Zombie MMO's: Yes or No?

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You can't recreate the enviroment of a zombie apocalypse when you have thousands of other dipshits running around.

That and as much as I despise PvP, its a vital aspect of MMO's and excluding it would be a doomed voyage into failure town. If you gave people the option to play zombies you'd really be fucked because the atomosphere would be totally ruined.

Left 4 Dead is atmospheric in single player or multiplayer campaign mode, but in versus its a giggling mad romp that you can't take seriously.

Could be fun, something with players being the survivors of a zombie apocalypse with towns etc. with everything like a regular MMO just with monsters replaced with zombies. They would need to work on making guns fun though. Also it would have to have strong horror elements, it's the best thing for a zombie MMO.

I think your basically thinking of the zombie survival guide game from another thread but in mmo form which would be awesome

I disagree. PVP is not a requirement or a vital aspect of MMOs. It's an oft requested one, but hardly vital.

However there are options for PvP in Black Earth. As I've outlined there are survivorships and there are raiders. By flagging yourself for PvP you invite player character raiders to attack you. Resources are low, food and ammunition are commodities. Heck! Bullets are the game's currency since real world money is useless.

PvP isn't Human Vs. Zombie. Zombie are mindless shambling undead. PvP is players using a player character race to fight other player characters. Werewolves, vampires, humans, ghosts, ghouls, mutates. These are the PvP races.

With PvP of this nature you wind up with a certain sense of paranoia. 'Is this player going to raid my precious foodstocks or offer up a trade? Should I just shoot him and take what he brought as a peace offering?


There isn't enough diversity in a simple Zombie for a MMO. You may argue that you can have different types of Zombies, but that depends on what you mean by the word "Zombie", because really it should be a re-animated dead person. So other than gender and possibly whether the person was a body builder, there wouldn't be much else other than just plain Zombies, unless you include animals.

However, if you took the Zombie-spin-off aproach and said the "people are infected" then I guess you could have many types of "Zombie" as you could just claim the people mutate. But when it boils down to it - different types of infected "Zombies" will just lead to a fantasy style warrior(tank), mage(dps), priest(healer) basis, and honestly I'd rather have a fantasy MMO where I could be different races at the same time as different classes rather than just varying classes of Zombie.

Besides if you want to play an MMO with more variation than just varying classes of Zombies, go play WoW and be an Undead, then you can kill and feast on as many humans/dwarves/night elves/gnomes/draenei as you wish.

EDIT: Note: I was thinking of a MMORPG, if you are not thinking along the same lines you may ignore my post.

I would probably give a zombie MMOG a try. The PvP could take the form of people fighting for food or something, but I think the best experience would be in the questing. Getting together with a group to raid an infested supermarket? Hell yeah.

It sounds like it would work best as an MMOFPS, which there are not enough of on the market. Although I imagine lag would be an issue.


Rotter: Standard Zombie. Slow, Shambling. Takes 2-3 shots from a pistol to put down. Ineffectual unless in crowds or tight spaces
Crawler: Similar to the Rotter, this Zombie type is slow and innefectual outside of tight spaces. However it gains a defense bonus against ranged attacks because of it's prone position
Spitter: Similar to the Rotter, with a Ranged Attack of Vomit. The Vomit attack deals some damage and slows the victim.
Red Herring: Possibly the Healthiest of Zombies, Red Herrings show no sign of infection whatsoever, are capable of speech, and devious. They lure targets into melee range before revealing themselves.
Brute: Powerful, dangerous, tough. Usually Bodybuilders, Police Officers, and Military men in life.
Berzerk: Faster than your average Rotter and tougher, too, Berzerks carry simple clubs from their environment to beat their meals to death with.
Boogeymen: Strangely pale, Boogeymen are zombies that attack almost exclusively at night. Fast, smart, and deadly, they're not terribly resilient. You just have to see it before it rushes.
Slaughterkin: Zombie Children only come in one variety, due to their almost uniform musculature. Faster than most Rotters, they also tend to be weaker.
Glutton: The Giants of the Zombie World, Gluttons are massive (400+lbs) zombies with a propensity of eating anything within reach. Including other zombies. On death they have a 50% chance to have a Rotter, Crawler, or infected Rat tear free.

