How to Talk About Games #1

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Oh hey, People still care about the intent of the author.

I look at game play and difficulty and mostly base my opinions on that. Visual designs and story I could care less about but they do rub me the wrong way when the gameplay is off. And BTW its a game, game play is everything :P

Desert Punk:

Not only are you completely correct, I like the sneak punch you took at Gearbox. Seriously, every time I hear they are making something new, I cringe...

Whenever I hear the name Gearbox I cringe as well and silently whisper to myself "Please dont fuck up homeworld, Please dont fuck up homeworld, Please dont fuck up homeworld..." over, and over again.

Just do what I did. Actively forget about Gearbox attempting to resurrect Homeworld. Just wipe the info from your brain.

Then, once you've come to terms with that, fill the gaping void left behind with this -

It may not be Homeworld, specifically, but it's being made by much of the team behind the Homeworld series. So in a way it's heir apparent.

They can kill multiple enemies in one hit even on the highest possible difficulty and kills even Witches in four hits regardless of difficulty. Yes, they are overpowered. There is nothing to discuss here.
Seriously, I rocked Hard Rain Solo Expert with a Katana as my ONLY weapon (except against Tanks and Witches, were I used a Shotgun).
That makes the Melee-weapons a book-example of "overpowered weapon".

It's not an incredible claim. It's freaking easy. The Sequel gives you so many tools so you don't need to rely on teammates any more, it's not even funny. On top of that, it spawns so little enemies, you sometimes wonder if you accidentally disabled the AI-Director.

Easy is a subjective term. A very small percentage of people who own L4D2 have gotten the achievement for beating a all the campaigns on expert (1.6%) and on realism expert (1.9%), whether that is from lack of ability or interest that can't be determined by the numbers, so to have done so solo puts you in the very upper echelon of L4D2 players. If most people found the game easy, than most people should have the achievement for beating a campaign on expert realism or for beating all the campaigns on expert, which they overwhelming don't.

Oh no! Someone made a sim where you play a communist border-guard bureaucrat called "Papers, Please"
And they succeeded in making a bleak, dull and repetitive, migrane-inducing, hair-pulling-in-frustration pile of steaming bollocks that "ironically" tries to replicate NES style graphics this point i WISH i had a fire-pit.
Honestly, it's the last time I play a game based off of Yahtzee's recommendation.

doubled by mistake

doubled by mistake
=delete me=

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