same pants. You know what you need to get for christmas now.)

I must still be in my pre-coffee lethargy... where is the announcement that applications closed?

Aegis - the original post of this thread was edited a while ago saying no more applications will be accepted.

Just wondering when/if we are going to hear about this?

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