The Virus infects different human beings in different ways. The reason for this is the chemical makeup of a given person's mind will be different than another's. So various chemicals, even after death, will be more or less prevalent. Berzerks for example often have a history, in life, of aggression, anger, and short fuses. Gluttons were often morbidly obese during life, and in death still feel the nead to feed far more strongly than other zombies. Red Herrings were, in life, often manipulative of the people around them. Noone is quite sure why all children exhibit identical traits, or why Spitters even form. There are still many mysteries to be solved on that front.

It should be noted that Zombies, whatever their stripe, tend to remain Dormant for long periods of time with short periods of hunting activity to conserve their energy between meals. Zombies left Dormant for a long enough time could, conceivably, metabolize it's own muscular tissue to form a Crawler, or even destroy itself if left to starve for a long enough period of time. However even while Dormant zombies are extremely dangerous, as they have no need for sleep their senses are left on high alert, warning them of potential prey often from hundreds of yards away. Particularly intelligent Zombies (Boogeymen, Red Herrings) are known to set traps for prey by seeking a hiding place to lay dormant, rather than collapsing in place as many rotters do.

Infected Animals

Rats: Small, Hard to hit, Fast. Three traits common to all Rodents before Outbreak. Now they are the bane of all suvivorships. There is no such thing as a single Rat.
Rat Kings: When a group of Rats in a sewer get covered in slime and filth their tails can become tangled in a massive filthy knot. Typically they starve. Infected rats don't. On death a Rat King spawn 1-4 Rats.
Cats: Housecats and Feral small cats both exhibit the same traits when infected. Pack mentality and a focus on quick, stealthy attacks. Especially common in the ruins of large cities.
Big Cats: Conversely Big Cats (Cougars, Tigers, Lions) tend to be solitary hunters, even if they were pride animals while alive. Though they favor similar ambush tactics.
Worgs: Both Wolves and domesticated dogs have a strange tendency to lose all of their fur after becoming infected. This makes them easy to spot at a distance.
Bears: Durable, Fast, and extremely dangerous in close quarters. Bears often have problems following targets through turns and prefer straight-runs to rush targets.

The Virus, while adaptive, has been unsuccesful at infecting reptiles, avians, fish, or insects. These animals simply ignore the virus but do not act as carries, since the virus is transmitted through saliva to blood contact but must compromise the host's blood cells before reproducing. Thus only mammals are able to be infected. Strangely, Non-predatory animals (Deer, Goats, Sheep, Cattle, Horses) are capable of being carriers but show none of the other classic signs of infection (increased aggression, hunger). It's believed that only predatory or at least omnivorous mammals can be infected to the point of becoming a zombie.

It should be noted that Zombie Animals also have a Dormant state. However studies have shown that small animals (rats, cats, dogs) cannot maintain the dormancy for long periods of time and must consume some flesh, even their own or that of another zombie, to sustain their existence.

This is the current extent of our Infected library. IN addition you'll have to deal with a variety of human and mutant raiders, ghouls, ghosts, Werewolves and Vampires, and other unmentionables we're still working on.


I'd totally try out a Zombie MMO.

You could actually make the missions make sense, like:
Mission 1: your mission is to clear a road to the next town. You have to guard the workers and kill all zombies.
Mission 2: when you get to the next town you search for survivors and supplies, guard them on the way back to the vehicle
Mission 3: get back to your home base and protect it from the Zombie hoard that is now chasing you back.

