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All Altruistic Auction Rewards & Milestones in Monopoly GO, Listed

With the Partners event coming to a close in Monopoly GO, it is time for players to buckle down on getting stickers and Dice Rolls in the Altruistic Auction milestone rewards for the new solo challenge. Here are all the details for the new milestone levels, and what they will offer.

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All Monopoly GO Altrustic Auction Rewards & Prizes

Monopoly GO Altruistic Auction Milestone Rewards
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The race is on for players looking to replenish Dice Rolls following the Fountain Partners event, and the newest solo challenge offers the perfect opportunity. The Altruistic Auction milestone rewards offer a total of 16,725 dice rolls. Below are all the milestone levels players can hit and their rewards as informed by the Monopoly GO wiki.

Milestone LevelPoints NeededReward
125 PointsGreen Sticker Pack
240 Points20 Dice Rolls
350 PointsCash
4125 Points75 Dice Rolls
555 PointsCash
650 PointsGreen Sticker Pack
760 PointsCash Boost (5 Min)
8350 Points200 Dice Rolls
975 PointsCash
1090 PointsGolden Sticker Pack
11100 PointsCash
12800 Points400 Dice Rolls
13125 PointsGolden Sticker Pack
14200 PointsCash
15250 PointsBuild Boost (20 Min)
161,200 Points600 Dice Rolls
17180 PointsCash
18200 PointsPink Sticker Pack
19250 PointsCash
202,000 Points800 Dice Rolls
21350 PointsHigh Roller Boost (10 Min)
22275 PointsCash
23400 Points130 Dice Rolls
243,000 Points1,200 Dice Rolls
25500 PointsPink Sticker Pack
26600 PointsBlue Sticker Pack
27700 PointsBuild Boost (30 Min)
284,500 Points1,800 Dice Rolls
291,000 PointsCash Boost (10 Min)
301,200 PointsCash
311,600 PointsBlue Sticker Pack
322,000 PointsCash
337,000 PointsMagenta Sticker Pack
342,500 PointsCash
356,500 Points2,000 Dice Rolls
363,500 PointsCash
379,000 Points3,000 Dice Rolls
382,500 PointsBlue Sticker Pack
395,000 PointsMagenta Sticker Pack
406,000 PointsCash
4116,000 Points6,500 Dice Rolls, Sticker Pack

How to Play Altruistic Auction in Monopoly GO

To get every Altruistic Auction milestone reward in Monopoly GO, players will need to earn points by landing on Chance, Community Chest, and Railroad tiles. While this is similar to the four corners events, it does offer the chance to increase both the Solo and Leaderboard challenge milestone levels when they are hit.

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When The Altruistic Auction Event Ends in Monopoly GO

The Altruistic Auction event in Monopoly GO begins at 2 PM ET on April 11, 2024, and will end on April 14. This gives players a total of 72 hours to obtain all the available milestone rewards. This event coincides with the Golden Blitz for Merch It! and We Did It! stickers from April 11 to April 12.

How to Get More Dice Rolls in Monopoly GO

Gathering up dice rolls in Monopoly GO is all about strategy, however, players can join ongoing challenges, finish the Quick Wins for the day, complete sticker collections, and collect free dice roll codes to help keep the dice rolling. To collect as many rolls as possible, check out our free dice rolls article, which updates daily with the newest codes.

If you’re looking for more, check out our article covering all current and present Monopoly GO events, tournaments, games, and some FAQs. The game is available now on mobile.

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