Square Enix Wants a New Final Fantasy Every Year

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I can only see this ending badly unlike COD/ASSC a FF game needs atleast 2 years due to their immense size.


Oh and rehire Nebuno Nohmatsu, I still listen to the old soundtracks because they have because they had a great soundtrack, failing that, hire the guys who did the soundtrack for Halo, because regardless of your stance on the gameplay, the original trilogy had a fucking stellar soundtrack.

I think you mean Nobuo Uematsu.

OT: Eh. It worries me that the inspiration for this was Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Assassin's Creed. The games may be fun, but there is objectively little change between titles. Final Fantasy is a series known for creating entirely different worlds for each title. I know they used to pump out a new one each year, but developing for the Playstation/Playstation 2 cost a lot less than developing for the current gen consoles, and likely could be done faster as well.

The engine created for Final Fantasy XIII is arguably great - It has amazing visuals, and the combat system could be flexible if designed for it. But I don't see the developers being able to create worlds any less linear and empty than XIII if they're being forced into releasing a new game a year. Even with two teams, that's two years for each new Final Fantasy game. I appreciate that a lot of people liked Final Fantasy XIII, and if Squeenix decides to pursue this course of action that is the style I see future Final Fantasy games turning to. If such is the case, Squeenix can count on having lost at least one customer.

EDIT: Actually, I just thought of a way it could work. Perhaps a shorter development time would mean a smaller budget for each title, which would in turn mean the Final Fantasy games would need to subsist on more than flashy cut-scene visuals. Granted, I'm not so sure that would be the direction they take instead of just cutting down the length of the game, but one could hope.

Good to see Square is not above taking the EA route of developing games.



Oh and rehire Nebuno Nohmatsu, I still listen to the old soundtracks because they have because they had a great soundtrack, failing that, hire the guys who did the soundtrack for Halo, because regardless of your stance on the gameplay, the original trilogy had a fucking stellar soundtrack.

I think you mean Nobuo Uematsu.

Yes, yes I do, derp. >< Well I got it half right at least.

A new FF game every year?

Joy. I look forward to the hundreds of threads that will come on here talking about how there are too many RPG's on the market and how they are ruining the game industry.

lol why not? it works for the current FPS market. CoD, BF, i mean who can decide?

OT: lol this'll be interesting. what next Deus Ex yearly releases? oh god please don't do that!

Hironobu Sakaguchi left Square ages ago. Final Fantasies are dead and may rest in peace. The good games are still there and can be re-played every now and then. We don't need new ones.

Oh, this does not sound like a good idea. As much as I would love a new Final Fantasy game every year, I think it would be a bit of a problem. Part of the fun for me is always waiting for the next one (for me at least). Plus, Square seems to be going through a bit of a Final Fantasy identity crisis at the moment. They've said as much themselves. They need to refocus and get collected before trying to mimic the West--which I still don't think is a good idea. It takes time--or at least it should take time--to create a whole new world with new characters and a new story. I think the reason they're able to release XIII-2 so quickly is because they already have a lot of the lore and background stuff ready to go. Constantly being on the creative treadmill is going to burn people out, especially for a game series that is so focused on story.

I really can't help but notice that it seems all the big names from the Japanese market of games are doing their damnedest to implode their industry from the inside out. It's puzzling to me how they went from being the best at making games to being some of the biggest punchlines in gaming culture.

Which is really sad because these are the companies I grew up with, these are the people who made me love gaming. What happened guys, how'd you get so out of touch with us?




They also use to be known for releasing games every 1 to 2 years. I would like a NA release of Secret of Mana 2 (Seiken Densetsu 3).

well that was back when the had a team that knew what they where doing :p

but Seiken Densetsu 3 was the shit wasn't it

I never got to play it because it never got a NA release. I absolutely love the first game (Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 2) though. Maybe I should emu...oh wait...can't discuss that here.

true, you can't discuss it here ... >.> <.< but its a great game

Ok long time Final Fantasy fan here Square get your act, stop fucking around and keep the long dev cycle you need it to make quality games. God dammit lads this isn't how you make games despite the fact that CoD sells well you just have to look at what the 2 year cycle and 2 companies making it has done to its innovation. This is something Final Fantasy thrives on. I am tempted to say Square has completely lost touch with reality. This isn't the Nes/Snes era any more Square.

