Unskippable: Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, Part 1

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Its like watching a trainwreck.....show us part two!

Do it! DO IT! Here's some more words to avoid a low content warning!


Don Reba:

I see. I guess PC is the "Big bad enemy" they have united against then?

I'm not sure that many people in Japan even realize you can play games on PCs.

Is that why the only market where consoles dominate is america?

Do you have a source for this? Sounds very unlikely. From everything I've heard about Japan, they don't have desktops there and at most play social games on their laptops.

My rational thought says "hell no, that'd be super boring." My masochistic sense of humor, however, says "go go go go go!"

good god no... I'd rather you skip this and do Knight of Xentar instead.

C'mon you two, when you show us something this absurd, of course we want a part 2.

Of course part 2 (or 3 if needed, whatever, go nuts) - as long as you keep talking over whatever crazy nonsense they are spouting, I am in.

I want a Part 2, 3, 4, hell, just do the whole game! That was really funny!

You know I do want to see where they take this concept, but you said it is limited animation which would be boring to watch ...

I honestly don't know. I mean if you could make it funny I'd like to see it but scenes that spend way too long to go anywhere are generally not fun to watch even with the commentary (this applies to everyone who does these kinds of things not just you).

So... put me down as 1 vote for whatever you two think would be better. I trust your judgement.

do part two! doooo it!

Only make a part 2 if you can make it funny.

i love hyperdimension and its made so many improvements since it started

bring on part 2!

sides, as stupid as this looks, I wanted to play it XD

I think Neptune is supposed to represent SEGA and how they were killed off in the console race. Pretty neat social commentary, considering the game is also published by SEGA.


Purple Heart is not PC, it's a fictional Sega console. There is a PC in the anime (didn't play the games), she's called Peashy. And Sega is giving her treats (ports) when the other 3 refused.

Part 2 please. I Need to see where this goes.

I dunno about anyone else, but I don't watch Unskippable for the action and art quality. :P
If you reckon you can make the rest of the dialogue funny, go for it.

incase nobody mentioned it in 4 pages of thread ididn't read..
the purple one is apparantly sega's never released "neptune" console
and yeah you should do more of it

I want to bet that 95% of everyone wanting to see a part 2 just wants to see more cartoon boobs.

The other 5% is curious whether this is a terrible Reboot knock-off....with boobs.

Fuck go for it.

Yes, make a part 2, just because its going to be HILARIOUS


I want to see a part 2. I'm actually quite fond of this game series. It's really fun; it's kinda stupid and not very subtle, but it knows it and exaggerates it to the point where it becomes a parody of itself. That being said, part of the fun is ripping it apart for the sake of comedy. It's almost like it was made for that. Go nuts, guys!

Also, Neptune represents Sega; the first game was developed in part by Sega, and she was named after the cancelled Sega Neptune, which was basically a combination of the Genesis and the 32X.

Sorry, guys, I think you have to do it. It's that weird-- and there's certainly no way in hell I'm ever going to play the thing.

Oh for sure! :) Do it!!

This thing is hilarious, I have to go see more about the game now. But I would like it better if part 2 was about another part of the game, with animation.

And I thought hentai was weird. Well, bring on number 2!


Hell, do a full lets play. Spread it out however long you want. This stuff looks like gold to me guys. Don't make me go out and buy this game just to see wtf is going on, I'd still be stuck with just my own commentary.


"Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory" doesn't sound like a real game name. In fact the plot sounds so ridiculous and the names of everything are so stupid that It's very hard to believe you guys didn't make this game up it is the stupidest thing I've ever seen.

Please do not do a part 2, if you do I'm just skipping your show for a week.

P.S. I normally like Japanese RPGs.

I must see more. No really, I don't even care about the plot, I just like how the Nintendo allegory is an Ice Queen. And I can't simply watch an LP, I need someone with a sense of humour to guide me through it.

I wanna see part II and I know what I'm asking for because in addition to seeing some insane crap I can also make my own interpretation of the present and future events that will occur in the gaming industry....in Sonys eyes anyway....

Yes! Do it!

You made it work for the atelier games, and some others that I can't currently name. It's worse I know, but this is a lot sillier so it should make up for it.

And yes I have played this game. I love it.

thumbs up for part 2.
JRPG's always make the best unskippables.

I'd watch just to see Microsoft's glorious boobs.
*takes a shower*

Dooooo it dooo it dooo it !!

But seriously guys...

Do it

I originally came here to see how many people there would be here clamouring... But as things settled in while I read the various comments I find myself agreeing with the majority.

Not only part 2, this demands a whole let's play \o/

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