I guess it would basically be L4D with experience points, a Persistent world, customizable weapons, more weapons, Hopefully player made cities (build and defend), possibly trade between cities, etc

Add in a few more special zombies like there are in L4D and you would have an EXCELLENT PvE Zombie MMO.

But when you think about it...Zombies arent that great....they only good to get killed...

I dont think they mean that you play as zombies. :D

I think it would be an MMO where you create a survivor and steal food, cars, make hideaways, make weapons, find other survivors, try to cure the infection, train and stuff like that.

There are already a couple:

There's Urban Dead, a free text-based zombie MMO. I played it for a while but have since stopped.

Also, when I Am Legend came out, Second Life hosted a zombie survival MMO; I'm not sure if it's still up or not, though, nor would I want to know why anyone would actually play Second Life.

I love the idea of a zombie MMO, and I've pondered the idea before. It would be difficult to pull of, but done properly I genuinely believe it could be one of the greatest games ever.

Dead frontier :)
It's a 2D top down zombie survival horror mmo.

I don't think there is enough substance and longevity to playing a zombie game. That's why I think Valve hit the nail on the head with Left 4 Dead. By purposefully leaving out much of a plot and story to recreate that feeling of a sudden zombie apocalypse. I think if it translated over into MMO teritoy it would have big problems trying to keep the game interesting.

well its a good idea but how would it work because zombies just run rouned evreywhere so theyd be evreywhere unless you like live in a deffended area or out in the wilderness?

i think MMO would have to be a no a sandbox zombie game sounds good but an overall decent 1 player zombie game would be nice if only to distract from the massive piles of shitty 5 second development zombie games that have been dumped on us

I'm thinking of Zombie Panic! but on a more massive scale.

I kinda like the idea of a survival type of game. A huge city with some outskirts and farmlands. Something like the original Mafia, but much bigger. You'll have different types of gangs in the city like people who survive by doing drugs, straight edge people, the government, religious people (cults, perhaps?) and players who can join gangs or stay on their own and freelance. There could be pvp settings where players kill eachother for guns, food and drugs. Yeah, I like the idea.

A Google search netted me a beta version of one. It's called Dead Frontier.

I'm new so I don't know if posting links to other sites is against the rules here. So just Google it.

You can post links, just not for solely advertising purposes. So if you had only 1 or 2 posts and were basically creating new threads just to promote other sites, then that's against the rules. Doing what you seem to want to do, which is post a link that is valid and related to the topic, is perfectly fine and accepted. So by all means, post that link :D

OT, I'd love to play a zombie MMO. It would need careful handling I suppose, but if you did it in the right way it could definitely work.

Too limited to sustain itself for long IMO. I mean it's a neat idea, but as an ongoing, persistant world I don't think it would work. It would be like making WoW except with less zones and replacing every monster with the same Murloc.


They were producing one called Exanimus, pretty much everything discussed here was gonna be in it, but it went tits up.

GTA 4 world size

Left4Dead zombie

dead rising weapon usage

sort of like tht

yeah, ok people thanks to those who actually contributed something and didnt just refer me to a shitty browser game(or the nonshitty L4D).

yeah, ok people thanks to those who actually contributed something and didnt just refer me to a shitty browser game(or the nonshitty L4D).

They did contribute something... you don't have to be so harsh...

I would love to play a zombie mmo, but I don't know if any company could actually do it right. I like a lot about how Urban Dead works to be honest, and its grown quite the little community around it. I would love to be involved in a non-browser game that expands on that style, and by that I mean the dual nature of it. People can choose to start off as a zombie or a survivor, but when you die as a survivor you become a zombie. Humans can cure zombies back into humans. Its quite the neat little system which allows for people who die to stay in the game, and I quite enjoy being able to be on both sides of the situation.

Also things like if you had a flak jacket on when you died, its protection carries over to your zombie character. I dunno, its just a neat little game to be honest. I would hate to see any fps elements in it to be honest, I would rather the pistol shots and stuff to be like auto attacked like shooting bows in WoW or what have you than to be fps style. It just plays and flows better that way in my opinion, plus it circumvents the issue of lag.

