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Commander Thunder Nighthawk.

Shotgun Elephant.

Somehow neither of those scream 'espionage', actually I suppose scream is the appropriate term for how that name would tackle spying.


I am apparently Commander Thunder Mantis Badger.

...I am confused but I like.

EDIT: Using just my middle name netted me Revolver Crocodile. I hereby demand to be referred to as such.

kidding, kidding. Mostly.

Poison Wolf, beeyotch

Hmm .. I'm 'Deadeye Elephant' .. which, let's be honest, sounds like the worst kind've sniper EVER ..

Swordmaster Snail. That's crazy awesome.

Sniper Elephant. Fits me down to a T, I'd say.

Okay this is hilarious.

Cambell-Good luck, kill the terrorists, rescue the hostages, and destroy the Metal Gear, so we can use you as a model super soldier.
New Foxhound Agent- What?
Cambell- Nothing... Anyway here's your new codename.

Flame Boss

My FOXHOUND Name is actually Flame Boss..thats kinda cool.


Martial Arts Anaconda

What is this, I don't even...that makes no fucking sense.

I got Shotgun Spider....kinda cool i guess.

Thunder Mantis Badger.

I want to see what the hell that would look like.

Revolver Fear?

So I get to shoot people with revolver bullets coated in the venom of the Brazilian Wandering Spider.


Alternatively, without using my middle name:

Revolver Snake.

Now that's badass. >:)

EDIT: Wait a minute. That's like an alternative name for Liquid Ocelot. Which means...

HOLY SHIT! I'm the fourth Snake! FUCK YEAH!

Hah when i loaded into this thread i thought it was about the codenames you got given upon completion of the games, anyway to my pleasant suprise i am.

Martial Arts Snake, useing my real name.

Six-Shot NightHawk, useing my posting name.

I am Grenade Crocodile, I like it

I am "Thunder Fear".


Online Name: Martial Arts Warthog
Full Name: Martial Arts Elephant
First+Last: Martial Arts Spider
Middle+Last: Shotgun Spider

Well, as cool as the spider ones are, there's something about my online alias...

"Flame Moth"

... Like this?

Anyway, moths are awesome (way better than butterflies, at any rate), so I'm cool with that name.

I am Thunder Snake. YEAH!

"Thunder Boss"

I can hear a loud crack of thunder as I say it in a gritty tone. Def from the MGS3 era.

I am Shotgun Spider. This pleases me greatly.

Shotgun Spider

as cool as that name is, i'd rather be silent bear :v

I am Shotgun Spider. This pleases me greatly.

what the fuck that's surprising. we're both shotgun spider.

Apparently I'm now SHOTGUN ANACONDA!


Flame Mongoose...It's not bad... I wonder if I'll my special power will have something to do with fire...

I am Commander Lightning Honey Badger.


The obvious answer to a thread like this...

Aside from that, ya notice how often Foxhound's operatives have names that can easily fit in a Megaman X game. For instance...

Decoy Catfish


Apparently, I'm out to avenge the death of my brother-unit, Volt Catfish. Just imagine that maverick with a trenchcoat and hat...and that's me now. Go figure.

I just used my first name. So why did I get "Deadeye Spider?" I mean I'm just saying.

Thunder Mantis Badger

100%, absolutely terrifying. People better watch out. You think Honey Badger don't give a damn? Honey's got nothing on Thunder Mantis Badger!

Come at me, bro!

I am Shotgun NightHawk.

Not bad ... not bad at all!
The terrorists will fear my silent shotgun!

I don't know if anyone has posted this yet but...yeah I just thought it was relevant.

Thunder NightHawk.

That's pretty badass.

Flame Spider?

I am disappoint...

My brother got Grenade Mantis Badger.

Mantis Badger? W-T-F...

I got Grenade Snake, I like this. If I am ever looking for a codename for character in something, I will use this.

Martial Arts Mantis Badger. I do believe just be reading my name I hand your ass back to you.

Edit: This generator could use a bit more than: shotgun/flame/martial arts and anaconda/crocodile/mantis badger.

I too am Martial Arts Mantis Badger, but I doubt we have the same name so don't how this thing works but it doesn't work well enough.

Ok, I tried this and I got:

Deadeye Hyena, commander
Deadeye Spider
and Deadeye Mongoose.

Please don't laugh but I looked into the site and found a MLP name generator and got:

Evil pony: Raven Sickness
Good Pegasus: Windy Chaser.


Edit: Used my username and I got Grenade Fox.

I got Ice Warthog. I am surprisingly okay with this, Warthogs are scary critters.

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