I want a good Final Fantasy game :[

This is not a good idea, especially not now. Release the games you're supposedly working on before you even consider this. Hell, I would be content with just Versus XIII. And it's about bloody time for KH3 don't you think? Maybe focus on some of your other IP's. They seem to end up as better games than the latest FF releases. Please Square Enix, do it for us.

I've said it many times Square, you want to make more money then God on a Sunday? Redo Final Fantasy 7 for modern consoles and then enjoy your beds made of money and whores. I mean, I'm not really a Final Fantasy fan myself but it's pretty obvious your fanbase would go nuts over it.

And before anyone links it I'm aware that they've made excuses for why not.

Ugh. Final Fantasy X was one of the first games I ever got truly into and the wait was worth it for XII. I've always loved the stories and the way the gameplay gets mixed up slightly or a lot. There's no way Square can stuff as much depth, complexity, and emotion into the series if they start pumping out a new installment every year.

Let's all thank Activision and the morons who support this model for ruining the industry.

Uh, No. Just no.

I'll admit, Im a FF fan. I even Like FF 12! (Much More the F13, which was a huge disappointment to me)

If I had to give honest advice to Square Enix, its don't feel hesitant in taking a few years to make a game. Bethesda's been doing that for years and THEY made GOTY so many times.

Want an example? FFX. Yeah I'll admit the VA wasn't that good at times, but I can understand because VA's were just getting started in being used all the times in video games, of course it would take a while to iron out. The point is, look at the HUGE difference between IX and X! The animation, graphics and even the CGI! Take the time to develop a game, make it right just like the old days.

Or you can at least give us FF5 and 6 on the DS/3DS already.

For me, this marks the day Final Fantasy died. :'(

im sorry but what
jimquisition actually worked.. holy jesus
well as happy as i am to hear this being a fan of less OVER THE TOP padded rpg games im inclined to not get my hopes up
knowing square enix there move to get a game out every year is a VERY good move in my books i can guess that they will just cut out more of the parts where you the player should actually be playing to make room for their OVEEEERRRLYY padded cinematic's ... seriously if they cut out a half of all that bloody cinematic bullshit they would have been able to do this from the beggining without making some of the most draining games i have played to date

(i am a man who put down the controller from playing final fantasy 13 for one reason... in 35 minds of game play all i did was press the up button.....)

On the plus side this does make Final Fantasy 30 seem a lot closer.


Marshall Honorof:
but what do Final Fantasy fans really want: consistency or innovation?

Well seeing as they're failing at innovation, I'll take the consistency.

Seriously, better odds of there being something enjoyable.

I don't know, you have to give them credit for being so bold as to try and change the series mechanics somewhat in every game. XII and XIII being the most major.

Hopefully XIII-2 will surprise alot of people, XIII's battle system had a lot of potential, if they've ironed out the flaws for the new game and also addressed narrative and story issues there could be some life in the series yet.

At the very least you can't knock the games graphically, XIII was stunning. Also the music is always fantastic.

Besides consistency is the tired formulas of WRPG sequels, people buy them in droves but they don't do much innovating in the genre nor massively redefine their series'. Skyrim being the newest example. I appreciate what Squeenix are trying to do and I hope they find their feet and produce something that will get them back on the gaming map again.

Another story of the same quality of FFX would definitely do it.

Great, FF series becomes year round shovelwear with just minor changes each time?

If that happens I think I'll just switch allegiance to monolith and wait for the next 'Xeno' title

this will never work. The reason Cod can put out yearly installments is because the campaign is only 5 hours and they copy-paste the multiplayer. Final Fantasy only works because its massive world and great story line keep fans interested. They haven't done a good job the last few times, but would cutting down the story to a few hours instead of a few days really improve it?

