Computer Built in Minecraft Has RAM, Performs Division

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I was being sarcastic in my comment. Obviously AI won't be stumbled upon in Minecraft, but it'd be funny if it was. Hence: sarcasm.
This guy made a computer in Minecraft just to prove that he could, and probably because he felt like it. Its like the guy that made the Starship Enterprise. Does that accomplish anything? Of course not, but its fun and cool.
And judging by what he has said, he didn't really follow that many instructions because alot of his computer is unique and uncommon.
I'd say making a computer in Minecraft (even if it is just "following basic instructions") is much more difficult than Gran Turismo. Driving games are easy shit.

...You can't stumble upon AI...That's not how it works...
Why is it fun? It's mindless repetition.
Why is it cool? It obviously can be done and merely requires a rediculous amount of time. If you think it's cool then clearly you must thing digging 1 billion 15cm holes is cool as it is the same - mindless repetition.
What he did is extremely simplitic in terms of electronics. It is far, far simplier than you give it credit for. And saying driving games are "easy as shit" shows you clearly have played very, very few.

lol, you're still missing my point, so I'll say this as simple as I can.
AI is hard to get.
It won't be obtained in Minecraft.
It would be humorous if it was obtained in Minecraft.
Hope that makes sense.

Minecraft is fun because its a limitless sandbox game that only has 1 limitation: your imagination. If you don't enjoy it, then its not the game's fault.
Of course its simple in electronic terms, its a fucking video game. I think its cool that he made it despite his simple tools and materials, just like I'd be impressed at a man making a computer out of a few chunks of wood and some dead squirrels.

How to play a driving game:
Gas is here, turn is here, e-brake is there.
Get comfortable with how to drift, get familiar with levels.
Voila. Driving game mastery 101.

*so you don't miss my point again*
That was not sarcasm.
I am not saying driving games are hard.
I am saying driving games are easy.

1) You don't "get" AI. That's like saying you "get" a Ferrari by digging in the Sahara.
2i) Minecraft is far from limitless. You make very limited buildings that usually serve no purpose and can't even move.
2ii) Therefore the limit is not the imagination, it's the extremely basic and limited mechanics of Minecraft
3) The computer analogy makes no sense. You are essentially comparing following basic instructions to magic.
4) Congratulations, you clearly have never played, or been good at, any racing game you've played.

A computer within a computer?


This project is no more special than, say, a giant penis.

A giant penis? Who made a giant penis? Did it... 'work'? If so give that guy a medal! Oh and the CPU thing is pretty cool.


Someone who has never played MineCraft.

.... wow.... just... wow... computer inside computer... like inception... but... mind-craft..

The intro course to computer-engineering would have been WAY more fun it they had allowed us to do this, instead of programming a spartan-board with vhdl.

"Next, implement a resetable binary-counter with a 7-segment output, BUT REMEMBER TO AVOID CREEPERS!"

I am at a loss for words. I saw this coming, but I didn't think it would be this soon.

I.. wha.. I don't even...

This is simply incredible.

There's a Dwarf Fortress computer too.

There's basically a Dwarf Fortress version of everything you can do in Minecraft, except instead of falling to your death from the top of some wires, an artist can't find a turtle shell and precipitates a murder cascade as survivors are picked off by wild mandrills. Okay that does happen, but only in multiplayer.

Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress are awesome is what I'm trying to say.

lets see if we can get that computer to play minecraft

This is only a second level, we need to go deeper!

Seriously though, that's a freaking awesome build.


Captain Bobbossa:
Wait, this has been don before. Whats the differance between this and that one made out of dirt blocks that streches into the horizon?

That one did calculations.

This one does calculations, stores the result, and does other calculations based on them.

Ah, thanks for clearing that up.

On the subject of amazing things on minecraft that involve circuits and wizardness. Anyone seen this?

If that thing becomes self-aware, we are fucked.


This project is no more special than, say, a giant penis.

A giant penis? Who made a giant penis? Did it... 'work'? If so give that guy a medal! Oh and the CPU thing is pretty cool.


Someone who has never played MineCraft.

When can we expect games like doom and pacman? I need a desktop pc in my fortress and underground sith-tempel-chilling room.

Wait until we start building minds inside of Minecraft. I think that'll be the point where the fat computer nerd who created us all comes down and says "l0lz"


This project is no more special than, say, a giant penis.

A giant penis? Who made a giant penis? Did it... 'work'? If so give that guy a medal! Oh and the CPU thing is pretty cool.


Someone who has never played MineCraft.

That particular example was simply ripped straight from Yahtzee's Zero Punctuation review of Minecraft. Giant cock and balls made of gold, or some such.

