Would you buy a nextgen console if it banned used games but had exclusives?
23.1% (64)
23.1% (64)
45.5% (126)
45.5% (126)
Never Going to Happen
30% (83)
30% (83)
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Poll: What if PS4/Xbox 720 banned used games but had an exclusive on your favorite franchise?

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If it squishes down the expense of brand new 'AAA' whatever that means, titles, then I don't see why not. If I really want the game being able to pick and choose, or wait and keep an eye for bargins doesn't seem any different from using steam.

Out of curiosity, how long have these "no used games" been going on for? I seem to recall those same rumors for the 360 and PS3.

I would just hack it to accept them. It's my console, it will do what I fucking want it to do, and if I want it to play used games then god damnit it's going to play used games.

If the companies don't like that they know where to stick their cease-and-desist, and that place isn't my mailbox.

That being said, I don't own any consoles and I don't have any reason to buy a TV to use with one. So I'd most likely just shrug, shake my head, and go back to playing Valve games and EvE Online.

I've got a PC, which I do buy games for. I've also got a PS3. I really hate console gaming and never bought single title for it until it got hacked and then I just downloaded every PS3 exclusive I wanted. Never had an Xbox, don't want one either. I play Wii games with Dolphin if at all, so that's not an issue either.

I wouldn't buy an 8th generation console anyway, but especially not if it didn't have an option for used games. The idea that my purchase is just for a "lease" on the files on the disc is ridiculous. Intellectual property is going too far these days.

I'm just going to pick up a Wii U (Nintendo seems miles better on the subject of DLC ripoffs than most other consoles, and has some great exclusives) and upgrade my graphics card.
I might buy a PS4 down the road, depending on what Sucker Punch comes out with.

Also, if they DO make used games unusable, but lower prices by $10-20 due to the increased profit margins, I would be a little disappointed, but more or less OK with it.
But we all know they will raise the price to $70 each soon :\

The one benefit consoles have over the pc is the used game market, without it there is no point to having one.

Used games are good for the consumers and exclusives are just dick moves, Never Gonna Happen.

The modding guys number in the thousands so it isn't a few hundred sales they lose out on it's a massive chunk.

Even if the number of people who are in it solely for the mods and would stop buying the games entirely is in the hundreds of thousands (which seems like a rather hugely generous over-estimation), they sell millions of copies on the consoles. They do quite well on the PC too, but the mod community is a relatively small subset. And I'm a PC-only guy at this point who plays those games for the mods and no other reason (and would go so far as to say that I don't even find the Elder Scrolls games fun at all without mods). It's easy to overestimate how important a group of people you belong to is if you spend a lot of time participating in it and associating with other people from it; it gives you a distorted perspective.

I really don't see a ban on used games happening realistically, but if it hypothetically did, that would just be another thing making it harder to convince me to buy another console. It's not that I have anything against consoles (I've had several over the years, and I kept almost getting a 360 at one point), but I already have so many games I need to catch up on that I can't really justify spending that much money just on another piece of hardware, especially if they did something like that to be a dick to me. Even if it had games I wanted to play, that wouldn't really make a difference. I already skip PC games that have particularly crappy DRM and go play something else instead. There are way more than enough good games out there than I have time to play (and I don't have a job right now, so I have a lot of free time...), so missing a few here and there is not a big deal.

I still don't understand why people hate used games so much. To be honest, I don't care if a publisher gets a cut I just want the game I want without breaking the bank to get it.

I wouldn't get a new console unless they were giving them away... which is exactly how I got the only console I've ever owned (a PS2)... I already need a high end PC for my 3D artwork and getting it gaming ready cost me all of $0.00, so why the fuck would I fork out cash for something else? Especially as I get driven to distraction by spotting most of the tricks the devs used to make the lower quality graphics look better. You can't unsee that shit.

I'm going to stay on PC, there is no collection of franchises that I would care enough about to buy a console for. I stopped buying games from EA because of Origin, and that experience taught me how great it feels to put my foot down against this corporate crap, and how I don't miss the games because there are so many other great ones to play.

And let's no one kid ourselves either. How many of you said you'd be Sony til you died, but now own an XBox or 360? How many said Nintendo had 'lost your sale forever' but now own a Wii and all the rereleases of the Mario and Zelda games?

I never said either one of those things... then again, console gaming just doesn't interest me.