Oh God no, I love FF dearly, please don't ruin it ;_;

Here's an Idea! Instead of Making a new one each year, you never make another one again and make the World of Gaming a better place for all! And try to take that prick Sonic with you!

But seriously, when you have an army of mindless Zombies you call fans, ready to eat up any old shit you throw out to them, why would you go for any form of quality? Its not like they WONT buy it because its shit and they know it is, it didnt stop them buying Final Fantasy's 7 through 14.

Wouldn't mind a PC version. If they are looking to boost profits, then releasing on all three platforms would be a start.

Well, the difference is that the Assassins Creed games actually improves with every game. You can't say that about Final Fantasy.

To be honest the slow releases haven't done much in the past. XIII and XIV are two of the worst games in the entire series. I don't even know what they were thinking when they made XIII - a game that was entirely made of filler content with enemies so bloated with hit points that every single battle was an exercise in frustration.

I wish they'd make a more traditional RPG like they had with IV to IX. Yeah it might not be revolutionary but a solid, enjoyable JRPG would be nice for a change.

Maybe it'll help out a bit if they do release them more often.


"When you think of Western triple A titles like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Assassin's Creed, they seem to work with a lot shorter turnaround - they make a new game in 1-2 years. That is something we NEED to follow up, because we're in serious financial trouble after having fucked up bad with FF XIV and to a lesser extent FF XIII

...uhh I mean of course...

because that seems to be the best way to keep our fans interested and attracted to the franchise."

FUCK...YOU...SQUEENIX. In all your orifices. Make better games, that's the only way to keep fans interested and attracted. What are the chances of the quality of your games actually improving when you plan to shit them out faster?

I share the same opinions as many others. I would much rather wait a couple of years between FF games and have amazing quality and quantity than get one every year. Despite the different genres I would use games like CoD as an example. They're the same game every year, nothing is different about them. I don't want that for Final Fantasy.

I bet they're just doing this so they can indeed recycle the Final Fantasy XXVII poster seen in Deus Ex Human Revolution by the time we get to 2027, the only way they can make that is if they haul ass and release at least one FF every year.

No, Square, No.
The only reason your Final Fantasy games are Somewhat playable up to this point is because they look pretty, if you cut your development time even further so you release a game a year then those games are probably gonna be even shittier then Twelve and Thirteen togheter.
Just stop having dreams of success until you actually go back to making decent games, you stuck up snob. :V

NO Squeenix. VERY BAD IDEA!! Your games have enough troubles as it is without consumer fatigue become one of them. In fact, with the kind of troubles your series has already the WORST thing you could possibly do is spend loads of money swamping the market with yearly updates. DO NOT DO THIS! Yearly sequels is NOT why western gamers buy games. Just focus on making GOOD GAMES!

Let's just see how Versus XIII fairs before saying anything about this yearly thing.

Zachary Amaranth:

If they can't up the quality of the games and bring something new to the table, all they are going to do is drive their most profitable brand into the ground. But hey, maybe being under a tight schedule will force them to innovate and change things up. Or maybe not. We shall see.

They'll sell like hotcakes. It's Final Fantasy. they'll get 50,000,000 pre-orders a year.

I don't think so. The problem is that even their own fans were complaining about the quality issues in 13, and if I recall correctly (and there's a good chance I don't) it didn't sell nearly as well as they had hoped. If the quality keeps dropping, obviously there will be those hardcore fans who buy every game, but they'll lose a large part of their audience bit by bit and won't be able to bring in any new players.

I'm in favor of yearly release so long as separate teams are handling the products so each game receives at least 2 years in development.

While the amount of innovation will take a hit, the stories, characters and settings will still follow feel unique. This is not a series of minor tweaks like Madden and should not be viewed as one.

Of course, those people looking for major changes every game from a mechanics and evolution standpoint can simply get the game every 4-5 years. This practice comes off as a complete win for gamers.

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