Xbox President Don Mattrick Leaving For Zynga - UPDATED

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So rather than stay with a sinking ship (albeit, it was most likely partly his fault), he jumps onto another ship that is struggling to stay afloat. Interesting. It's too bad though - he really did belong with Microsoft.

Maybe he can can be of some use. Maybe he will kill Zynga with fire.
For those that remember March Mayhem a few years back...

After the whole E3 thing he must have become poisonous. I cannot imagine why Zynga would hire him.
All the Xbone bad PR has stuck to him and he will forever be associated with it.
He's basically the Ed Gein of the videogame industry.
Because like with Ed Gein, no matter how nice a person he could potentially be, it's impossible to forget he made lampshades out of human skin.


With that said, I'm really surprised that he is leaving Microfost

If that was a typo, its the best typo ever.

Excellent. That leaves Microsoft in a better position and thank fuck EA didn't take him (although the fact they really wanted to is disturbing). Zynga is the perfect place for him - put him away from serious games and let him fuck with people already playing their games online and online only.

Leaving before he gets fired, perhaps?

He probably did get fired but they made it look like he quit because that looks slightly better as a headline.
Then they gave him a cushy job so that he wouldn't complain much.

Bless him.

Whilst I'm sure his bank balance is enough to comfort him, I can't help but feel sorry for him as a bloke who's progressed far too far up the ladder than he ever should have been allowed too.

I just hope that other, more capable and generally better, people get to benefit from the change, as it will only benefit us gamers.

People who actually give a shit about games and gamers would be a start.

EA is on a bent to restore its image. They stopped online passes, plan to restructure Origin to be more "friendly" to gamers (given their history, that sounds scary), got rid of Riccitiello (he "stepped down," which is corporate speak for being forced out). Cautious optimism would not be unwarranted.

Then we find that EA wanted Mattrick to replace Riccitiello.

If you really want to kill yourselves, EA, there are better, more efficient ways to do it.




Close, it would be like sending the Human Torch to take the helm of the Hindenburg.

Well yes, but why would Don Mattick want to take the helm of Zynga? Wouldn't that be like wanting to take the helm of the Hindenburg? ...after it crashed?

Unfortunately your guess is as good as mine on that front.

Though i think MS were kicking him out after the... spectacular PR he gave after the Xbone reveal and at E3, and EA might have been considering headhunting him but decided against it after the same incidents.

After which he took the highest paying job he was offered. Whether or not he knew anything recent about Zynga is a whole other debate.

Are you kidding? EA probably looked at this guy's recent PR... statements and said "This guy's perfect!" ¬__¬

I'm forced to admit that he may do a good job at Zynga because of bizzaro-universe political correctness.

(Honestly though, Zynga does a lot of free to play games, so maybe it is smart to send the guy who blatantly refuses to help sales)

Good. I'm glad this smarmy bastard is no longer associated with any brand I am interested in.

EXACTLY my thoughts.... well said. :)

Say hello to my reaction to this story.

See my forum avatar for my reaction.

Your first reaction might be "What?" followed by "LOL".

The truth behind this is: "Don: crap, my job security doesn't look too good". "Zynga: Want a ton of money, Don, to work for us?". "Don: OKAY!".

Simple as that.

Am I the only one who looks at his pictures and expects to hear "AHYUCK!" with Goofy's voice?

You're not alone.

The catch is that Goofy would acknowledge his failure with a dejected "Garsh!" and actually learn a freaking life lesson - while I assume Don is singing as loudly as he can over the gamer outrage he'd caused and generally hugging his last benefits with Microsoft like they're the One Ring.

Guy's not a gamer, he's a corporate tool who's focused on profitability. Ten to one he fucks shit up for Zynga too, but with the intent to fill up their coffers.


This is something I sure as shit didn't see coming O_O
Just if he was the president of that branch of MS, then he approved all the Xbone shit, right?

And Zynga want the guy who thought the Xbone was a good idea?...

This is a whole new level of weird s£&t. How bad is it at Microsoft that you look at zynga as a step up?

Man those remarks are very witty, so much I had to take a break to laugh at Don Mattrick some more.

Yeah I agree with you both. WTF? Leave Microsoft for Zygna?

That is like leaving the US Marine Corps to become a boy scout.

SO lets see now how badly farmville gets screwed over.

Hopefully this means we won't see another Windows 8 for PC's... (its a good phone/tablet OS) and we can see an improved Windows 7.

You'd think he would pick a better option rather than go from one sinking ship onto another that's already at the bottom of the ocean. Hell, Seppuku would have been less painless and more honorable. But I guess Don is the "glutton for punishment" kind of idiot.

Better check your golden parachute, Don. It might just be filled with silverware instead. ^^;

Is... is it April Fool's Day already? Have I been in a coma for the last 10 months?

I'm not sure if this is a case of irony overload of sublime poetic justice...

That's a damn good deal. From sector chief to CEO. If he manages his job at Zynga well, he could return to Microsoft and get any position he wants. It's an undoubtedly smart move from his perspective.

It's sad to see everybody reacting to this like it's an admission of Don Mattrick's fault. If I remember correctly, Michael Pachter predicted his transfer from Microsoft long before Xbox One was announced, in his comment about new EA CEO. According to Pach-Atack, the only thing holding Mattrick in Microsoft was his obligation to see new Xbox to it's press release. So for me this news wasn't surprising at all, although I was hoping it would be EA and not Zynga. Watching people freak out makes me wonder how little we really understand in this world.

I really hope this is true - the thought of him taking the reins of EA is more than a little frightening.

Last time Don Mattrick worked for EA we got franchises such as Need for Speed, Harry Potter and The Sims, can't be all bad if he went back to EA right?

Seems like the only thing left is for EA to buy out Zynga.

No one on here seems to be even vaguely aware of what's gone on here. A senior exec has taken a better position at a different company? Big whoop, most of the comments being made are irrelevant or completely wrong. He's the reason Microsoft are "sinking"? He's really not, and they're really not.

The guy has a very good CV, and is a competent executive. This dude helped run the show (business side) through the years of the 360 - one of the most successful products that Microsoft has produced. As CEO of Zynga, his job will be to oversee CTO, COO, CFO etc, and to keep the business profitable in the future. What the Zynga product actually is, is somewhat irrelevant. He has significant working knowledge of the marketplace, and can turn a profit in it. Good luck to him, few people in this world get to make CEO of anything.

What he wasn't was solely responsible for the XBone, and while he undoubtedly had input into the product, the mistakes were made with clear business intentions. After the debacle of the XBone, he wasn't going to be progressing up the Microsoft ladder anymore, so he moved to a company that is all about games (even if they are games that people on here don't like and choose to belittle).

I guess he figures all the middle aged women that play zynga games aren't internet savvy enough to rally against him.

Who better to lead Zynga than a man with a black heart? Zynga is an evil company. I see now, when they fired those 500 people a few months ago, that was just them firing the employees that actually cared about their consumers. My mom tells me all the stuff she has to put up with while playing Farmville. When my mom started playing Farmville I said "Welcome to video games." When she started getting frustrated at Zynga I also had to say "Welcome to video games."

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