I could go on forever, but basically I love zombie games and would greatly enjoy an mmo. Also don't diss games just because they don't look appealing to you in particular, and also don't talk down to people who were genuinely adding to your thread. That is all :)

Yes we need more brains

My idea, think zombie infections, start of as an average zombie but eat brains and kill people for evolution points, pour points into different ways of evolution of the virus for instance.

Sneaker: a class for stealth gamers, they sneak around in the dark and attack people who are stranded or weak.
Strikers~: massive clawed hands and huge amounts of health but slow.
Tents:tentacled monstrositys, created by evolving in both licker and striker classes.
Lickers: fast moving long ranged zombie with sharp barbed and poisoined tongues.

and many many more

I think people are more excited at the prospect of just playing in that kind of environment... an MMO could have a lot of potential... you wouldn't just have zombies, you could have raiders, dogs would return to being feral, rats and other creatures.

The gameplay would mainly be scavenging, as there would not really be a lot of moments of shitloads of zombies, you could save those for major quests, but it would primarily revolve around establishing transportation, water and food supplies, ammo supplies, etc. Kind of like Dead Rising if there were less zombies and you weren't restricted to the mall.

The MMO aspect could be limited to major cities, so you join a group in a city like how WoW has different servers. You could also become a zombie yourself and then play it out that way.... if done right there's a lot of potential.

it wouldn't be a bad idea
First-different classes of zombies (including animals)
Second-Firearms and melee weapons
Third-Large wide open space like fallout 3 or something along those lines
that's all i have to think about

Take a look at this site and tell me what you think!


I just don't think that would really work.

A Zombie AoE game would be good... but a MMO? maybe... depending on what elements of a zombie they use. For example you wouldn't want the slow moving zombie shuffle.

It should be an MMOFPS and have rediculous amounts of weapons and zombies.

A zombie MMO will never be made, because it cannot possibly work. Here's why:

Zombie survival is a fixed-ending type of game. You either survive the zombie situation in which case you win and that's the end of the game, or you do not survive the zombie situation, in which case you lose and that's the end of the game. MMORPGs on the other hand are designed to go on forever with a feeling of 'progress' but never an outright win or loss. Sure you can die, but you always come back through ressurection, cloning or whatever, which means there's no reason to ever really be afraid. A zombie MMO without fear might as well not even exist. You can also kill things but then more things just appear, so where's the point in killing things in a zombie MMO if it doesn't actually make you or your team any safer? Your character would exist in a constant, inescapable statis of the situation in which he or she lives never improving and never getting worse, and the danger never increasing or going away, in which case why even bother living at all? A zombie MMO cannot exist in practice because it has nothing to motivate the player/character with.

On the other hand you can certainly incorporate zombies into an RPG (many fantasy ones have for years, there are zombies in D&D after all) but you can't make "zombies" the whole point of the game - not if it's an MMORPG. It doesn't work.

Well I doubt itd work
Being that its an zombie game theyd have to limit the actual humans... And being that its an MMO they cant do that
And lets face it, zombies are only good for dieing.. Again
But. A free-roam L4D style game would be awesome, Kevlar Armor of Justice +7 here I come.

I think the idea would work well if the players were all survivors vs. the hordes of zombies. the story should accommodate for two rival factions of survivors and many varying types of zombies and bad guys. Given to the right developer, I see the potential for a pretty good MMO.

EDIT: Perhaps a Guild War esque system would work, as in the towns and safe areas are places for players to meet up and get quests and such, and as soon as they step into the world it is instanced for them and their party. That way they would feel like killing zombies is actually helping the party survive, instead of just grinding them for xp.

Welcome to the escapist OP!
By zombie mmo I assume you mean like an mmo version of Left4dead? I think that would be a great idea.

He's been here for 6 months. . .

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