Unskippable: Grandia III

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Lmao, best one since eternal sonata.

Wait, that was his mom? Creepy.

Wait, that was his mom? Creepy.

Yes, that was the joke.

I couldn't stop laughing, some parts were just so perfect <3
"Should come by more, I've got all the latest gossip... I'm sleeping with everyone" /high five That was the best

That was so bloody awesome. Laughed nearly the entire time.

Yukie's Mom has got it going on...


Honestly did anyone who hasn't played the game before realize that was his mother before he said it?

I was like WTH?!

typical Jrpg stuff though.

That was brilliant, you guys have won me over ^_^

A particularly good episode.

The whole bit about the fact that the girl was his mom blew my mind. Anyways, it was hilarious, none the less

his mother? ._.

his mother? ._.

Yeah, we all shocked, lets go over it pepole :P

Loved it! They all seem too shot though :(
Ever think of doing a special where you riff on all the cutscenes of a game?

Well you know what they say, incest is best! >_<

"This is the most complicated hookah ever!"

You guys are going strong.

You guys are really up to something here, each week is even better than the one before, keep it up!

That mom thing was really weird, I couldn't belive he actually said that o_o;

This was really good stuff, I'd say third best so far.

"but it has RPG elements." It's funny because I've said it about many games.

"HAhaha, I fantasies of killing you". All the other lines have been mentionned.

Dude.. you gonna hit that? I'm not sure of the etiquette here.

Another brilliant episode.

Yeh, the mum bit had me going.

"High five! Oh whoops, wait... I'm stuck" - Haha :D

Meh until you hit the mom part and then I was cracking up like no other!

hey bob... IM A FLOWER!

I bought the game last week and am on the second CD, so seeing an Unskippable episode over it was grand and wonderful. Very funny stuff, I had the same reaction to the mother comment.

Sad thing is, until the revelation I was like "I'd totally hit that!"...

Excellent work as usual. Gotta say, never played Grandia, so yeah, I was thinking that they were siblings and their parents were killed in some standard RPG tragedy, but that's his mom? She looks younger than me! And the bit at the end pointing that out was great. This is an A episode. I was still waiting for one of you guys to point out that the mechanic looks way too much like Ash Ketchum for his own good.

Wounded Melody:
Ever think of doing a special where you riff on all the cutscenes of a game?

Maybe ten years from now when they run out of opening cutscenes... still, it's an interesting idea.

Well, their final episode ever has to be MGS4. I mean, if they manage to do that entire thing, and keep it consistently funny, where could they possibly go from there? "Unskippable - recorded LIVE inside an active volcano!"?

"Hey Bob I'm a flower". I'm not sure why I found that so funny but I did. And the Mom part.. that was just creepy.

Two things: I want to know where in town Ms. Miranda goes to get Ultimate Scallions by the quiver-full, and "Final Pottery; Dirge of Kilns" is now the only RPG I will ever play.

Yuki looks like a girl.

I thought last week's episode was better, but this was still great.

Funny to see a game from a series I like in a different light. Top notch work gents.

HA! Myst reference!

Loved it!

quite good, so far this, DoC, and DR, are the ones that i really liked, the others not so much.

Thanks everyone! I think it's really cool that everyone has different opinions of which ones are our best. Keep it interesting for us!

I should say that Grandia III (which I've actually beaten) is a really fun game. If you've got a PS2 and some spare time, I'd recommend it. Granted some of the cinematics are... well, you saw. And occasionally a character falls into a plot hole and is never heard from again, but the battle system is just too much fun. And hey, it's better paced than Eternal Sonata!

It's nice to see there is a video contributor on the escapist that dosent hate JRPGs.

Kudos. I still don't get the mom thing. Weird.

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