Rumor: Next-Gen Xbox Will Cost $300-$500, Be Always-Online

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He does state that his current Xbox 360 experience is almost entirely online, mostly playing online games or using it as a media center connected to an online service.

It doesn't fucking matter!

I leave my Xbox constantly connected nowadays too, but if I want to take it offline (or have to) then I should be able to! The only people benefiting from always online shit are the publishers. It's anti consumer practice. I don't care how they spin it, it's anti consumer.

And of course Sim City 5 starts da precedent.

Annoying ass DRM. Impossible to crack. Still sells like hotcakes.

Everyone else thinks they can do it.


Shit like this.


If all this is true (especially the lack of backwards compatibility) then I have no need for brand loyalty, and will choose the console that's the cheapest with the best exclusives. Seeing as they're basically identical under the hood.


Online at all times?


Ok, ok, so they're all rumors but still. $300 for a reaaaaally basic edition is still a lot if you ask me. Sorry but I'll never get over the fact that consoles weren't THAT expensive a couple of years back. And yeah, I know that back then, consoles didn't do as much as they do now and online gaming and new technology and stuff. And yet, I still think that's a lot. I might as well buy a laptop and turn into PC gaming.
Which I don't wanna do. Stop giving me reasons to quit console gaming!

Edit: And really, before anyone starts complaining about online gaming not being an issue, it is. If you're lucky enough to live in a household and be in a situation where you always, ALWAYS, have internet connection (No blackouts, no disconnecting randomly, not moving out, etc), then good for you. But know that it's rare, believe it or not.
I moved out to a new place and I did everything in my power to keep my internet connected as I moved from one house to another. Little did I know my cable/internet company would do otherwise and I'd stay without internet for over 3 months. My PS3 and 360 became pretty paperweights. Yeah, I could still play some games but still. You get the idea.

Sounds almost like Microsoft is purposely attempting to commit Console Suicide...or they REALLY are just complete idiots who don't play videogames themselves, and rather just roll in piles of cash.

Primero Holodon:


Primero Holodon:
so basically you're saying "This product doesn't appeal to my specific interests, Therefore it deserves to fail"

Well if it succeeds then it'll set an awful precedent for gaming. We could end up with every console requiring an online connection.

If it is 'always online', then it must fail for the good of the gaming.

See, I'm okay with that reasoning, It's more just that He's happy at the prospect of xbox failing not because of it being always-on but simply because he doesn't like xbox. I don't like the wii-u but that doesn't mean i think it deserves to fail.

Actually, it's pretty much a combination of both. Aside from disliking the X-Box in general (This stemming from my dislike of Microsoft), I also harbor a deep disdain for their awful business practices as far as their X-Box services go, and for the sheer flood of all the worst aspects of gaming that stem from their console about 85% of the time something vile is loose in the gaming community (There's a reason the term 'X-Box Live' strikes such a sour note when mentioned).

In essence, yes I dislike them for personal reasons, but also for general reasons. Microsoft deserves to fail because this sort of stunt is not unlike them at all. Really, when you think about it, doing something like this for a console is utterly ridiculous and idiotic, but when you get past that stage: Does it really surprise you that it's Microsoft pulling said stunt if it's true?

Who wants to bet that $500 worth of components could build a PC with higher specs than whatever's in the 720? Anyone?

Well this clinches this, as I will not be buying the next gen xbox. Provided that the ps4 does not pull the same crap, I shall be sticking to it and the PC. Sorry, Wii U, you don't seem that interesting.

Who wants to bet that $500 worth of components could build a PC with higher specs than whatever's in the 720? Anyone?

Hell, the guy who made my PC could probably do better with $300.

That's strange, I thought Seppuku was a Japanese tradition.

Heh, well the X-Box probably SHOULD fail. For crying out loud, it started with Microsoft copying off of Sony's answer-sheet. And while it DID manage to make its mark, I hear alot more about RROD than I do YLOD. They managed to get this far on less of the personal footwork, but if it's's time. Let the DRM kill it.

Oh, I'm sorry. You people are under the impression that 720 will cost 300$-500$ when you fail to remember that is in fact 600$-1000$ because you have to buy their consoles TWICE because they are made from crap! Microsoft, the only consoles you have to keep buying and buying!

Aka $600 to $1000 down here in Australia.
Sigh our money is on equal with the US now yet everything is almost double the price.
It just makes me feel punished for living somewhere other than the US.

Oh hey! I guess you australians will eventually have to pay $1200-$2000 then! thats not including the pos controllers you have to keep replacing!

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