Sony Threatens Permabans for PlayStation 3 Hackers

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i'd have no problem even if they were bricking systems.... don't like the limitations of the system? dont buy it.... wanna run linux, or have a kick ass media server, or something else along those lines? buy a computer, not a console...

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^Pretty much this. I don't know why people are so eager to sling mud at Sony for "attacking consumer rights". If they're breaking the rules in the agreement then they deserve to get punished.

And I highly doubt that people were buying PS3s JUST for Linux and backwards compatibility. People seem to be using that as the mainstay excuse to be mad at Sony here, even though the people that bough a launch PS3 for those reasons are in the extreme minority. I'm sorry but if you spent $699 on a console just because it had Linux, you wasted money. Could have built a better PC for that money if you wanted Linux that badly.

I can't say that Sony is doing the best handling of the situation but to call it an "attack on consumer rights" is bogus.

Don't connect your modded PS3 to the internet, and if having to do that peeves you, tough, you made your choice. Jailbreaking an iPhone, while legal, still voids the warranty on it, and modded 360s can't go online either.

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