Prisoner Uses Metal Gear's Cardboard Box to Escape

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This guy is a legend and all charges should be dropped immediately. Who cares if he murdered two people.

Now if it only worked in the game like that.

That is some pretty epic stuff. Like EPIC. I'm still laughing my ass off. I salute you man *salute* xD

Here's how it actually went!

Armed Guard: What's this cardboard box doing?
Criminal: I'm in a box!
Armed Guard: !
Fellow Armed Guard: Michael, I have seen your excalamtion mark, what eez eet?
Armed Guard: Zis box, eet eez, how you say? Talking!
Fellow Armed Guard: Well thyen Michael, you have ze gun, you know what you need to do with eet given ze, circumstance.
Armed Guard: *Drops gun* I surrender!

Seriously, this guy rules. I don't care if he killed anyone, he deserves freedom. He is my new god.

I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry. Ah, who am I kidding? THIS SHIT IS HILARIOUS. Lol*infinity

Daaaammmmnnn i'd rather like to go to prison to try out MGS tactics to escape =)

I lol'd

I wonder how the guards feel? hahahaha pwn!

ssgt splatter:
Oh dear. Well, I guess when you're in prison, you have a lot of time to figure out how this could actually work.


"Every two weeks, they ship these boxes out of the prison...The guards are away from the warehouse between 11:30 and 12, on their lunch breaks...If I save the pieces of my food tray, I can create my own cardboard box and.."


I'm impressed. I'd like to know how he did it, really.

So, a suspected murderer is out on the streets - ah but its ok, 'cause its so like, random, and zany, and it was in a computer game, and like-GAAAAAA! More proof I live on planet of shaved dribbling monkeys.

Um...Epic Escape?

I wonder how the guards feel? hahahaha pwn!

They must feel like guards in a MGS game, Superior genetics, can't see to far, and just thankful they haven't been choked from behind, and total idiots xD

I would have prefered a high speed escape on a Yoshi.....but this will do.



Five years awaiting conviction? I guess the French constitution doesn't have the right to a speedy trial like ours does. I guess all the lawyers were on vacation. They must have figured he wasn't going anywhere. Ha!

It actually has to do with a difference between the French and the American judicial system.

There are two main types of Judicial systems, the Adversarial System, and the Inquisitorial system. American uses the Adversarial system, and France uses the Inquisitorial system.

To put it in the simplest way possible, under the Inquisitorial system, the case is investigated, and evidence examined, and all that good stuff before the trial begins. The case doesn't go to trial until the judge is convinced that the accused is guilty. Basically, trials in France are roughly equivalent to the "Closing Arguments" and the "Sentencing" phase of the system that you know. If a case goes to trial in France, a conviction is almost guaranteed. Trials in France are EXTREMELY swift, and usually don't last more than an hour or so.

So to put it in perspective, it's closer to under the American system, a court case when has been dragged out for many years, as an example, the OJ Simpson trial, which lasted over 3 years.

Hmm, interesting. Sorry, I did not know that. Just to be honest, I prefer the way the American system works, but hey, who am I to judge?

*Finds several guards wrapped up by a porno magazine.*

Either he is win, or the guards are fail...

*Finds several guards wrapped up by a porno magazine.*

Make sure to eaither choke your target firmly, or CQC them aka Slit there throat(I always liked to slit people's throats in MGS3, I always have a death count of like 300 >.>)

I'm not sure which joke to crack. One about the French? Or one about him being a spy?

Why is everyone applauding a man suspected of the double homicide of two early 30s women by strangulation. It's terrible that he's escaped although it's even more terrible that he's been awaiting trial since 2004. There's even an odd mystery to the case in that there is DNA that they have not identified present on the tape used to gag the women.

If he was innocent and his cryptic response to being arrested of "He bumped her off," refers to the actual killer, this stupid escape will make him guilty of a crime anyways.

It's actually pretty bad news all around especially the high security prison, who was foiled by a man in a box (albeit a man with amazing woodcraft skills).

Its because we're all heartless.

Or maybe because noone cares.

I, along with most of the thread, have to admit that it is quite awesome.

And since all the "Snaaaaake" jokes were already done, I'll have to conclude my post with nothingness.

My dog died this morning.

This cheered me up.

Despite how awesome the escape was, (which it pretty fucking was), you forget that he might be a potential double murderer and he's out there in the public. Hopefully he grows old really fast and dies.


That's the funniest thing ever.

Wow, and I thought our (US) justice system was bad (although maybe cardboard boxes are good at hinding people).

I wish that there were more stories like this on the escapist.

He earned his freedom. He fucking did!

I wonder how ling it will take to get out of caution mode? I don't care if he killed my family, if you can escape a prison by hiding in a box then you deserve your freedom. Lets hope he doesn't get caught or else... dun dun dundundun dun dun DUN!

The most amazingly epic thing I have read all day.
Kudos to this guy. Plus, I won't make an old, cruddy French joke.

i knew it would work!
nobody believed me, but it worked!!

This is so awesome that I would love to meet the man personally and shake his hand for his awesomeness

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