The last way you died in a videogame is how you are going to die IRL

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Eaten by giant wooden sharks!?!? DAMN YOU LITTLE BIG PLANET! CURSE YOU SHARK SURVIVAL!!!

getting killed 5 times in a row by Baal in diablo 2... yey...

Bayoneted in the stomach and bleeding to death cause I don't have a bandage...thanks Forgotten Hope 2.

I died by getting glitched on a box in Red Dead Last night in one of the Mexican missions...I took cover and then got stuck, I couldn't even aim my gun and I was shot down by bandito's.

It was horrible, even worse then it sounds!! I would rather die via chestburster.

Well darned all.. i'm going to get shot to death in friendly fire in... SPPPAAACCCEEE! well at least I'll make it to space in my own ship before I die..

So the Fleshpound sodomizes me? Joy...

Stormcloak sword to the back.

Not looking forward to that one.

DragonLord Seth:
So the Fleshpound sodomizes me? Joy...

that's not a fun way to go at all.. closed casket affair...

I fell into a pile of deadly goo.

At least the co-op bots seem to die fairly quickly from it.


Shoot many robots
I will die because I couldn't punch all the bullets
Seems pretty awesome though considering how slow the bullets move It'll probably take a lot of bullets and it'll be a pretty painful and slow death, like getting beaten to death with a spoon...

Oh god I can't believe you just referenced the spoon demon.

It is called the Ginosagi. And yes. being hit by a spoon for years on end would be pretty bad.

I'll be getting fucked over by a bunch of Necrons. I'd prefer sexed to death by Slaneesh cultists, but I guess the Emperor doesn't take requests. I wonder if Slaneesh does... This is how heresy happens.

I died by falling of the cliff in Bastion after the calamity. I should probably watch my step...

Does getting K.O'd in a fighting game count? So it's either getting sliced to pieces by Valentine from Skullgirls or getting shot off a roof by those damn snipers in Anor Londo in Dark Souls. You know the ones if you ever got that far.

Y'know how people go on about how every death in the game is "fair?" (debatable in my opinion but whatevs.) Well those snipers take the concept of fairness, lob it into a skip and take a piss on it! Then stab it in the face! I know why I died and that's because the enemy placement is bullshit!

That means I'll die trying to save my boyfriend from a swarm of zombies. That's slightly badass.

Resident Evil 5. Hacked to pieces by crazed zombie-things.

Before that, shot up by radical pro-humanists in Deus Ex:HR.

Before that... Geth pulse rifles and rockets by the thousand.

Wonderful. I knew Pyramid Head would be the one to kill me. I just always thought it'd be when I lived in Pacifica (on the CA coast, foggier than Silent Hill for serious

Falling to death from a rocketboard.

Not the worst death out there.

Either being electrocuted by a mage or being mauled by a bear, I can't remember which happened last.

Stupid Skyrim.

Hmmm... I'm pretty sure I'll have a painless death. I will be crushed to death underneath a spear's blade the size of a man, crackling with electricity and swung by a 15 or so feet tall golden lion armor clad warrior, while trying to fight for my life.

Dark Souls <3

Shot to death (or close to it) by cops then my car exploded. GTA IV. Yeah, that would hurt...

i got cut up by a demon woman after i unequipped my flashlight in the dark.
game: cry of fear

Wow, uhh I got killed by an evil possessed rabbit in an underground cave in england. Mostly because I couldn't aim on a diagonal. I really never expected to go out like that.

DragonLord Seth:
So the Fleshpound sodomizes me? Joy...

what game is that?

Shot to death by a small army of rogue VI's in a training base on the Earth's moon.
Game: Mass Effect

I was killed by...some monster or other in Dragon Warrior. I can't remember if it was the Green Dragon guarding Gwealin (who has killed me) or if there was another monster afterward who also did me in. Either way, giant 80's anime-style monster of doom will kill me until I die. Then I'll warp to a castle with all my stuff in tact.

I guess I'm going to be killed by a Kobold in a demon-infested iron mine; all the while with my friends continuing to fight without the slightest acknowledgement of my demise. This death courtesy of Baldur's Gate.

I look forward to my death by some oddly-demeanored and rather tall stink sack carrying a giant something, which I can only safely assume is an anchor, as my team mate shouts 'CHRIS!!!'

The Darkness 2: hit list mode
Shot and beaten to death from all sides. Dammit.

Playing Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, was killed by a Succubus

Truth be told, not the worst way to die

Me and a few friends were playing as a squad in Project Reality.

We tried to cross a dry riverbed in our APC, but a techinical was camping in a vantage point and got us with an RPG, I was the only one who survived the explosion. I crawled out of the wreckage and hid behind the remains of the APC and slowly bled out. :(

Sounds like a terrifying and slow death. :(

Well, I mostly play CoH, so it's my men dieing, not me. Though if there was ANY Kharma involved with one's units in RTS games I'd die from a friendly artillery shell.

Otherwise, CoD4, noob tube.

Get through the entire round in the gully tournament only to be killed by the last enemy with almost no health left, who then runs behind a rock where I cant shoot him from where I am and have to stay until I bleed out and die

Yea that sounds kinda sucky

Let's see... It was a fall down a natural ravine in Terraria...

Frak that's going to be painful. Dx

A mix of a sandstorm and 15+ rock/ground type pokemon all ganging up on me until me and my best friend die a slow painful death.... stupid monster house...

game: pokemon mystery dungeon: ex of darkness

A tank will shoot me, make me explode, then artillery shells will hit my mangled corpse.

This does NOT sounds like a good way to die.

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