"Another thing that I've done, but I don't know if it's unique, is that my buses are verticle. This means that they are only 1 block wide, but it does make my cpu very high," Salaja said. "I died many times by falling from the top."

Ah yes. "A fatal error has occured."

I've seen this before years ago. Someone made a CPU out of Doom, using the monsters fighting amongst themselves to work out the equations.

Now all that's left is to play Minecraft inside of Minecraft

Then make a computer in minecraft in a computer in minecraft on your computer
Ah crap, I think I just destroyed a dimension.

We need to go deeper.
We really do.

Mad Hamish:
Wow. That is impressive. Couldn't help but notice that he had peaceful mode turned on. That is not something you want creepers getting near.

I'd be pissed if a creeper blew that shit up.

And that's nice work! I wonder if he'll offer a tutorial...

I think the amount of horizontal and virtical space necessary to reproduce a modern computer would easily dwarf the computer running Minecraft's ability to render it. Simply put, trying to play Minecraft on Minecraft would easily crash the original computer. Or at the very least it would take hours for the signal to get around via redstone, just to jump once.

Wow, just wow. And I thought my project was ambitious. Good job.

This comment thread was pretty sad.. Doesn't anyone have the ability to read previous comments before adding their own anymore? I thought that was pretty standard etiquette, but I guess it's just the places I usually hang.

Anyway, for the people saying that it's not impressive because any comp sci major understands how it works: Well big duh. I can agree that the knowledge behind it is indeed rather trivial - for those who us who are already educated in the subject. But I might as well say that solving a Rubik's cube is trivial for anyone who is really good at it. It's true, but why would it matter in any discussion about a person who is not a Rubik's cube expert?

By his own statement the guy didn't know exactly how a CPU works when he started doing this project. He learned that while doing it. So besides the thing taking some Minecraft-skill to put together (it's much easier handling physical components and getting an overview in the real world than trying to see in Minecraft how everything fits together with redstone) he learned some really important digital electronics through this. Both of those things are an accomplishment to do by yourself.

Now all that's left is to play Minecraft inside of Minecraft

And then building a second minecraft cpu in the nested minecraft.

Son of a BITCH! That's... that's really all I have to say...

How long until the computers inside Minecraft become self-aware and begin harvesting farm animals for energy?

Oh wait, this would be AWESOME! Where furnaces can generate lots of power, but eat up LOTS of coal, so you can make a robot that harvasts animals!

Actually, as far as I can tell from the explanation given by the gentleman who built the thing, this system does not have anything that would qualify as RAM, merely registers. Also, for the record, this device (while impressive) does not really qualify as a "CPU". It has a series of registers (which store data, either catching the result of an operation or holding information being operated upon) and an ALU (arithmetic logic unit. Basically a mass of resistors that perform simple arithmetic operations on two input values) but is lacking an FSM (finite state machine - a device that determines what operation is being performed by the hardware). What's more, it more or less lacks an operations register (the register that sends data to the FSM so that the FSM knows what state to choose). Both of these tasks are present but they are performed by the user.

Now, I'm quite sure such a thing could be implemented (if you can build a register you can build an operations register. And if you can build a register you can build RAM and store an extensive list of operations. With the things displayed here a universal turning machine could indeed be constructed), certain things, like a robust FSM or a seemingly large (say a 100 address word addressable RAM space) would require an enormous amount of physical space within the game and would easily dwarf those things already present in terms of complexity.

So, BRAVO to the man who created this but there is still a lot of room to grow before we have something that truly resembles what we call a computer.

i can hear creepers fapping over this from my house

Well... uh... wow. Flabberghasted.

In light of this I think I just lost any ambition to play minecraft. I mean while im puttering around my piddly little cobblestone fort, people are programing the game to play minecraft IN minecraft and crafting a virtual computer. I am overwhelmed with a resounding "Whats the point?"

My God... A computer within a computer? That's... I don't even know. Ingenious? Insane? Will we make the matrix INSIDE the matrix? XD


Well,all I have to say is welcome to the minecraft 1980's where computers take up whole college buildings

Wait! Did he say 64 bit? As in 3D?
How much longer until there's a 3D minecraft calculator

I want to see it do logs. and sine, tangent, and cosines.

* flags a bunch of goblinite for melting *

Psh, you lazy bums! Half-dead dwarves fifty Z-levels down did this a loooooooong time ago. The first entry on computing on the Dwarf Fortress wiki dates back to 2007!

In short, I'm not interested in this until I'm having to fend off catsplosions and rampaging unicorns whilst saving Urist McOnfire from stumbling into my booze stockpiles in Minecraft.

This simply boggles the mind.

"Yay finally done... CREEPER!!"

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