I buy the majority of my games new, either at launch or a couple of months down the line. I only really buy used if I want to pick something up that I missed and fancied a shot of or rebuying a game I traded in. Either way, I'd still want to option to. =/

Developers and publishers really need to stop demonising people for buying used games. Books, clothes, CDs etc all have thriving used markets and there's little if any complaining from those camps. Knocking the RRP of games down, even by ten to fifteen quid, would help a lot (especially considering most shops take ten off the RRP anyway, making them 30 rather than 40). Fair enough you'd lose money per unit but you'd more than make up for it in the volume of extra sales.

going exclusive is just a dumb idea in general and I don't get why people do it. You're essentially sacrifing more profit and a larger fan-base.

why pay nearly 500 dollars for a new console when I can upgrade my pc for 100 dollars or less?

Too many problems with consoles anyway.

Red Ring, Yellow Light, ApocalyPS3, and broken TV (wii)

Lets see: Only Happened once (After 4 years of owning); Never Happened; Never Happened; Never Happened.

Also, to get a good PC, it costs an arm and a leg. The Console is a far cheaper version for those who don't have the money to get into PC Gaming. (Please note, I love PC Gaming and I hope to get a new PC soon-ish, just trying to clear up a few misconceptions).

Also, why can't gamers just love games? Why must they whine about X console or X PC or X Game? Can't we all just get alone and enjoy all games?

OT: I rarely buy used games so I wouldn't care at all.

As part of the master race, I find this conversation petty and uninteresting.


Seriously though, I honestly can't say at this point. I really could do with more concrete details before a purchasing decision like that is made.

I want you to go to any market in your country and remove one of the largest sources of revenue (no matter who that revenue goes to). Tell me how that turns out, see if it seems likely to happen again any time soon.

Any franchise that goes console exclusive would no longer be a franchise on my radar at release... so even if what is described happens, it's never going to happen to me. Bargain bin games are what consoles are for, as far as I'm concerned. I rarely buy used though, just overstock past its prime.

Das Boot:


Das Boot:
lot of PC users would just buy the game for a console.

No. No they wouldn't. I'd rather have no product at all than a horribly, horribly, horribly, horribly, horribly inferior one.

I'd just replay Skyrim, with all the beautiful mods. Hopefully a Game of Thrones total conversion mod even.

I think you seem to be forgetting that you are one person.

>.> um ... no .... Frostbite is right, the console version of anything is generally worse then the PC version, why pay the same and get less?

OT: THIS console generation has been a huge, HUGE disappointment, why should i waste money on a console that's not going to do anything but make things 'prettier'. I'll be sticking with my PC/PS2 thank you very much


why pay nearly 500 dollars for a new console when I can upgrade my pc for 100 dollars or less?

Too many problems with consoles anyway.

Red Ring, Yellow Light, ApocalyPS3, and broken TV (wii)

How much did your PC cost originally, how many times have you upgraded it?

Because I bought one console for 200 and have never had to upgrade it and it's been serving me well for nearly five years. Even if you bought a computer for 100 and upgraded it twice for a further 100 (which won't be true) then I'm 100 pounds better off than you, and I've still been able to play almost all the games you have.

Even using your numbers, let's try this.

1 new console: $499 (based on PS3 release date price)
Lifetime: 5-7 years (approx, I'm also still able to play a 15 year old PS1 and a 10 year old PS2 and XBox)
Upgrades: 0

1 new reasonably priced desktop computer: $439 (ooh! $70!)
Lifetime: 10 years (approx, depending on Operating System, I usually buy a new laptop every 5 years, and we replaced our family desktop about that often as well because it couldn't work with whatever new system came out)
Upgrades: New top of the range graphics card: $337
New top of the range sound card: $60
Extra memory capacity at (roughly) two year intervals (based on a quick forum trawl on a PC Gaming forum): $25

Total price after two years ownership: $861

Anything I forgot?

Kinect and Move are possible upgrades, plus the 3D factor for a PS3 requiring a spendy or special tv (these are optional but still). Also add in an HDMI cable in order to play games in HD, store price is +50, factor in the fact that most PC games tend to be cheaper by around 10 dollars on launch day and go on major sales more often (thank you steam!)

First I would think: What does F-Zero, a Nintendo franchise, do on a Sony/Microsoft console?

More serious answer: Sorry, I will be a no buy for me, because I know there will be trouble with whether the games that come out on the consoles will be playable after a few years.

Capcha: "wild west"

It might be, Capcha...

No. They make a console exclusive? thats a sale lost right there, say goodbye to my money.

so you are against Gears of War, and pretty much anything Nintendo or pokemon? okay

The amount of PC elitist snobbery is TOO DAMN HIGH!

To be honest no, I could always play the game at a friends house if they are brain-dead enough to buy it. Hell Persona 5 might be PS3 exclusive, I can just borrow my cousins PS3 to play it.

