Review: Left 4 Dead

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Amazing, I killed 18,000-ish zombies over three days.

"Valve has created the first game truly worthy of the word "cooperative,""

Games journalists should check their facts.


All issues which I hope will eventually be addressed, but it's not the best way to show support for your main market. Knowing them it will be patched shortly... valve time.

Yeah they are changing the matchmaking for the PC version.

Loving this game so far, but the only problem I have is that in the final chapter of each movie! Everytime I get into one of those standoffs, something ALWAYS goes horribly wrong (friends leave me to die, just as rescue comes in we get swarmed, team mates fail to gel). Another problem I have is that the difficulty curve between Normal and Advanced is a bit ridiculous. It's between too damn hard (you need some SERIOUS cooperation or you're done!) and too damn easy (little to no assistance needed).

Besides that it's great and you gotta love using the "TAKE A BREAK" function. Excellent for food and bathroom breaks!

This looks fun.

I'm thinking about getting this on PC, but I'd like to know how easy it is to get into games in multiplayer - not very many of my friends are gamers, and the ones who are play on consoles. Is the maximum number of players limited to 8 (4 Survivors, 4 Zombies)? Sorry if that's a dumb question, but that's the impression I've gotten from what I've read so far.

Jordan Deam:
Review: Left 4 Dead

What could possibly be wrong with shooting zombies with a bunch of friends? As it turns out, not much.



Cant wait for L4D-2! :D

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