Zero Punctuation: Child of Day-Light - Horror and Whimsy

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Timing is everything and this episode was perfect in regards to said timing. Brilliant work as always. Looking forward to what you take on next week. Hopefully it'll me more blast and less arse

Nifty. I was just mildly wondering about Daylight the other day after seeing it on Steam. I say "mildly" because I already knew I wasn't going to buy it, but, I was kinda curious anyway.

The thing that bugged me about Daylight, from what I saw on the Steam page, was how making the flashlight a cell phone was a transparent excuse for having the map constantly glued to the players face. Multiplayer FPSs and MMORPGs have minimaps because they're all about metagaming and grinding out the next objective as efficiently as possible, and even then they make their minimaps little transparent bubbles in the corner where they don't compete with the action.

Survival horror, however, lives and dies on immersion first. The cell phone map is simultaneously blatantly contrived (are there actually any smart phones with displays on both sides? Would such a device even have a reason to exist outside of scenarios like this?), an obnoxiously ham-fisted example of "hand-holding", and in-your-face in a way that encourages people to ignore the setting in favor of the map.

It's not even a difficult concept to fix. Just put the map on the actual phone screen, so the player can use the phone as a flashlight or a map, but not both at the same time. If you really, really can't let go of your desire for the map to be seen at all times, then make the game top down isometric instead of first person.

It really made it look like a survival horror game made by people who neither enjoy nor understand survival horror.

Could someone explain the credits gag to me? I'm not sure how "attacking a Shadow" -> "Roadsigns for sale".

Why hadn't you reviewed Outlast?

I thought Child of Light would be interesting but then again I'm not in its target audience either. Maybe the poetry would be nice for some giggles.

Looks like Child of Light is put out by Yahtzee,
The poetry Nazi.



I wonder why turn based combat is still around when games without it are so much more fun.

That's pretty subjective. Nearly all of my favourite games are turn-based.

Well there is always someone who likes it i guess, and I won´t judge that. But for me Final Fantasy (or in that case every other JRPG) like fighting system became so tedious that I can´t enjoy it any more. Especially because the other games that don´t do it seem to have vanished completely. Also I think it takes you out of the game every time you have to fight something (so every 5 seconds).
Child of light doesn´t do it but real JRPG´s also need to have the exact same animations before and after the fight to make it as long and boring as possible.

The rhyming in Child of Light didn't bother me that much, and the game is really easy on normal difficulty, you don't need to grind at all. I have not have my entire party knocked out even once, only a one or two characters got knocked out, but you can switch them out anyways. Just fight a few of the enemies and you're good to go.

Kind of ironic that he complains about bad poetry when he's put some pretty god awful ones together with Jim. But everyone has their own taste, I suppose.

Haven't heard Yahtzee this pissed since Kayne and Lynch 2.

That last line may be my new favourite of yours, Yahtzee. Glad somebody is upholding poetic standards. :)

I'd like to think that Yahtzee may know a thing or two about poetry, but I can't figure out where I get that idea from.

I don't get the hype around Child of Light either... it's very.. meh. And ya, the rhyming annoys the FUCK outta me.

this has got to be my favorite ending to a ZP so far

I quite liked the the dreamy melancholy feel of child of light. It reflects my dubious state of mind. But then i am just an over-emotional twat, so...

Can see why the writing fustrates him. As an aspiring writer of many types who is very self critical, the often piss poor poetry in the game made me fairly annoyed that i could come up with better on a drunken afternoon...yet this guy must have got paid quite well for his shambles. Im certain sir Ben must have felt a similar sting as a writer himself. a slow child with strange enthusiasm...i appreciate that they sortof tried this. Just have to not register it on a personal level.

Hmmm. Seems like instead of playing Child of Light, I just ought to pull out Phantasy Star 3 again.

I reviewed Child of Light myself and while there were definitely some instances of the rhyming scheme stretching to stay consistent, I wasn't overly bothered by it (and that's coming from someone who also has a large degree of respect for poetry/a degree in English). I usually think that Yahtzee is spot on with his criticisms, but I don't think that getting hung up on Child of Light's lack of iambic pentameter or strange rhythm is one of his best critiques. He's perfectly entitled to his own opinion, but I'd just like to counter with my own view: Child of Light's story, music, art style, and game mechanics all work together cohesively and compliment one another to create a very great experience that I expect will be remembered as a classic. Yes, the poetry isn't grade A, but it is a small issue compared to the immense amount of good the game provides in terms of story, powerful female characters, and an RPG battle system that can appeal outside of traditional RPG audiences.

At $15, I'd recommend you give it a shot.

I had not idea that Yahtzee was so strict when it came to poetry.

Considering that he's both a writer, and on a video about poetry, that's the first thing I was waiting for, even more since every person I've seen talking about the game says the rhyming's the worse part about the game.

I thought Child of Light was enjoyable. Lovely art-style, simple enough combat set-up, difficulty options that can bypass grinding; but that poetry rant got a laugh.

My issue about the rhyming was that they don't explore the character who doesn't know how to rhyme more. The poor girl's escaped this poetic curse they're under, but all can they do is correct her after every sentence, like a verbal tic. There's some tragic undertone somewhere in there.

best ending ever

Well the Grandia series re-invented the wheel then.

Best ending ever

Yahtzee is off about the rhyme scheme. It's not intended to be pentameter or all couplets. Those two words Yahtzee lists weren't even intended to rhyme:

I think Yahtzee's last line may be my new favorite of all time : P

I don't know if I can say that but it is pretty close. it does still have to compete with the end of his end halo wars video.

Couldn't agree more with Child of Light. An awfully mediocre game with terrible writing, which should surprise no one since it was written from the guy that wrote Far Cry 3.

Child of Light was written by the same guy as Far Cry 3. That doesn't sound like a good thing considering he was whining how nobody got his great vision in FC3 about how your character is just making it all up. Now this. Seems he's overrating himself.

Lol, when a writer complains that the audience didn't appreciate the "depth" and meaning of his script you know the story is just pretentious, navel gazing tosh. Thankfully we only played Far Cry 3 to hunt tigers and shoot jerks in the face.

Child of Light was written by the same guy as Far Cry 3. That doesn't sound like a good thing considering he was whining how nobody got his great vision in FC3 about how your character is just making it all up. Now this. Seems he's overrating himself.

Indeed; it seems there is a fine line between creative and schizophrenic.

The best part about Child of Light is the character that doesn't rhyme and the other characters constantly correct her.

I didn't really understand the ending, as funny as it was. I thought you could rhyme delicious and ravenous by way of end/slant rhyme, since they both end in "ous"??

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