The war against used games is ridiculous, lets ban used books as well because the author isn't getting any money from it and used cars too! (cookie for reference)

I normally don't buy games pre-owned anyway. Only time I do is when it's the only copy left in the store.

Owning both PC and a PS3 I find this argument.. pointless?

Has nobody else realised yet that a console is basically a PC you cant upgrade? Same types of components, same types of software. Essentially a Fisher Price "My First IBM".

OT: No wouldn't refuse a Next-Gen if they banned used games, but wouldn't buy one either until something came out I wanted. I prefer a console for driving/beat em up/action games, prefer the PC for FPS/RTS/RPG games. Though likely the same as the PS3, I'd just buy the console as a refurb, bought the 60GB PS3 2.5 years ago, and it has served well enough since.

Im getting a Wii U and thats it! for the price of what the 720 & PS4 will be I can upgrade my PC to stupid proportions & have money for some games aswell!
The Wii U really intrigues me and I love how Nintendo are the ones that continue to innovate! Whilst im guessing that the 720 & PS4 will just be upgraded versions with super uber hyper realistic graphics!

I've decided that I'm done with consoles outside of handheld ones. Basically once games for the Wii, PS3 and 360 just stop being made, I'm pretty much dried up from the video games market.

I just don't play games as much as I used to, so I'm done buying new consoles.

Anyway, to answer your question, I'm not sure why this would be an issue.

If we are talking about my favorite franchise...why WOULDN'T I want to buy it new? I mean if you don't buy your favorite franchise new, what do you buy new?

I don't care if they ban used games anyways, so.... Yes...

It won't happen. Despite all the "used buyers are entitled whiners" nonsense you hear on this site the general gaming public would never let them get away with this.

Elder Scrolls/Fallout would NOT go console only.

They have a massive PC user base (welcome to the modding community) and that would cost them massively.

I'm not buying a next gen console either way.

The only franchises I have any vested interest in are those 2 and that's mainly because I am a modder.

I really couldn't care if anything else went console only. I miss out on 360 only franchises now and have no interest in playing them.

My PS3 was only recently purchased and that was a present for my wife when I got out of hospital and couldn't sit at my PC desk.

I've managed all these years with my PC only and if it wasn't for those daft bloody cats getting under y feet and tripping me down the bloody stairs I wouldn't have had a console at all.

I've got zero interest in a "next gen" console.

To be fair, if the gaming industry keeps going down the road it's on (DLC, online passes, DRM and other shit we didn't have years ago) then i'll be looking for a new hobby entirely.

I really do enjoy gaming but it's starting to cost more money than it's worth.

I own a cat, I feel your pain.

If there is a new Next Gen coming out, I might as well wait a year. Knowing Microsoft, something horribly wrong will befall their beloved Console and ask everyone to A) ship it back so they can put a band-aid on it or B) ask you to buy a completely new, revamped system for twice the original price with a bunch of unnecessary garbage added on.

Also I haven't bought a used game ever since Gamespot tried to sell me a used copy of the first Left 4 Dead for $60, years after it came out.

Most likely, as I've never bought a used game before and I don't plan on doing so any time soon.

Since I really don't buy used games that often. I've had too many bad experiences with used games/rentals, including but not limited to:

- Buying a game used that didn't work. Multiple times from a local Gamestop.

- Trading a game that when played makes my room smell like Musk Cologne. My friend had knocked over a bottle into the bottom of the cartridge, He traded it to me for letting him borrow some other SNES game. That was in '93... The cartridge still emits the odor today. Just not as strong.

- Buying a game from a local game store that included a MUSIC CD instead of the game on the case.

The only time I would buy a "used" game is if it's still in it's original packaging and I can see the disc's condition(if the plastic is off, ofc). I know how a lot of people take care of their games and I don't want to have to deal with it anymore.

As for: "Would I get a console if it didn't allow used games?", since it's a huge "Fuck you" to a large number of consumers, I probably wouldn't until a major price drop. (Like how I bought my PS3 + 360 for less than a brand new Wii).

Not going to happen. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo would sooner go towards a digital distribution model citing that as the way of the future. Sure there will still be physical copies of games around for some time because old fogies like me would refuse to change, but eventually that will go away too.

I hardly ever buy used anyway, so I wouldn't really mind having used games banned. Besides, I bought my PS3 just for MGS4, and it's a safe bet I'd do the same with a new console generation.

Wouldnt bother me, there are no game stores around here anymore so I have no choice but to buy new.

Ebay doesnt count either, I aint falling for that one again.

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