Star Wars Galaxies Had an Amazing Idea For Jedi That Never Happened

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Sounds more like you just have a problem with democracy.

So if 1 billion Chinese people simply moved to the US tomorrow, demanded an election, then all collectively voted to install a dictator who then rounded up all previous citizens, seized all their assets and kicked them out of the country and anyone wasn't cool with that, then they would just "have a problem with democracy"?

Replace the US with Tibet and yes, that is exactly what the Chinese government calls it :P

Good post btw. I agree with you about the point regarding rarity of items: anyone who can't attain the highest tier will just quit.

That's a shame... I would be curious to see players wise up and actually create a small Jedi army to take on Vader. It probably would fail but it's worth a shot.


Jamcie Kerbizz:

SWG was a fascinating social and economical model experience. It definetly was not for children or child-like adults it were marketed to.

Yes yes, here come the unfair game apologists who are just going to insult everyone who wants games to be fun. The funny thing is, the cutthroat economics of real life that you love so much nixed the game out of existence because they just aren't popular as entertainment.

Starting to think you only read about the game and never actually played it, because you've been wrong on all points so far. But yeah the economy was really well done for it's lack of regulation. I was a "casual" player of the game and so apparently would have been turned off by all the "grinding" I would have had to do except... that never, ever happened. I put my harvesters down, ran around shooting things, explored or hung out in the cantinas making friends (better player interaction there than any MMO before or since in my experience) and made stuff occasionally.

Though one thing about the economy, I somehow made it the highest rank in my profession without grinding because, well that's how the game was made. Anyways I would sell the cheapest thing I could make in the bazaar for whatever the bazaar max was and name it with the location of my store and "all mastercraft items 3k or less" as an advertisement and people would buy out all my adds. So I took a loss on my mastercraft stuff but made it back and more on boots :) I still miss that game.


Every time I generate a DF world, I create an Adventurer that's realistically based off me.
My name, peasant, lots of points in reading.
Then I sometimes just wander around, travel, or maybe retire in a village.
And then when I play a fortress or another adventurer, I know that I am still living somewhere in that world.

I know in the age of Dark Souls certain people have gotten a quasi-masochistic idea of what "fun" is, but frankly, this doesn't sound like fun. This sounds like putting a ton of work into crappy rewards for the honor of some kind of specious "hardcore" bragging rights. The original "Galaxies" had people putting work into odd things, like becoming the best cantina dancer or bartender or craftsman, and possibly putting a lot of work into things that many modern MMO players wouldn't recognize as "adventures" at all. But it gave players reason to interact with the other players and a sense of place in the existing society.

This... discourages people from interacting with the other players at all. Hide from everyone, and don't use your powers, because they suck anyway. And if you do use them, maybe you'll eventually have powers that suck slightly less, but not in any sort of proportion to the amount of crap that's going to rain down in your head. And the head of anyone you trust enough to keep by your side, because being a Jedi is apparently 99% liability to anyone who isn't looking to cash in on your bounty.

Salt the earth of this idea and move on.


Li Mu:

Ahhh....I see what you're suggesting. To make it more meaningful, when the character dies, the player should also die. That would certainly raise the stakes.
I'm totally on board with your idea. Good thinking Aetrion!

I'm not suggesting anything, I'm saying that the inevitable reality of a game that wants to retain players is that permadeath is not actually permanent. If the game wants to make money it has to retain players, that means if their character gets deleted on death the only way the game retains that player is if they instantly create another one. you're not saying that we should kill the player also? Damn. And for a moment I thought you were a genius. Now I see that you're no different from everyone else!


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