Zero Punctuation: Skate 2

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Wednesday at noon is the highlight of my week. I do not know if that's a complement for Yahtzee or a statement on how sad my life is.

It's a statement on how sad your life is.

this was good, the last few have been lacking somewhat, still excellent but jsut not the same.

I never heard of the Skate games before this. It is good to know that as a non-skater I am not missing out.

I strongly suspected that game would be like that. Although I would never have expected that complex a control scheme.

I wonder if he knows he can change the camera angle at the pause menu... Anyway, still a good review. I honestly found trying to shatter every bone in my body more fun than the actual game. You just can't beat hurling yourself off a building hoping the skateboard will break your fall, which it generally doesn't.

I liked the review, but it doesn't restore the credibility he lost with his absolutely horrible Dead Space review

One of my best friends is a skater, and for him I downloaded the Skate 2 demo. We speculated as to whether Yahtzee would actually review this, and we agreed that it wasn't likely. I was quite astonished to see Yahtzee review this one. Not his best review, though; I think that not being a skater forced him out of his element by having him look at the game from a less-scathing perspective.

I liked the review, but it doesn't restore the credibility he lost with his absolutely horrible Dead Space review

Touched a nerve it seems. Going to therapy already?

The minigame actually sounds like a whole lot of fun...

...are you sure you're not on fire?

Of course a Fiat Bravo would instantly break down before it could reach a speed to knock down anybody's mother. HUR HUR HUR

The game sounds alright but they really should have a dictionary or something for all the skate and slang terms it seems.

Great review Yahtzee, but I think you didn't really want to have fun with it. At the beginning toy made it quite clear that you didn't like skating, so I think this review was a little bit unfair. I didn't necessarily enjoy Skate 2, but the tricks weren't that hard to learn, considering there were only three of them, and I think you could've enjoyed the game if you really had wanted to.

lmao loved that XD I get the impression he was going to hate it from the word go but it still cracked me up. Skating games have never been my cup of tea to be honest. They don't involve killing anything, how crap is that?! ;-)

Did he not finish his thought at the end there?

WHat happened to "I bowed to never by anything from Harmonix again?" other than that, it was an enjoyable video.
I guess the bum joke really was getting old. It was funny how he summarized it.
I agree that the game is for actual skaters mostly.

Good review, he seemed to really dislike this game. Maybe he was just having a bad day, either way I don't really care much for this game as well. I swore off skateboarding games after Tony Hawks Underground 2.

I 'bravo' your review here because I'm seeing Yahtzee stepping outside his norm, and reviewing a game clearly so far out side his paradigms, that he once again speaks for the gaming Everyman (or woman, in my case).

It's odd how individual legs get their own button. I see games like Assassins Creed and Prince of Persia assign "legs" or "acrobatics" to one button, and it makes some sense, I suppose. But applying weight shifting and foot placement seems... hardcore! Truely a game for only the most devout. :)

Devout I am not, so I will excuse myself for something completely different. :D Enjoyed the review, Yahtzee!

they might as well paint a dartboard on their skulls...
although in hindsight, I suck so much at actual aiming that it probably wouldn't matter if they did...

I wasn't expecting skateboarding games to be actually good, especially since there's no reason for gamers to buy them and I don't see why skateboarders would buy them since they can go about living the dream of having their necks broken by... oh, I dunno, actually skateboarding?

Maybe they're doing this because they're too busy being in the hospital to skateboard?

I honestly don't know.

I could see how this would offend skateboarders. As for me, I thought it was indeed a hilarious perspective to consider a skateboarding game in anthropological terms.

I respect the developers were trying to put together a deep, difficult game. There's a dreadful lack of them these days - it's just easier to pander to the casual. (Admittedly, I feel a sudden urge to play that Peggle demo mislabeled as a free product that Steam is distributing.) However, clearly one needs to ease the player into it, and that Skate 2 apparently didn't do that tells me they could have used more tutorial levels.

Awesome review. Now that you've brought it up (that Green Grass and High tides joke was amazing), would you PLEASE review Rock Band since you actually have it?

Awesome review. Now that you've brought it up (that Green Grass and High tides joke was amazing), would you PLEASE review Rock Band since you actually have it?

