The Dawnguard Debut Trailer is Here!

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I'm getting this because of one thing.


I don't care what anyone says.

I know right. My only concern is they try making the next game in the renascence or industrial era.

Crossbows were already in Morrowwind but why does no one have spears wait anybody else see that the guard you kill with a crossbow looked like he was holding a spear ah ha there the first civalzation that figured out you could use spears for weapons in the elderscrolls

This sounds an awful lot like Mr Burns' Invasion of Tamriel.

Caramel Frappe:

Am I the only one who thinks the Vampire form looks like Marcus from Underworld Evolution?

So it wasn't just me who thought the same thing.

Wow they actually look a lot more similar then I imagined. Good eye there (no sarcasm and glad someone else is a fan of the Underworld series besides me. Also note the Skyrim werewolves look similar to the Underworld werewolves too.)

Bethesda a big fan of the models in Underworld? I believe so lol.

OT: This DLC is going to rock so hard, it will be the best DLC ever created in the history of gaming (least for me it will be!) I purposely made a new guy and made him a Nord who's all about one-handed combat who can transform into a werewolf along having the ring of Hircine. I'm going to make him go all out Van Helsing style on these new breed (or legion) of demonic vampires. It's going to be epic as heck!! :}

Hee thanks. I didn't notice the wolf similarities. Course I've rarely seen it from the front. I'm just glad the vampire form doesn't suck....pun not intended. And their bringing some much needed badassery back to the Pire's. These nord vampires make the ones in Oblivion look like pansys.

To be honest, I thought that they would stick with their franchis' vampiric lore rather than adopting the kind of creatures normally found in our own mythology.

And I was wondering when Bethesda was going to introduce the technologically advanced crossbow (yet, so easy to learn to use, even a peasant can be come a marksman with just a few weeks of training.)Now all that's left is to advanced the game time by a few centuries, where alchemists would discover an explosive powder that, given a few more centuries, can be used to make more dangerous weapons (though, destruction magic is as much of a world-nuker as any h-bomb IRL.)

The only thing I have to say about this?


Well actually there's a lot more I could say about this... it looks AEWSOME!

This sounds an awful lot like Mr Burns' Invasion of Tamriel.

I thought the exact same thing when I first saw the trailer. I'm definitely getting it though, because GIANT FLYING DEMON VAMPIRE THING! That is all.

HO-LY-SHIT!!! Crossbows, mounted combat, giant demon enemies and an epic plot about vampires VS vampire hunters sounds awesome enough, but they also made it so that being a vampire doesn't suck anymore? That is the real selling point for me. I just hope they also fixed that ridiculous leveling system for vampires when they gave them the awesome makeover (drinking blood makes you weaker? And if you don't do it for a while every NPC becomes hostile? That doesn't even make sense).

Only problem is that now I'm going to have to make TWO new characters and put down over 100 hours of extra playtime to get them to a decent level. I'm going to want 1 character to join the vampire cult and do the whole evil-overlord routine and 1 who joins the Dawnguard and becomes a werewolf so that I can go berserk in an awesome vampires VS werewolf battle. Underworld-style.

Also, is anyone else curious as to why that dragon just took a dive through the ice? It's driving me crazy.

meh ....

come back when it's something cool.

like demons or something, vampires where lame before Twilight ruined them :p

Bethesda started on the PC, then forgot it. The only reason I have Skyrim is because a friend gifted it to me, not about to jump on the CoD style of DLC for stuff that should have been in-game to begin with, let alone waiting for a year for the PC version.

Also, don't get your hopes up about crossbows, odds are they won't do enough damage to justify the reload.



Just open your favorites and press the 1-9 keys to hotkey a spell, item, or whatever you wish. I use 1 for melee, 2 for bow, 3 for main offensive spell, 4 for ward, and 5-9 for whatever else I need.

I hope the actual Dawn Guard isn't disappointing.

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