Unskippable: The Darkness

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how many bullets did he put into the shotgun?? I thought the maximum should at least be 12. I looks like he loaded 30.

OK, somebody has to agree with me on this one:

Cutscenes for today's FPS shooters remind me distinctively of those Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure motion simulator rides...

Oh and if someone who works for Universal is listening... DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!

Jesus Christ, I think I can reload faster with one hand behind my back, holding the gun between my knees -.-

Bad choice of opening video IMO, too involved to be a video and not enough speaking to give a chance for many jokes, oh well, one bad out of how many there are ain't so unbearable *sniffles*.

Not as funny as your older videos, but I loved it nonetheless.

i agree

"To enjoy other times I've died, please turn to side B"
"...still reloading. Good." "God here fire your' shotgun" [bang] "That didnt help!" "Yours is not to ask why." ROFL you guys are great! unskippable and zero punctuation are my favorite shows on the escapist :)

And Matt Damon as:
The mildly tinted grey...

how many bullets did he put into the shotgun?? I thought the maximum should at least be 12. I looks like he loaded 30.

Actually it looks like in his arbitrary quest to become "Slowest reloader of all time" he loaded about 5.

Wow, that was.. a really, really long tunnel.

If the cutscene was anything to go by, the game itself must be horrible! =P

This game actually has my favorite story in any game so far. It has a few SIKK plot twists and is extremely dark and graphic. And it has some cool guns n moves.

I still say this is one of your best. Especially that ending :D

why is that tunnel so long and how can you drive like in that small tunnel?

great ep

Speaking of great chemistry on-screen, though you two are off-screen, you're both great. The exchange in dialogue was fantastic in this episode. I especially liked the liberty city reference at the exact moment I was thinking it. This series is really growing on me.

I'm pretty sure it was Vice City.

Did he ever fire the shotgun, besides when he broke the windshield with it?

the best episode of unskippable

Awful cutscene, how can they survive loads of frontal collisions and not survive the head smashed by a truck?! wossies!!! Great job guys, laughed my ass out!


This is pretty funny. But most people who've never played the game should, like right now, it can't cost more than $20, I swear I've seen it for like $8. It's an either love it or hate it game but it has so many interesting things about it.

For example the game is packed full of public domain movies and tv shows, in a touching moment you can watch all of "To Kill a Mockingbird" with your character's girfriend if you want. But it makes sense as the games set at night, like 2am in the morning and so tvs are playing these old movies much like in real life.

If you pull the trigger partially on the xbox controller and he raises the hammer of the pistol, you can squeeze off the round or lower it gently. The darkness powers are badass, there's nothing like being this force of chaos shattering lights and pulling mobster into to their deaths.

The setting is really atmospheric and the WW1 mindscape level, woah.

was the jennifer reference random or a reference to jennifer hale?

edit: wow, ok now I get it

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