I don't think he'll bother, as in his Guitar Hero World Tour review he said "Get this game or Rock Band because it honestly doesn't matter."

they might as well paint a dartboard on their skulls...

It'd be ironic if they put Yahtzee to work on Persona 2 and he turned out to like it.

giga gasp, that was super sweet

"sixaxis to wave your willy around" brilliant

Normally, I LOVE Yahtzee's penis jokes, but this one was just so-so. Maybe I've heard something similar. I'm looking forward to next week, though, when I'm sure he'll come back with more AAA cock jokes. I live for that stuff.

It's supposed to be Green Grass and High Tides Forver, not Green Hills and High Tides

Well a few things

For starters I know Left Behind (never played it), I've played Uncharted (decent but unexceptional game, I don't get why Yahtzee calls it white supremist though, other than as a joke), but what is the third one that he said was about child molestation? Some Sailor Moon game? I occasionally miss out on his referances when he trots out a game as part of a joke I don't recognize.

As far as Skate goes, I'm not a Skater, but I've been looking at such games and wondering if they were something I might like for a change of pace. Humor aside, Yahtzee sort of addressed the game from the perspective of people like me.

See, honestly I think the idea is fairly cool, but it would be nice if someone was to build an open world game like this with something to do except more or less perform tricks for points and such. I don't know, like combine the premise and the controls (even if they are hard to learn) with another failed "urban" game like "Getting Up" or something and a bit of San Andreas or wild supernatural stuff to like give you something to do other than just land tricks (as I understand it).

But then again I doubtlessly miss the point of games like this entirely.


Sports games never interested me and this does not rectify that. :D

I can't wait to see what he thinks of RE5 once it comes out... :)

I got the intro the second time I watched it through.

Now for the review:

It was hard for me to get into this review and I dunno why. It seems to me that Yahtzee is mellowing out somewhat and possibly jumped the shark with his Farcry 2 review which was so funny I almost choked on my own air.

Its always been hard for me to get into games like Aggressive Inline or Tony Hawk personally because I think we tend to try and figure out whether or not we are making a skateboarding game or some weird version of SFII that just happens to INVOLVE skateboarding!

Come Ben we know you can do better than this so please try harder! Christ I think you'd do better ripping on Dragon Quest V or one of the Valkyrie Profile games that Tri-Ace made but then again what do I know

Oh and apologies about writing another post so quickly here, but Yahtzee's professional obligations crack made me think of something almost Satanic.

Those of you who work for the Escapist, you know mods and such that seemingly kill the first few posts every week. Please kick it up as far as it needs to go to get Yahtzee's bosses make him review (dum dum de dum) "Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2". Knowing his professed tastes I think we will find new and innovative levels of bile within him, mixed with agonized screams echoing all throughout the Down Under.

Whoever delivers the news to him should also probably dress up like The Marquis De Sade.

This is not to say that the series is THAT bad (I actually played the first one), but for Yahtzee... well thankfully there is no such thing is inhumane treatment of contracted video game reviewers.

Oh, and while it hasn't been that long (a couple of minutes) trying to figure out what that third game is, is killing me.

Great review, best ZP in a while. Personally, I really miss the old days with actual music for the intro and ending, rather than the current "theme" song. Half the humor of the original reviews was seeing what songs he'd use (see for example, Army of Two and Burnout: Paradise). Any chance of ditching the theme music and going back? Please??

A great review, laughed at the over complex controls. I got the intro straight away, wish they would get rid of the pop up ad though and just put it at the end of the video. (Then I wouldn't have to watch it) Looking forward to next weeks video.

so he DOES have Rock Band? the first one at that? and he can't beat Green Grass and High Tides?
I'm starting to relate every day more to this guy
any tips on how to beat that godforsaken song?
specially the ending?
Sorry, I reaaaaaaaaaally had to do it.

I agree with you, the No More Heroes one actually got me to download the song just to give it a listen. But since ZP is too broadly casted, I suppose there must be some legal impediment there.
But yeah

this isn't the first review I've heard for this, and another one was by a hardcore skater. Interestingly while you can discount all issue of lore (if you can call it such a thing in a skater game...ok you can't, subcultural references then) because he was familiar with all of that but he had the same issues with the controls, it seems like a memory test rather than a game.

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