The last way you died in a videogame is how you are going to die IRL

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shot full of arrows from those damn mongols on horseback, mount and blade

I didn't know how to play "Next Girl" by The Black Keys during a master mode encore, so I couldn't unlock one of the bonus songs. This is a form of death, right?

Killed by those pink slimes from Spiral Knights. I'm really low level and I wasn't paying attention. However, since ambulatory pink slime does not yet exist on Earth, I should be safe for a while.

blew myself up with 6 crates of dynamite and a car battery in far cry 2
at least itll be quick

I just exploded without warning when doing a high five. :D
(TF2 "explode" command)

Gunned down by some talentless cheapskate hip-firing dual-wielded FMG9s.

Oh joy.

Fallout New Vegas....
Oh! Right, the Legendary Bloatfly.
I don't know if that's awesome or terribly sad.

I assaulted several whiterun guards with my magic until finally being taken down by the archers. Skyrim

Ripped to shreds by a pack of goat people, you say? While trying to see if he could run naked through Greece?
I was bored and playing Titan Quest, nuff said.

Body slammed and eaten by a worm. Is it cheating when you see the title of this thread and play a game before making this my comment?

So i'll get killed trying to suplex a giant spined monster into another giant spined monster?

Not a bad way to go if i do say so myself.

Freaking camper with shotgun. I admit to the crime of ragequit.

Crashed head on into a rival going at a little over two hundred km/h in Burnout Paradise.

So...pretty good. Instantaneous (In theory), Faith No More blaring loudly and in what I assume is my own supercharged Mustang. Taking out a shitty boy racer car.

Oh an arrow to the NO NO NO NO NO! I mean, a Halo Reach shotgun blast to the chest. That's gotta sting a little.

I'm gonna get shot. Fucking hell, that's a tad boring. I should have been playing something else.

I got hacked to death with a machete in "I Am Alive".


I died while epically fighting off a large gang of vampires with a katana and my superhuman speed. At least I will die an awesome death..

( Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines )

Umm... My shields go down and then a spaceship blows me up?

I don't know what to say...

I was fighting a giant in Skyrim and we were both down to like one hit. I was too arrogant to heal and decided to land the final blow....and missed. Wound up with a club to the head doing me in

As to how painful it'll be, I guess that'd all depend on if my head stayed together like in the game or not

Stepped on a bear trap while running from giant spiders... The Witcher 2

That's not so much painful as it is humiliating.

So electrocuted by Darth Jadus. Fantastic

Vanitas's Lingering Spirit from KH: Birth By Sleep. Bastard has a bad habit of tearing me to shreds within seconds of the match starting.

Oh well, at least it'll be quick.

Same here. It's gonna take forever for me to kill him.

OT: Even though I was killed by Vanitas's Lingering Spirit, it wasn't the last way I died in BBS. I was playing as Aqua and got killed by Terra-nort in the final episode. His guardian got me when I was low on health and the screen was bright yellow all over.

So basically, I'll die by the hands of my possessed friend's (and possible love interest) shadow guardian after retrieving my fallen master's weapon and locking away my second friend so he can "sleep" without any disturbance, leaving me without a home to return to. And if I do defeat him, then I'll get trapped in the darkness/dark relm forced to fight for my survival or have my heart taken from me.

.....Well at least it will be an eventful death, right?

Well I thought I was going to die in my glorious crusade for Jaffa but I ended up dying of syphilis after a rather fun tournament I organized in my realm. Sometimes, it sucks to be a medieval lord in Crusader Kings 2.

I uh.... jumped off of a cliff in Red Dead Redemption. This will hurt like hell...

Backstabbed by a skeleton. Lucky me.

I'm going to be skewered by an iron boar...there's something for the papers to write about.

I was fighting the Vlitra Core at the centre of the Earth. Because well, Asura's Wrath is a bit nuts.

I'm going to die in a gruesome car accident while going faster than the speed of sound.

Frozen to death by Taric in League of Legends. That's just peachy...

I turned all synthetics in the galaxy into slaves then disintegrated. Before that I committed mass genocide then disintegrated (although this one is up for debate), and before that I DNA-raped the entire galaxy and forced them to become a single Master Race, then, again, disintegrated.

So you all can call me Space Hitler. Right before I disintegrate.

Soda popper to the torso. So, sawed-off shotgun to the chest.

Well... dear... Luckily the little bastard died almost immediately afterword from bleeding to death from my knife.

Torturus death by a pack of velociraptors...anyone wanna swap?

Gatekeeper robot hand-lasering me into oblivion.

Ah, EO3.

I can really explain so I'll have the video do the talking for me.

Fucking Adell... I didn't want you to kill my last dispatched party member...

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